Raleigh Tokul 1 Mountain bike – Is it a better value than the Trek Marlin 5?

The Raleigh Tokul 1 mountain bike is an affordably priced entry level mountain bike. It has a feature set that, at least on paper, make it a better value than the Trek Marlin 5. You don’t get the 29er wheels the Marlin 5 has, but not everyone likes 29er bikes, so the 27.5″ weinmann double wall U28 rims and Kenda Honey Badger tires are a perfect fit for people like me.

Overall i’m very impressed. The bike was exceedingly cost effective thanks to a discount coupon that lowered the price to department store big box bike prices. The build quality with Trek, and though I don’t have a local Raleigh dealer – I had to assemble the bike myself – assembly was a breeze and the derailleurs were perfectly adjusted from the factory and all bolts were properly torqued.

I’m happy I purchased this bike instead of another Trek. I’ll be selling my Trek 820 as this bike surpasses it in every category. More videos to come on this mountain bicycle, so stay tuned!

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D.O Gaming says:

Can U review Mongoose Fireball 2016 pls Do That Review

Jeffrey Knecht says:

Here in Minneapolis we don’t have singletrack that straight and smooth. Even though our hills are small, the trail is always curvy, with trees, tall rocks, and massive tree roots strategically placed to keep you guessing (and modest).

Blake Hansen says:

did this bike come with a rear reflector?

mark demelo says:

How can i get a coupon for this bike please?? I cant afford it otherwise unfortunately. Ty

Trystan Marshall says:

Would I be able to get this bike off of Amazon and i receive it with no problems at all

Eduardo Black says:

Could you please do a “best under 300 usd “city, medium hard use ” bike pleaaase?!

Md.altamash Kamal says:

Review for raleigh moonraker

Gerald Scott says:

Nice bike, but it does have a few issues that would prevent me from buying it. I do not like presta valves, I much prefer shrader valves. I also don’t like 27.5″ or 29″ wheels. I’ve always had 26″ wheels, and riding a friends 29″ bike just did not feel right. The seat would have to go. I’m well past the point where I can deal with those tiny little bump stops they call seats. I use alloy BMX pedals on mountain bikes. Clipless pedals are not for me. Seats and pedals can be changed, so it basically comes down to the wheels. Wrong size and made for presta valves. I have had a couple of Raleigh hybrid bikes and really liked them, so I don’t have an issue with the brand. Light years ahead of Walmart. And about half the weight. I still prefer older steel framed mountain bikes with no front suspension. I have one, a Trek Antelope 800, that I haven’t ridden in quite some time. I bought it in near perfect condition at a local thrift store for $20. For someone who wants a decent bike but doesn’t want to spend a fortune, Craigslist is a good place to look.

Tay Tay says:

How many bikes do you have?

Robert Coffey says:

The frame design on that looks like it would be a more comfortable dismount for the non-giants among us.

Fernando Oliveira says:

Try b-twin you will be surprised

emil hellman says:

And cube is a bigger manufacturer

Nick C says:

Hey the GT aggressor is on sale

Jesse Bolado says:

Really like that Blue

shred the gnar. says:

Can you do the 2018 Diamond back atroz 2?

Erik loresito says:

I have the 2014 raleigh tokul 1 with some upgrades and it still holds up perfectly till this day

tigerbalm says:

U has so many m kes, can i has one?

Michael Garcia says:

What about a motobecane 450DS I just got one cheep

Evan T says:

I love my trek marlin 5

Marvin Schumacher says:

Great vid. How does this Raleigh compare to the $799 REI CO-OP DRT 1.2?

brim says:

The 2019 Marlin 5 is very similar.

Jeremy R says:

I have a Trek marlin 7 and i love the Marlin 7, Rockshox forks are freaking great 🙂

Chef_Nick 302 says:

If you can buy used always buy used.

Forde Fletes says:

thank you for the video

metro _ says:

Is that bike better than polygon premier 5 ?, i look at amazon there is no premier 5 but there is premier 4 for $599

typ930 says:

here in argentina raleigh mojave models are really big from mojave 2 to 9.5 carbono

Noah Hunsaker says:

Just a tip, you should really invest in a chest mount stabilizer. That footage was giving me a headache

Shishter Shishtar says:

Is the trek marlin 5 still s pretty good bike? Because I’m getting one on Friday and i don’t know about it

tigerbalm says:

Isn’t a Trek 820 over 10 years old? I thought a friend had one 20 years a go…

Товарищи Ангелы says:

Raleigh has Discontinued the Tokul series of bikes in 2018. What a shame.

North Shore MTBer says:

You can actually buy Trek from their website as of lastyear.

Adrian Garcia says:

Nice videos
You should do a giveaway one of your bikes I can really use a 9 speed or 10 speed bike :p

emil hellman says:

So u had the trek logo but not the cube. Cube own trek and giant

Chris Cycling Reviews says:

Great video. Definitely buying this bike.

tuesdaysgone77 says:

Stu Beggs? Is that you?

alec Stanton says:

The specs on the trek are better

dirbike 4 life says:

Dude please reveiw a titan rouge peak
Shimano 8 speed cassette
Trc wheels
Trc seat and seatpost
Disc brakes
Trc handelbars and stem

Liam Fell says:

Raleigh has probably the most interesting history of any bicycle brand. Worth a read!

tigerbalm says:

You really want 2 gear cogs in front, not 3.


Only negative I see is the tourney/acera setup. But under $400 its a steal 🙂

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