Raleigh Tokul 3 Torture Test at Highland Mountain Bike Park

What is the best cheap Mountain bike? MTBs ridden at Bike Parks are expensive. How would a cheap, inexpensive MTB, like the Raleigh Tokul 3 handle the trails at Highland Mountain Bike Park? ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE ▶︎ http://PhilKmetz.com/subscribe

Raleigh Tokul ▶︎ http://amzn.to/2mU1X1V

The goal for this video was to find a relatively affordable [new] bike possible that I would be comfortable hitting all the big features at a bike park and I could recommend to my viewers. There are cheaper mountain bikes, but I have not seen many that I would be willing to abuse like this.

Remember budget is a relative term so your definition of budget might be much lower (or higher) depending on your financial situation. That’s okay! Your opinion is not wrong. When compared to a typical $3000-4,000 bike ridden at a bike park these days, the Raleigh Tokul is much more affordable. If you’re looking for your first bike, buying used is a great option if you know what you’re looking for.

Thank you to Paras, Cody, Scott, Hailey and company for all the extra video footage, this stuff wouldn’t be possible without you.

▶︎ How to Jump https://youtu.be/OzsoQTSFfIk?list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7
▶︎Huffy Carnage https://youtu.be/wkMnk_eCDQU?list=PLKhb73W7eMREOqKUAP4u-qXKzvgUy0zGW
▶︎ How to Bunny Hop https://youtu.be/hdUGWeRQ2IU?list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7
▶︎ How to Drop https://youtu.be/fp7AyHTAfmQ?list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7
▶︎ How to ride flat turns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrHWdScZ0Uo&index=1&list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7

Ride Gear
▶︎ Helmet http://amzn.to/2dNfYtl
▶︎ Knee Pads http://amzn.to/2dvc3Ul
▶︎ Shoes http://amzn.to/2dx9xML
▶︎ Defeet Socks http://amzn.to/2dURuPB
▶︎ Small Cones http://amzn.to/2cZV2Rg

Camera Gear
▶︎ GoPro http://amzn.to/2dhcZZJ
▶︎ GoPro Batteries http://amzn.to/2dvddzf
▶︎ GoPro Karma Gimbal http://amzn.to/2iBxZAP

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Song #1 – Rocker By Audionautix
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Song #2 – Hungry for Disaster By Silent Partner


Big thanks to the companies that help me support me throughout the 2016 race season.
Deity components
Cane Creek Components
Danny’s Cycles
Defeet International
iXS sports

The mountain bike guy with the handlebar /fu manchu mustache
Jump over panda Bear


Michael.m is the pro says:

What about the Marlin 5 I would like to see a video about that cuz that is more in my price range

Reza A says:

Please review the Raleigh Kodiak 2

Random_Communistic_spagget says:

My friend bought a hardtail 1×11 27.5 inch with a sr suntour xcm and a good and ok weighting frame and shimmano atlas derailor for 370$ yes 370 bucks i know

Peter Salois says:

Hey you should check out the specialized pitch. It’s got hydraulic brakes, hardtail, and many of the other features this bike has. All for around $500-$700

Loolchief 85 says:

The thing is if you are used to ride the best if the best bikes then a switch to something way worse just guives you a bit a harder challenge riding => usually more fun!

Charles Holland says:

seems like such a good bike for the money. now they don’t even make them anymore!

Bollinger Band says:

I can imagine myself hitting a tree or more

Alexis says:

Cheap my ass

mozzyforest says:

phil buys the skill not the other way around!!!

Eladio Nunez says:

Damm!! Pretty cool right there.

Thomas Kremer says:

Hi guys,
do you think that the cannondale cujo 1 can be a good choice and handle the same trails as the tokul 3 ?

Brandon Costner says:

Sad Raleigh is no longer making these, really want one can’t find anything comparable for less than $1000 or even $1300

Peter Perämäki says:

So this is a good bike for beginners? Even in 2018?

ReadySetGame says:

Holy damn man, one day i might have the balls to do half of that.

Steven Thorpe says:

what do you think of the tokul 2?

Mitchell Webb says:

How light is it??

Lloyd Hardwick says:

Even at 1000 dollars thats not a bad bike if it was box stock and you were riding like that.

Scyte says:

999 dollars? That would still be very expensive here in the philippines

LOL LIpop says:

Would you try BATTLE manufactured bike like the brahma …

MTBmaster says:

Test a Kona entourage they are so fun to ride

K-9Team Zagreb School for dogs in Zagreb, Croatia says:

Balls like bear :))) you are beast .

Thatchman says:

They don’t sell these anymore, I have been looking everywhere for someone selling these.

The Rhins Ranger says:

Ask not what the bike can do for you, but what you can do for the bike!

Shishter Shishtar says:

Do a trek marlin 5!!

Azo Sophie says:

Wow… You are so good in biking. I like your MTB

Smick says:

Hello police, I think I’m witnessing a bike being abused

mountain that bike says:

Don’t buy the Ride tokul 3 the Trek Roscoe 8 is a much better bang for buck bike that has better components for cheap RockShox solo air for Shimano brakes and many better components

The Rhins Ranger says:

Wow! Who knew! Wish I had 5% of your skills lol

Sabir Omar says:

Wow, I don’t even have 1/100th of your skill but been thinking hard on buying Raleigh mxr 29er. You are awesome.

Bradley Matthews says:

I love everything about this bike from watching reviews but I would use it on road to ride to work, school, etc as well as on trails and I’m wondering if it runs out of gears when gunning it downhill on road if someone could answer that that’d be great thanks.

Crystal Augustine says:

Looking for beginner trail bike for my 8 year old son, Tokul 24 or Giant xtc jr disc? Thanks for any help you can give.

Ananth Krishna says:

More viewing angles could hav made it more fun

Roasted Almond says:

Lovin that ‘stache!

jan schonander says:

recently bought an atroz comp without educating myself properly, it was used and from 2015. biggest mistake ill ever make pertaining to mountain biking

Donovan Ping says:

Sweet video! I commute to work daily on the Raleigh redux three . Luv it! Raleigh is a great company. They make great quality bikes at affordable prices.

Lukas Wirth says:

Hey man! Im looking for a aggressiv hardtail but tokul isnt available in germany. Do you got some advices concerning fork, drivetrain and rims if i would spend 1200 euros? Some bikes like the ns eccentric or the norco fluid or perhaps the ghost asket

Sandro DiBiase says:

has anyone tried buying one recently? I cant find one anywhere.

mal phe says:

I go to highland all the time

wrangler Stenberg says:

Does it only come in small?

AJS_Films says:

Is the hub loud

godofwar2222z says:

Lol That’s the telltale sign of a dying company…. Raising the price after a couple good reviews. R.I.P raleigh you wont be around for long.

Anthony Kitchen says:

I got an agressor gt for my first mtb. Only retails for like 500. Was it a good starter bike??

Ouchou Aya says:

You are a genius

the colburn farm says:

great video, I haven’t had a bike in years, plan on getting one I don’t plan on going to bike parks but plan on being on some rough trails, I noticed it had no suspension, what do you recommend one with double suspension or just front? I use to love wheelie my 12 speed so can you wheelie a bike with rear suspension? I was looking at a diamond back from dicks for 600 kind of my price range, and great redemption on the backflip

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