Most Expensive Mountain Bike? – Unno Dash First Look

An S-Works frame or carbon Yeti just a little too common for your liking? A US-made Alchemy not exotic enough? Have I got something for you… Made in Barcelona, Spain, the 130mm-travel, 29” wheeled Unno Dash is about as extravagant as it gets this side of not having a motor. And Unno ain’t exactly modest about what they’ve created, either: ”The Dash mixes geometry, wheel size and travel to generate the closest idea to mountain biking perfection we could think of.”

Damn thing better be good then, especially for the – get this – €5,000 that Unno wants for a frame and custom Öhlins STX 22 Air shock that you order straight off their website. That puts you up in some rarefied air, too, with Unno saying that they’ll only build 50 Dash frames per year.

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On The Ride MTB says:

if I ever got this bike I would never ride it I would be to scared to wreck it

Jeff Cuevas says:

Over priced.

dkphantomdk says:

to expensive.. to expensive.. to expensive, and I dont care if they say that development makes it expensive..
you can buy a car for this amount of money, and it consist of way more parts and development.
the main reason why they price it high is the low sales they get on it.

NallePu83 says:

It`s expensive because in Spain they have siesta. In asia you have to work 14 hours 7 days a week

live N let live says:

dont seem worth, the price ..there r better options at least suitable to my riding style

Les Walker says:

If I spent that much on a bike or even do reviews on a bike… put peddles on it!

Johnathon Turner says:

That’s insane who in the right mind would spend that much on a mtn bike

scotch velo says:

Who’s gonna buy that thing?

MTBr of SoCal says:

This ain’t a bike! This here is a collector’s item. I can see people buying this and only taking it out on smooth flowy trails or concrete bike paths with occasional bumps…. similar to those idiots that buys the corvette and drive 40mph in the slow lane

Sam D says:

I don’t understand this bikes vision even after watching this. Like I really don’t know. Woven carbon fiber and being handmade is a minority among most bikes, sure… but I mean really it seems that over-budget engineering is hurting the consumers more than helping them here. It’s awesome they can do this but there’s honestly tons of equally competitive (and likely faster) bikes built complete that could and will compete against this one. S-Works makes some pretty jaw-droppingly priced bikes but at least the 11 graded carbon has studies to back up the talk, not a guy with a masters just telling me it’s better. You never know until you ride it though. I.e. my newest bike being a pivot mach 6 aluminum, after a test ride before SPO, the aluminum literally felt just like carbon (not Pivot carbon though) in terms of ride stiffness (an argument could be made on how this is assisted in part by the DW-link rear suspension here). So I really don’t know.. But I’m sure I’ll see some yeti owner buy one of these soon enough.

Brian MCCULLY says:

Good looking bike. If you have the cash to buy that thing who is qualified to work on it? I live in a pretty bike centric area and out of three shops I frequent none have heard of this cycle company.

Trevor Smithh says:

It’s kind of ugly…

Theo Dounis says:

Is there a Australian distributor

Lucca Marshall says:

Why dont Americans understand European currency, euro=single, euros=plural

Marvin12 Resurreccts says:

13k, another overprice piece of shit, I can ride my 1k hardtail better than that on the trail.

standardlamp says:

Dude, how’s it handle?

Kle says:

”its not the bike, it’s the rider”

justingt3rs says:

weight ??

Pasha Defragzor says:

Create your custom build for the same money, like custom unique one instead… Definitely not for a beginners, but its looks cool – blackout carbon…

Dum Smirker says:

Who is this abomination made for?

John Lindsay says:

Need to add some ink or Dye to the fiberglass or whatever fiper carbon mix before they make the bike

MrGavinRossdale says:

With that number 5k euros?! No way..I think Uno bike company doesn’t want to market their bikes on the average blokes but instead to the posh people who can’t even ride a simple 5 foot drops but because they can afford or unless you get lucky enough to get a sponsorship from Uno itself.

Gene Yoon says:

Mike Levy, it’s been 3 months since you showed this video. How does the bike ride?

Si7uş says:

On Turkey 35.000 Turkish Lira’s

Vilabike Racing Team says:

Better spending 5000 Euros knowing the real manufacturer rather than 4000 Euros on a chinese frame!!!

jason83ok says:

anybody needs a pair of kidneys?

95thRiflesOCI says:

Looks like the frame sags alot when sat on, not really a good design as many bikes don’t sag when you sit on them.

Angelica Cushing says:

Most Expensive Mountain Bike? no

Kerstin Green says:

How much does it weigh?

Bubacat 1 says:

What about the gears dumb fuck

Anas List says:

Most Expensive MTB is Polygon XQuarone

Ace Space says:

Mtb industrie is fucked… those prices are insane compared to Motorcross or something..

Frank says:

its expensive because of all the spanish holidays and siestas you are paying for

John Lindsay says:

Love the look 10 out 10

Filip Ćurčić says:

there’s a lot of diminishing returns with bike prices

Ventsislav Simonov says:

I work in automotive industry in a large OEM. We make parts for almost every car brand. From most expensive to least expensive. I can tell you that price does not… I repeat… does not reflect quality in most of the cases. It’s all marketing and… especially with bikes… mostly snake oil!

Barna K says:

Over over-overpriced, and doesnt even look good at all. Probably the manufacturing process leaves a lot of waste behind too. This sport should be about freedom, nature and fun, and not about bling bling unreasonable items.

Yuck Foutube says:

He leaned the fork against a rock 🙁 That’s fighting material!

Gustavo Pomodoro says:

Creo que comparada con una Specialized FSR, por citar un ejemplo, deberían funcionar igual pero la Unno es mas especial por el proceso de manufactura que tiene y la otra se fabrica con una gran producción en serie. Si hay dinero en el bolsillo, puedes darte estos lujos caso contrario los brillantes modelos de grandes fabricas son nuestras alternativas.
Felicitaciones al constructor es un gran desafío desarrollar estas maquinas de calidad.

oscarin mtb says:

you can get 4 commencal frames for the price of 1 unno…and commencal showed this year how good is..mtb brands need to speak one each other!

TheOG llama21 says:

Put the fucking seat down

Vault-Boy Dan says:

I don’t get it, looks no better than any other carbon bike.

AC IT says:

how do people still not know how to stand a bike up using the rear wheel instead of the frame or front fork at eg 5:40…. CRINGE!!!!

Ichigo TRILLONATOR says:

Now thats ridiculous, guess if you have enough money np

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