Review: 26″ Schwinn Sidewinder Men’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn Sidewinder Men’s Mountain Bike

Great recreational bike, not for high level riders.

Enjoy blazing the trails in the forest or biking down back roads with this 26″ Schwinn Sidewinder Men’s Mountain Bike. Featuring a Suntour suspension fork for controlled riding, it also has 21 gear shift speeds to provide the most comfortable and smooth ride possible. This bike also comes with a Shimano rear derailleur, allowing for precise and controlled shifting. The wheels on this steel mountain bike make it an ideal choice for biking on different kinds of terrain, especially rough and uneven trails. Alloy linear pull brakes are featured on this 21-speed mountain bike to allow for precise stops. The steel frame is designed for a sturdy and solid ride and durability. The quick-release saddle on the seat allows for quick and easy adjustment for all riders.

26″ Schwinn Sidewinder Men’s Mountain Bike, Matte Black/Green:
Designed for adult men
Frame: Schwinn steel mountain frame
Fork: SR Suntour suspension fork for safe and controlled riding
Gearing (# of speeds): 21 speeds
Derailleur: Shimano rear derailleur for precise shifting
Shifter: Shimano Revo shifters
Brakes: alloy linear pull brakes for sure stops
Wheels/tires: 26″ wheels
Rims: alloy rims are strong and light
Handlebars: steel handlebars
Seat: quick release saddle for easy height adjustment
Pedals: standard pedals


Rob Jay says:

China 2 stroke will fit this frame.

206robert206 says:

big enough for 49cc 4stroke engine?

JohnnyMidnight1 says:

Your accent is unlike any accent I’ve ever heard before. It does not sound Russian, Spanish, or like anything else I’ve known. But almost like a mix of the two, maybe Romanian. Please tell me sir, what is your first language ?

rwpotterii says:

Is this the count giving a review. 1’bike hahahaha

Joshua Camacho says:

Hey just wondering if this bike is good for someone who’s 6 feet tall…

LastCynicStanding says:

I bought one of these new for $150 about 2 weeks ago and put about 100 miles on it.
I had to true up the wheels a bit and it is a bit heavy but wow! I love this bike!

LuLzPingasBruh {AKA GREEN SANIC] says:

ur accent man

JohnnyMidnight1 says:

“2 start shitters” HAHAHA I couldn’t help but laugh at your accent ! Your accent sounds very funny

Devan Williams says:

Thanks for this review. Also to everyone else who has this bike, quick question. Says great for recreational. Wondering if it’s also good for overall fitness riding. I’m planning on riding 5 days out of week, doing about 5 miles or more each day. That should still hold up right?

Shahid Siraj says:

I got this bike about a month ago everything is Ok but my major complaint is about the seat. The seat is very very small just good enough for kids. Every time I ride on my ass gets sore. So finally I decided to change it, now another issue I just can’t open the saddle!!! I am trying to find video about that part. 

Sung Lee says:

Great bike for the pu raaaah e se. Hahha

EveryZepAlbum says:

I have this bike my ex gave me brand new..I love IT have had it 4 years its greatI have put many many miles on it and just regular, brackets, brakes..I am about to get a new one

June Eats says:

Unless youre just using it to ride to a friends or ride to the store, i really dont recommend getting it. I have spent more money repairing it then the price of the bike itself by simply riding it on soft clean trails. Definitely should not be used for mountain biking

benzeeable1 says:

This bike is really fast.

yhp99 says:

I got this over 2 years ago to use as commuter on city roads. I ride it pretty rough intentionally.  What I noticed after using for a few months is that it requires some upgrades. Puncture-resistant tire tubes and non-slip pedals are great cheap ways to improve ride experience.  As for maintenance, Ive replaced a pedal and the bottom bracket so far.  Cost about $70 of maintenance over 2 year usage.  Otherwise it’s built solid and I saved so much money not paying for train or bus, gotta love this bike.

howardkevinm says:

is it heavy?

Will sand says:

Do you think you could make a video on how to use the lithium grease because I’m getting a bike today with fork susspension but not sure how to put it in thanks

Nordic_Psycho says:

What are your tips for keeping bikes safe and locked in public places? I’m getting a bike soon for my primary transportation and my university has some issues with bike theft, and I’d be devastated if my bike ever got lost! I’m looking at this specific bike actually, it looks great! My university recommends buying a U-Lock, do you think this is sufficient? 

Carter Morrison says:

How do you tube it up

Trey Wright says:

They will last you along time

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