Pacific Evolution 26 Mountain bike from Kmart – 10 seconds on trail! Unboxing

The Pacific Evolution 26 Mens Mountain Bike is available at Kmart stores. This bike was purchased for under $32 using Shop Your Way Rewards points and was shipped via 2-day shipping for free!

Before the bike arrived a friend that needs a bike made an offer and I accepted, so we prepped this bicycle in the hopes you can use it for reconditioning back into riding, and also for light use as a chase bicycle while filming on the trail. It lasts less than 10 seconds on the trail.

It’s not done yet! We are improving the seat with a Bontrager Sport saddle and will be trying the trail again soon, so stay tuned!


Noah J. Fay says:

Friend: What brand bike do you recommend for first time mountain biking?

Me: Go with Pacific. Have fun on the trails my friend.

Justin Ferro says:

Can you do a review on the iron horse 3.2 full suspension big box bike they have one at Myers near me

Fuzzz says:

Did he say from k mart

Alessandro Cussino says:

A waste of cheap materials.

Asmodey says:

Pacific or Pathetic?

999,999 Views says:

31$ is what I would pay for 2 day shipping NEVER EVER a bike

Ryan Matthew Reyes says:

Unbelievably ugly bike lol

joker gamer says:

That bike is obviously ment for kids not adults and everybody know that walmart bikes aren’t supposed to be on trails.

Arty says:

Lmao literally a kids’ bike crankset (or very old bike crankset)
I bet it’s one piece too and goes through the BB?

Text Missing says:

What do you do with all these Wal-Mart bikes that you don’t break?

Max Armstrong says:

Hard to even call a hardtail

Jim Rerko says:

Forgot to say this…
But…that poor bike sure can use a lot of help…..I tell ya.
Take care.

Ahmad Dakhlallah says:

What the hell is “kmart”?

Tha Joint says:

The reason the back brake wouldn’t go back together is because the housing was popped out at the lever how you didn’t notice that when you pointed the cam right at it is beyond me

Dedrergenert says:

You could get a half decent used bike for this price

Joey Shoulders says:

i bought this same bike at kmart, it was stolen from my front yard!! The Next day i found it back in my front yard!!! Enuff said!!

Władca Niczego says:

seems like an ok bike for driving in the city. just change few parts.

Brian Orellana says:

What kinds of repairs did you end up doing? I have an old pacific exploit that I bought a while ago and let it sit in the garage.

I’m just trying to see if maybe you have any resources on bike maintenance and maybe if is possible to replace the parts with better components.

tim culp says:

Now that’s one steaming pile of bike.

Dragofang 1060 says:


cakepanda says:

walking would be more fun than riding that ‘bike’

Accio says:

31$??? how can they even produce that for such price?

PkGam says:

Hour to assemble for 10 seconds of fun! Oh yeah!

bird skull mtb says:

looks lik a full squish but its nat

Adrian Veidt killed Eddie Blake says:

I’m sure that beast can do dirt jumps!

jim dandy says:

I think Walmart is getting sick of you returning their bikes

joker gamer says:

Please review hyper havoc I see them everywhere I go

Lee Ludtke says:

i love watching u take the cheap bikes on teh trails more videos like that

Lachlan Mainey says:

that bike is a pice shit. why would you ride it

Y2K SS says:

It’s amazing they can release something that seems to be so dangerous to ride.

Shay Freak says:


Mike Subzero says:

Ugliest bike I’ve ever seen

nelson griggz says:

Wow my back tire cost more than this whole bike

Brandon Clark says:

lol this bike costs the same as a set of tires for a real mountain bike

Aayush Parmar says:

Hahaha nice give for your ex

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