Nishiki Colorado Comp 27.5+ Mountain bike from DSG

Dick’s Sporting Goods sells the Nishiki Colorado Comp 27.5+ Men’s mountain bike for $499 regularly, but I caught one on sale for $379. With this bike you get a sized frame – available in 16″/18″/20″ frame sizes. The bike also features 27.5+ Kenda Havoc tires, a SRAM NX 1×11 drivetrain, Tektro AIRES mechanical disc brakes, and an SR Suntour XCM fork with manual lockout and thru-axel.

I think the bike is a decent buy for $379. If the in-store setup is perfect it may even be worth the normal $499, though for that price it would have been nice for the bike to have a tapered headset.

What do you think? Worth it?

Thanks for watching another KevCentral bike video.


Matthew Cotton says:

I have one of those and giants & treks always kicking my butt on the trail

Mark Ogden says:

Cool bike

Michael B says:

How would you compare this quality wise to a trek marlin 6? Odd question, but I’m debating on buying the Colorado comp and using it as my primary hardtail and would have to let the marlin go. Any suggestions?

R. Watson says:

I’m a bike mechanic in SoCal and I can attest to department/sporting goods stores not knowing how to set up their bikes properly. It’s an almost daily occurrence that we have somebody bring in a bike that they bought from dicks, Target, REI etc. and they’re having problems with it. One of the craziest things I’ve seen so far was beach cruiser with the fork installed backwards, no screws to attach the coaster brake strap to the chain stay, and a quill stem that was somehow installed above the minimum insert line.

miguel padilla says:

Thats a great bike and you can upgrade your breaks for some hydrolic avids for about 80-100

hdjkskd udiskcj says:

How did you get it so cheap?

Nervoz_1 says:

can you please I beg do a review on mtb stowbike 26 mtb v2 dual folding dual suspension pls

Gert Kriel says:

They could have at least given you tecktro hydraulic disc brakes
That would make the bike complete

Brady Fluet says:

Can you make another video on this bike asap

Charles Phelps says:

Can you review some of the Surly Bikes?

rocknfreak69 says:

I want one!

legniak1 says:

I was about to buy a DRT 1.1 but I went to REI to check it out and just didn’t like the look or feel of it in person. I’m going to take a look at one of these this week if my Dick’s store has them in stock. Looks like a steal if I can get it on sale. What would you recommend for upgrades?

yolo man 100 says:

I want to get this bike but I have no idea when it will be on sale again.

Erno Torikka says:

The fork has oil and foam in it

Corey LeRoy Bey says:

After watching your review, I got this bike as a “trade in” for the GT Aggressor Pro instead of having a failed rear hub replaced since i was still in the 60 day return period. I too am having shifting issues (along with other issues from poor setup) but the local manager at Dick’s gave me $100 to have the bike setup correctly at my local bike shop. Sadly, it’s going to be another week before i can get this bike to the trail. Thanks for your reviews focusing on affordable starter bikes. When all’s said and done, i should have a capable trail bike for $339.98.

Tyler Vernon says:

Come on dude, check the shifting on a new bike before you ride. This is biking 101.

Captainmakis 952 says:

man if it only was available on Greece

Small Town Loner says:

Can you do a summer video of the X-Caliber 8 please? 🙂

Aldo says:

I canno’t find the 16″ frame Nishiki Colorado :'(


Cant wait to see the update with all the fixes. My derailleur was bent and I had to set up the shifting

Cryptid Hunter says:

Would this hold a man my weight? 350 lbs..

If not what would you recommend under 600

Mickey Doobie says:

Please….Take this bike and have a tuneup done on it like you have on wallyworld bikes and give us a review on the bike,not the crap Dick’s setup….I really would like to see how you feel about the thing!.

The Urban Dropper MTB says:

i have the same bike, no complains other than the tires are not as grippy as my maxxis modified gt aggressor

Steve K says:

The trouble with buying a Chinese bike at Dick’s is their no returns policy. I ordered this model online and it’s now at Dick’s for assembly. I was informed that bicycles aren’t returnable. Even if it turns out ok I won’t consider Dick’s again.
Edit: Received in nice shape, brakes & gears work well.

rod elam says:

diamondback has $500 bikes better than this.

FK P says:

I’m looking at the Nishiki Anasazi from Dick’s. It’s selling for $300 now. It has all the features that I think I need: disc brakes, paddle shifters, front suspension. I’ll be taking it on flat paved roads with only a bum when I’m trying to drop off to a sidewalk. I can’t find any good video reviews of this bike. Any thoughts on the Nishiki Anasazi?

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