Mountain Bike Tires: Maxxis (Which is Best For You?)

Maxxis is one of the largest if not THE largest companies in the Mountain Biking Tire Industry. Why? Because they are the best. Offering a very wide variety of tread patterns, compounds, sidewall protection and almost every size tire known to man; Maxxis has supported every discipline of Mountain biking over the years. From World Cup DH Titles to being the go-to tire for the average weekend cruiser, you will most likely see the yellow logo rolling down any trail in the world. In this video, Jeff takes us through some key differences between some of the many tires they have to offer in hopes of helping you guys know the difference between each tire. Do you know which tire in the Maxxis lineup is right for you?

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Zeh Doce says:

The Maxxis Minions are TRULLY special. I know you have a bunch of other good tires out there, but Minions are kinda an ”go to” in DH and they make a good combo with High Rollers (1 or 2).

Harold Adams says:

I use the assegei dh casing front and rear for freeride and dh runs. So grippy and dont have to worry about cutting them and i am a fatso! Use the dhf and dhr2 for trails and xc!

Riding around my bike says:

What tyres should I get I have a Apollo aspire 30 and I am usual riding on pea gravel

Mike Portillos says:

Running WTB Nano wanting to go to maxxis after these tho

Elias DiosoJr says:

I’m Rollin on maxxis hook worn tires mountain bike on my fat bike still the tires that came with the bike

Jeffro243 B says:

Was wondering which tire would be best for my Aggressor Pro. I ride mostly paved bikeways with the occasional trail ride.

Mihai Chiran says:

Merida 2018 One-Sixty 600
Front tire: Maxxis Minion DHR II TR EXO 3C 2.4
Back tire: Maxxis Minion DHR II TR EXO Dual 2.4

Robert Wetzel says:

I have a 27.5+ electric hardtail with light enduro tyres but it’s used mostly on paved roads for my commute, so whatever.

•нυgн• • says:

What about Maxxis Sphinx
Is it original?

Michael Stewart says:

I find that if I ride ardents on anything other than semi moist hardpack dirt I’ll be sliding all over the place so I’d say they’re not actually a great all round tyre, I think the best all round tyre would be the DHR2, heaps of grip and they roll nice and fast

Da Jack Is Back says:

I have 27.5 x 2.1 tire. Would a 27.5 x 2.3 tire fit?

Xander herrera says:

So what happens if I get a flat with these tires I do see they are rubles are these tires run flats or no ??

#bike hacker# of the year# says:

Where is maxxis Larsen tt and Maxxis pace

paul evans says:

I’ve just fitted 35mm internal Hope rims and refitted my existing 2.3 dhf and dhr11. It rides fine but don’t think I’m getting the full advantage of the wheels width. The bikes a Transition scout and I’m in the UK… Usually muddy but use the bike for everything. Decided to order some wide trail tyres but not sure the ideal set up/compound etc. Any ideas mate?

Lucky SOB says:

I am using ardent race 2.35 front and back but was thinking of getting a 2.4 for the front. Is there any difference between the 2.35 and 2.4? I’m looking for slightly more grip than the 2.35. But i don’t think there would much difference. Any input on this?

Shane Harder says:

All good points but you forgot to talk about the type of dirt you’re riding. Is it a groomed bike park, Moab slick rock, high alpine, or loose sand? One thing I’ve found helpful is to use a good sized TelePrompTer even just for using as an outline, it helps a lot to make sure you hit all your speaking points. It’s really hard when you start talking on camera to remember them all. Keep the content coming!

Chris Bragg says:

what would you recommend for a rear tire in PA? Right now I have a 3c dhf wt on the front. my HR2 is in need of replacement and I’d like something different. ardent? dhr2?

Alvaro Santos Neto says:

I have Aspen 2.25 front and rear that came with my hardtail XC race bike from SC. I would like to know more about them. I already have a little experience with Ikon and Crossmarx in former bikes, and a few other brands.

RealKing J says:

What tyre would you recommend for street riding? (27.5 x 2.25)

Bruce Wayne says:

I’m running schwalbe’s magic mary on the front and hanz dampf on the back

doopy noo says:

Tires and hydration go hand in hand so could you please add hydration to you tire videos…

Michael Singleton says:

I wish I could show pics, I got a pair of WetScreams on my wheelchair. LOL

Htdhbikes/00networker says:

I run high roller 26×2.5 front and high roller 26×2.35 rear

kev k says:

Always use Maxxis but I have three sets of wheels for my All Mountain bike what they now call Enduro so I don’t have to change my tyres depending on where I’m riding . All 2.5″x26″ old school size. I have Wetscreams for muddy woods where I ride in uk winter there the most aggressive tyres you can get they bite hard and never loose grip and High Roller 2 for mixed riding and Hookworms for road and dry hard tracks. Maxxis are the best.

Puru Khilari says:

What about Maxxis Pace? Have them on my 26″ x 1.95 tyres.

Connie Back says:

I have Maxxis Ramblers on my CX bike but I seem to be wearing them out too quickly. I use my CX as an all-purpose bike. I live near a beautiful park with lots of trails, paved and soft, and quite hilly. In winter here the bike park and soft trails are rarely useable (freeze-thaw), so most of my riding is on pavement. I don’t want to run two separate sets of tires (in case I have days when the ground stays frozen), so what would be the best all-arounder for my situation?

Marcela Johnson says:

Hi hi. Kind of new on the tire topic, .my dad use to do that for me but now going solo, or sola to be more accurate.
Question, I’m tall and heavy so for me it’s better a tubeless tire like the one I have or go to a regular tire. Asking because someone made a hole on one my rear tire and need to change it ASAP.
For what you explain made my mind an agressor, but I still have this question on the back of my mind:tubeless or not. Hope to hear from you soon.

gray rey says:

I have 2.6 nobby nics front and rear on my giant trance but think I need like a dhf/magic mary up front

TheMADMister says:

I have 27.5 hardtail that i use to do trails with, Its my all around bike and i use to commute, Have fun in light xc trails and sometimes shred light bumpy trails

Im gonna ask if Ardent was a good choice for me or should i go with the Ardent race or ikons?

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