Raleigh Lore iE Video Review – $3.5k Urban Class 3 Ebike, Comfortable, 3 Sizes

https://electricbikereview.com/raleigh/lore-ie/ The Raleigh Lore iE is a mean looking high speed urban electric bike with comfortable plus sized tires, sturdy thru-axles with wider Boost hub spacing, and lightweight 120 mm suspension fork from RockShox. Available in three frame sizes and designed with a lower top tube for approachability, you could swap the slick tires out for knobby and use this as a cross country electric mountain bike. High performance Bosch Speed motor with shift detection, larger PowerPack 500 battery provides excellent range, great 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain with one-way clutch to reduce chain bounce. Powerful and consistent Magura hydraulic disc brakes with larger 203 mm front rotor and quad-piston caliper for consistency and cooling at high speed, great locking ergonomic grips, solid Wellgo platform pedals, wider 31.6 mm seat post, comfortable saddle, matching black accents all around (including rims, spokes, and hubs).


Pașca Alexandru says:

Worry less about Li-ion cells. If they were LiPo… then it would be a completely different issue.
But Li-ion are a bit tougher at discharge limits. LiPos can short out themselves when over-drained but LiIon packs can be drained way lower.
Trust the BMS. If that fails it is not your fault. The BMS should manage precisely the safe limits for the pack.

Tim Standaert says:

I wish they would make these in 48-52v.

This Guy Miguel says:

What a bike it has to be one of the best urban/off-road commuter.

JPO Orr says:

Personally I think Bosch power packs look ugly it sticks out like a sore thumb on the bike I’d rather pay more money and have an integrated longer narrower battery

howlingwolf125y says:

Thanks for another great ebike review. How fast does this baby go (max speed). I think you mentioned its a class 3.. but I am not sure what that means as far as top speed. You might have mentioned the top speed but I may have missed it. Please let me know .. thanks so much.

JPO Orr says:

Great review Cort. Im guessing the REDUX! Should be next.l like this bike alot as a ultimate Urban commuter.If it had the brose with a higher capacity battery at least 600 watt hours i would already own it.

JPO Orr says:

Needs a remote lockout would be very nice specially in a urban inconsistent environment

Roger Unwin says:

Hey Court, nice review. Interesting/to see Raleigh don’t appear to do any sort of equivalent to this bike in the UK even with our stupid 25kmh/15.5mph legal limit.

Dennis Dowd says:

Another great review, seems like a nice bike. I would want the better controller with a USB power out. I do like the looks and overall functionality. Thanks

JPO Orr says:

Cort I watch all your reviews you have ridden more e-bikes then I could ever dream about I think you would agree with me when it comes to this style of bike being a urban off road do all fun bike companies are missing the mark so far the only one I seen that hit the mark is the Bulls FS 45 but that’s a full suspension bike which you really don’t need I also think you would agree that this bike is a perfect platform for being that ultimate bike as a hardtail if they would have made the frame with the integrated battery it could be that bike like I said remote lockout maybe even dropper post and there you would have it all

Donald McClellan says:

I just could not take it. You darn near covered every nut bolt and gear. To long never found the info I wanted.

Lance McGrew says:

Rims are listed as “alloy”. Are these anodized aluminum or painted steel? Is the frame paint powder coated or something else? Estimated minimum range 25 miles with estimated maximum range 65 miles. What power assist level are these based on?

jacob paternostro says:

great bike. do you know if it has fender mounts?

toma kerculj says:

I tested one from my local bike store but I ended up with a Haibike xduro cross 4.0 almost identical bikes same 500w battery and Bosch motor but the Haibike is a grand less I got it for $2400 .

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