MTB Products under $50 | Reviewed

Today we’ll be reviewing some products under $50 (I know I said $60 in the video) None of this was sponsored.

CORRECTION: The Topeak Pressure gauge has an “adjust mode” that updates in realtime. Also, a few of these prices have changed since I made the video.

The Clug
Chain Saw
Hiplok ties
Fabric bottle
Fidlock bottle
OneUp EDC Strap
Master link pliers
Ninja Bottle Cage
Topeak Mini 20
Digital Pressure Gauge


Neetu Gupta says:

please show how to maintain our cycle

Joe Webster says:

Seth I think maybe you could get your wife to do mountain biking with you for a video

vaiross says:


Bryce Brase says:

How tall are you??

Chad Thomsen says:

The Smart Gauge does actually update in real time as you hit the bleed valve. You have to press top button to get it to work before you start the bleed process, and yes there is a tiny bit of a lag to it but its perfectly acceptable. I love it and have been using it for a few years now. I like it cause my old man eyes have trouble seeing that tiny numbers on the gauge of my pump and its more accurate. As always good video.

The Biker says:

Seth’s going to hit 1 million subs in about 3 months I’ll bet

Cory Ostroski says:

The Topeak will give you pressure in real time. The top circular button turns that function on.

George Powell says:

Was just wondering how well the Fidlock worked with the hand pump holder

Chris Alvarez says:

Hey seth just wanted to say I just found your channel yesterday and I’ve been watching a bunch of your videos since then. I’m really stoked that I found it because I just got back into mountain biking after not riding since I was around 12. Just moved back home after being in the Marines so my 3 month son can grow up around his family, I’ll definitely be taking him out mountain biking when he’s older. I can’t believe I took so much time off.

Grunon says:

Today my bike’s rear dealiur (idk how to write this:)) broke:(

Joosep Ress says:

If you are showing new bikes and their weight can you show their weight in KGs too?



Sergej Nadaždin says:

Carbon wheels? I have titanium wheels, are they better?

Devonte Adams says:

Why not use the reusable zip ties to hold up the tubalito thing

Sergio Díaz Nila says:

for security there is very little you can do other than trusting the other people were lazier to “secure” their bikes. all you can do is give an extra effort to thieves, because with a battery angle grinder they can take down any lock. Also add a hidden GPS tracker.

ross hopkins says:

your reaction to the tube ballooning is so real!
thanks for the vid!

ThěExtrøvert says:

I’ve got a great bike video idea! Kid mountain bike wheels on a bmx

Gamerx Titas says:

Hello, i want buy a bike but i don’t know which brakes is better, rim brakes or disc brakes. Please answer.

BORTMAN047 says:

The fidlock is rad. I like that it doesn’t rub on the frame. My fabric bottle left rub marks until I lost it in a rock garden.

Gustav Palsson says:

The pressure gauge will tell you the pressure real time if you press the circle button. The numbers on the screen will then blink, and you will be able to read the pressure realtime while releasing pressure.

2Wheels OutDoors says:

Seth, are you jumping on the “Sponsor” feature on here?!

Zackery Burgess says:

Have you heard of GIANT MTB seth

jaden dennis says:

I thought it was MTB Product review not Walmart Bike Review from the Inner Tube

luke daniels says:


Christopher Malik says:

Any bikes you don’t want send them to me if you want

Gingy FX says:

Seth’s bike Hack go to the megacavern on your se fat ripper like if you agree

Ayden Keiler Keiler says:

seth this might sound stupid to you but just for one day ride with clip in peddles

Vincent Vrsn says:

Tip for the Topeak Mini 20: Cut out a small rectangular piece of electrical tape and put it around one allen key (the middle one), now you have a tab to pull out the key (and the others normally come along by friction)

Mtb Central says:

Seth you definitely need to go to Sky Top in Syracuse New York it is an amazing park next to a quarry and the parking is at a church and they don’t care so you should definitely go

VIP_DEF says:

Dont forget to add disk brakes to ur wheelbarrow

HERCULES0070 says:

On Amazon they sell those little furry things for lavalier microphones very cheap I ripped one of those in half and hot glued it to a lights thin case that goes over my GoPro. Works just as well and you’re not putting adhesive directly to your GoPro.

Felix says:

How about a mountainbike TeamSpeak ?
For technical problems and other stuff…
It would be great!

Vuk Calic says:

When are you going to have a bike check on your fat bike? I would like to see how good that fat bike is!

Ricky Downhill says:

Excellent! Some pretty hand ideas here.

Jordan Nicholson says:

Yeah but would you tie you bike up with a normal zip tie

Henry Hooks says:

What trail are you testing the bottles on?

Nazim Sayyed says:

Can I get more cheaper products in the clug cost 65$


What do i need to bring before riding

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