Mountain Bike Review – The 27.5″ Men’s Genesis RCT Bike by Kent International – VLOG 16

Check out the 27.5″ Men’s Kent RCT Mountain Bike from Walmart

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Watch the video –

Watch the video –

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Antonio corcho says:

hi, what is the number of tube tire 27.5 and what more

mholdr says:

how tall are you? seems to fit you good…..I’m 6ft and dont like smaller bikes please let me know your approx height. thx

Francis Dean says:

Is this bike trail rated? I want a beginner bike to see if I would enjoy it.

gripper32001 says:

How was the bike holding up? How does it handle on different types of trails or are you just using it on the road?

Iman Gadzhi says:

Thank you, honestly. I’ve been so de-motivated to make videos recently and seeing this in my sub box just made my day 🙂 Keep up all the good work.

PersonalFitness3 says:

The really good thing about this bike is that it is so inexpensive for what it comes with. Since you spend so little on the bike itself, you can spend some good money on (upgrades), customizing it the way you like. You may want a better derailer, or a seat with better cushion and support, etc. You can only expect so much from an inexpensive bike, but I’ve been riding bikes since the 70’s and had my first job ever as a Bicycle messenger in NYC, and one thing I’ve come to appreciate is if you take care of WHATEVER you have, it will last and bring you years of joy. Happy Riding!!

What bike do YOU have now and what are the things you like most about it? What would be your DREAM bicycle?

Mister Bacon says:

you got it pimped out nice!!

john doe says:


Sam H says:

Hi, so I’m considering on buying this bike for my boyfriend, but 27.5″ is a bit big for him. This bike looks greats and overall that’s the only bike I can find interesting to get him. Is it possible to switch the wheels with a 26″ wheels? Or even a 25″? I honestly don’t know anything about bikes so I’m sorry for being ignorant right now :/, btw nice video!

Neil Porcel says:

Very nice review. Thanks.

alfred dominguez says:

like the review mucho would you recomend this bike or the titan dark or white knight ?

Puddy Pudd says:

How tall are you, I’m 6’4 is that bike right for me?

Matthew Senneke says:

Mines chain keep falling off

Thomas Lakes says:

how stable is it at high speed I’m getting it and I ride from work and it’s a big down hill that is 4 miles and I plan on riding at high speed

Qween Jamaica says:

just received one as a gift yesterday… I love it

Andrew Chen says:

How light is it?

Fong Vang says:

I am an amateur bike rider that fell in love with biking many years ago. I have owned my RCT for 18 months and I have taken it to the various single tracks in the twin cities (MN) at least 10 times. They range from 8-15 miles each and this bike handles it well. However, shortly after purchase I did the following mods:

– regreased both wheel bearings because the factory used very little and freed them up so they spin much more freely
– tuned the brake positions for efficient engagement,
– upgraded the front shocks to Rockshox Recon TK Solo Air (cost me more than the bike lol)
– upgraded the handle bar with a 720 mm bar
– upgraded the stem to a 31mm riser
– upgraded the pedals for a set that has steel knobs
– upgraded the seat with a racier and softer one
– upgraded the tires for knobbier Maxxis tires
– upgraded to tubeless and use 25 psi air pressures 😀

There’s no rust on it that I can find and the bolts seems to be of good material so no stripped bolts from doing my upgrades. I am 5’6″ and I get by with the larger frame because I’m used to leaning on the side when I stop. Still, this bike has endured a lot of abuse from the trails I take it on and nothing has broken on it yet. (knock on wood). Still it seems that it will last me for many more years.

Recently I bought another RCT bike for parts and so I can use the wheels for slicks so I can tag along with my buds.when they go on their distance rides 20-30 miles. Overall, I love this bike a lot. There are plenty of bad units at Walmart (loose bolts, bent parts from shipping damage, etc), so be cautious when you make your selection. Happy riding!

Mastapoole says:

Sweet bike. Will we get to see some biking vlogs maybe some off-road wood trail rides.

gustav holst says:


Skate Monster says:

I have this bike and I can say it’s awesome, high performance on or off the trail as a street bike NO problem can easily reach 65 mph with outstanding control, as an extreme mount cruelest this company exceeds excellences!

Juan Esparza says:

do you know how much travel distance the front suspension has for the bike?

AzOdNeMeNdOzA says:

Just got one today..!!! Awesome bike.. I bought it because of this review and i dont regret it. I’ll use the bike to commute to the gym about 8 miles round trip…

Dqmusic08 says:

Thanks for the review We have been looking at His and Her getting rid of our old bikes and started look at Treks among other but this may do all I need…. $$$$

Porque Because says:

i currently weigh 330lbs would this be a good bike to start?

pork chõp says:

The only thing I didn’t like about this particular bike was the tube. The two had to have a 48 or larger about them and you just can’t go down to Walmart I had to go to a true bike store to get those types of inner tubes with a 48 or larger valve stem. And had to get the back wheel trued a couple of times but ultimately it just didn’t last as long as I wanted it to It’s Beginning to fall apart and I’ve only had it a year

MTB Texas Bike Riders says:

Awesome bike and I really enjoyed the video please make more! Thank you!!

Manny Garcia says:

Are the stock tires mid fat?

John Mcleveish says:

Great vid bro!

Paul Johnson says:

Was about to buy another bike and saw this… great value… thanks for sharing

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