My First Ride On Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals Review | Clipless Vs. Flat MTB Pedals | Shimano SPD

My First Ride On Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals Review | Clipless Vs. Flat MTB Pedals | Shimano SPD: Join me and Jason Ganske as he takes me to school on how to ride clipless mountain bike pedals. Jason points out the benefits of clipless mountain bike pedals vs. flat mountain bike pedals. Watch to the end and see wether I decide to convert to clipless mountain bike pedals or decide to stay with flat pedals.

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Joseph Peter Elijah Villafuerte says:

Jason is such a boss battling leukemia, have a bloody face, but you too, just riding clips like that for the first time just scares the hell out of me! Savages!

David Mithen says:

I found pulling up made my pedalling efficiency less because I was using muscles in a way they are not supposed to work. Once you get a smooth pedal stroke on flats I felt like I had way more power and no dead spot.

pho3nixmatt - OKCmtb says:

Nice first ride. Hope you stick it out for a while to really get a good feel for them through crashes and falls.

Estevan Garcia says:

Good job man! It’ll get easier and intuitive.

Joseph Nubile says:

Great video I really enjoyed it. Everyone wants me to try clipless but I am alittle freaked out. Thanks for trying it for me, please make update videos and I am really interested on your long term opinnion. Keep up the great videos..

Donna Ellsworth says:

Awesome views on that ride,  Jason is a beast!  I can’t wait until I can make a trip out there and get some riding in.  Arizona and Nevada are great too though so I’m not complaining,  loving this weather (t shirt and shorts today on my ride).  Kudos on the first ride clipless!

James Stoup says:

Turn back! Quick before it’s too late! Just kidding, I ride both, but prefer flats.

Pedals and Plants says:

Tony, props to you for knowing how to drive a manual transmission, it is a lost art and that was a spot on analogy too. I think you had the same reaction to clipless that I did, I was blown away and thought to myself, what took me so long… Clipless pedals are a must for those who ride and actually have given them a FAIR chance, you are correct the difference is about 35-40%. The float or Ice feeling you talk about is there on purpose to allow for slight movement, 100% stationary is not good for your knee or ankle. As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate the ability to slightly move or adjust while still being clipped in, it allows my knees and ankles to not bind up on longer rides. Prior to the increased float a rider would have to unclip to alleviate any discomfort from longer rides. Best Wishes and I LOVE the NEW logo!

bananana joe says:

I ride the Specialized 2fo cliplite and i have no issues with walking around! 😉

Nuke Bunnyman says:

Lol, you should let him walk in a straight line first so his equilibrium isn’t shot on the bike ride!! People will think you’re testing him for alcohol!! Hehe..

Nuke Bunnyman says:

The climbing on clip-less make a huge difference. I have clip-less on my road bike and I never had cramps riding long and on the hills, just scared to put em on my Mountainbike (Intense Tracer) cause I my fall might be even worse!
If I do get an XC/Trail Bike, I’ll def install Clipless!!!

Pepe Anza says:

I been using clips for 15 years you pedal better that’s it remember that this concept was from road bikes where the pedal is the number 1 priority, most mtb riders that never use clips are afraid that when in a scary situation they gona keep clipped , believe me in a couple of rides is automatic you don’t even think about it you you clip and unclip and is the energy save of don’t thinking where your feet is, and the control of the bike is like part of you body.

Whiplash says:

Soo scared to run clipped. BKXC said to wait until you can ride without falling off all the time but I havent got to the point where I ride fast enough to fall off all the time yet lol

carl smith says:

I am really liking this review.  I have been on the fence about getting clipless. I ride flats now but just hearing how they have affected your riding makes me want to try them. You will probably just get better and better with them .. awesome vid bro. keep it up

tim yerkes says:

walmart fanny pack!! me too!!!! 10$

Manuel Oranga says:

Fullface Bro please. Just start watching so can’t comment much…

MTBdropIN says:



??? 6:45 to 7:45 I didn’t understand anything. Someone? Please

Hollis Prince says:

I ride clipless pedals most of the time. Only if I’m doing street shenanigans or practicing manuals/wheelie do I use my old Saint flat pedals and FiveTen shoes. Also, when I first started using clipless pedals I used the multi-release cleats for a while. It makes the transition easier I think.
Great video dude!

