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If you’re looking to upgrade the disc brakes on your bike the choice can be a little bewildering.
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liu wenjie says:

And semi metalic (ceramic metalic) ! Such as EBC, Akebono, Vesrah !

bitumen83 says:

Just buy XT and dont look any further… cheap, easy to bleed , good looking and can stop the train.

Cheers !

Joona V says:

All of the bike brake were just the same, the main purpose is to stop a bike

Mario Rodas says:


Joni English says:

oi!!!!!!!!!!! how about magura brakes

Youtube User says:

WOW you managed to talk for over 5 minutes and say absolutley nothing.

Shadow 878 says:

Pretty good guide but I would include floating rotors when talking about different rotor types.

Sc sC says:

Could I use the Shimano rotors on Sram Guide brakes?

Harry 8642 says:

Buy the best you can afford, brakes are the most important thing.

Lil Timmy says:

I mainly want a good rear disc brake for doing wheelies down the street, what should I get?

Bobby Hempel says:

What about mechanical disc brakes?

Beardroid91 says:

This guide is abit flawed. (at 1:20 you say the pistons wear, and gets pushed out, well they don’t the pads they’re pushing wears, you might want to correct that.)

Organic pads are only good for the short powerful braking zones, but they do not handle heat well, plus they wear out really fast, and insanely fast in wet ridding.

Metalic pads, provides you with much more consistency on long braking zones, as they can work at much higher temps than the organic and they last for alot longer, but they need to get up to temp before they work optimally, so you wont have the instant bite point of the organic pads, but they’ll work for longer on the muddy trails.

But another thing for new buyers to think about is maintaining the brakes as it is the worst thing about disc brakes, as they need to be kept clean to work 100% – and oil is the worst thing for your disc brakes, so keep them well clear of oil from the chain.

Filip Cernelic says:

do you guys ever use those locked up bikes behind Paul?

Chuck Biscuits says:

6 bolt and CL?

Ernie Desjardins says:

what’s your opinion on using say a shimano rotor with another brand of brake like a avid caliper and lever..? or hayes and avid ..? is this OK ..?

lookwhotalkin says:

what about 210mm rotor that magura use or the 190mm they use?

Kalvin Lo says:

why hydraulic when they are so unreliable? I got 2 mtb with sram and barely use them since they either lock up at high altitude or lock up at high temperature, I live in socal and bike usually get tune at bike shop

ninejets says:

why does he do that supid thing with his fucking mouth after every sentance

David Gagnon says:

I’m not hanging offa the ceiling so I get more than enough braking with mechanical disc & their lighter cheaper & easier to maintain than hydraulic. Self adjusting nonsense, big woop


i think i wont need a bleed kit if i get it installed by a mechanic at the shop?. from where i come from they dont charge for the installation

peanutaxis says:

Freeza is the most pointless marketing nonsense ever invented for bikes.

AspiringGurus says:

This was a good find. Thanks for posting.

Tripple Hazard says:

This is going to be controversial but I prefer mechanical disc brakes easier to maintain & suitable for most weekend MTB riders .Have had Hope  DOT fluid brakes in past & was always having problems .
Are MTBikes becoming over complex for most weekend enthusiasts ?

TJ Max says:

Do not buy brakes with DOT fluid. Just dont. You will regret it and wish you got Shimano.


which the differents between sizes of discbrakes?i know the large size is better because cooling better than small size…..

Kanye Houellebecq says:

Don’t waste you time: buy shimano XT or hope brakes.

mlandinez says:

thanks matte

oceanriccard says:

Sweet explanation. Just what I needed. Thank you!

Supercars of Chester says:

My mount to my frame is welded on, can I still upgrade from 160mm to 180mm?

ThunderStruckCoach says:

Good video. Also, DOT fluid vs mineral oil and their pros and cons would’ve been a good talking point.

VelociPat says:

How is this a “buyers guide” for disc brakes?

You didn’t talk about different kinds (hydraulic Vs. mechanical) different
brands or pricing. I was all set to see some real comparisons here

You should look up the definition of “buyer’s guide”.

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