Philippe Lanteigne says:

Dudeee!!! I’m so stoked after watching this! Like i commented in your previous video i got a pair of clipless on Christmas and waiting spring to have my first real clip-in ride(currently under about half a mile of snow in Canada. Not kinding it not even funny anymore!) Got a pair of Mallet E and been practicing a couple of time in the living room. They feel so easy and natural to clip in and out. I did fall over twice trying to track stand and that got me second guessing pretty quick. But i gonna commit to my choice and stick with them for next seasons. Thanks for the confidence boost and sharing your experience man.

Kevin Convery says:

You don’t know how blessed you are able to wear a pair of shoes to and from your ride, here in Ireland the conditions tend to be on sloppy side so a change of shoes is a must….. Plus a change of clothes!

JM Outdoors says:

Sweet that dude is tuff

Rick Louie says:

Another good test will Be when you get to a section that you’re SCARED to go down. Will you want to be clipped in???

So that’s where I argue that having the clips set to loose, maybe 3 clicks only, can help bc you can get out so easy.

And if you can find a position on the pedal where you can put your foot and not clip in accidentally, then you can still do that sketchy scary section with maybe one foot or neither foot clipped. Then you get the best of both worlds.

Now I think it’s time to put my clips back on. 🙂

Uncle Grandpa says:

I just bought the Crank Bros Double Shot 3’s, I’ve only used clips but I want the option of using flats in some sections of the trail cause the giant bruise on my ass says it might be a good idea.

HEIPPI says:

I started riding clips this past July after 17 years on flats and it took about 10 crashes to get it in my head. Never got bothered by the floating feeling on the shimano though. Worst crash was on these slab rocks where i just fell over and hit my hip on the rock from pretty high, but really slow technical riding or just stopping and forgetting to unclip was my weak point ;D I feel like the bar turns on some of those jumps are going to crash you some day >.< Greetings from Lapland, Finland

Tamas Varga says:

I like your video but 35-40% pedaling efficiency difference is bollocks. 🙂 Sam Hill couldn’t win EWS if that was even close to true. There are many videos and tests on the subject (check GCN). When you concentrate on pulling up (it will not come naturally) your downstroke will be less powerful so your total power output won’t be more. Yes, there are benefits and downsides for both “system” it’s eventually comes down to your riding style and preference. I rode both extensively and in the last four years I’m back on flats on MTB and clipped in on the road bike. For I while I was switching between them to keep up and improve my technique but after a while I got lazy and stuck with flats as I enjoy them more and they are less compromise for my riding. I like the freedom they provide and in the occasional mud SPDs were useless for me.
I don’t have anything against clips I just see too many beginners around me are pushed to use them with the false “promise” of magic efficiency increase without learning proper pedaling and proper bike handling techniques. Then they get discouraged from the typical SPD crashes and afraid to tackle very technical sections instead of learning on flats first and switch later when/if they feel the need. I know it’s not the case with you I was just ranting… 🙂 Good luck with your channel keep it up!

Marty See says:

The key word is commit.

Mike Kobylasz says:

Just keep on learning brotha soon it will come second nature also don’t forget then shoes on a ride lol sweet logo nice to see the channel getting bigger keep on rippin when you get use to the clips then you will fall more lmao how it was with me also never tore up my cleats walking on them so you should be fine

Miguel Navarro says:

That kid’s a beast!

julian lobato says:

7:30 It’s not so much as push and pull but a full circular motion or spin that minimizes dead spots in the pedal stroke making the clipped in method superior. That said, flat pedaling can still be done in a full spin, just with less efficiency but better form.

Holm Team says:

Hey Tony nice meeting you last weekend at The top of Distortion. Let me know when you want to go for a ride. I have a couple trails up my sleeve for you.

Monster Vlogster says:

Tony hes a beast lol riding till sunset lol thanks dude, awesome video!

Hockeebobbiker Wanna Ride Bikes says:

Plus you got faster also

Nick Brescia says:

The false iPhone picture is great! Lol. Great video, love the new logo!

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