So i bought this bike from walmart for 79.99 the model is granite peak. the brand is roadmaster. It will soon be an ebike. Walmart has cheap bikes and this is a cheap review.

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Alex Hollst says:

I know nothing about bikes and bought this last night to ride to work ( i live really close to my job ) now im kind of concerned

fern alon says:

For some reason this reminds me of Regular Car Review. You should start a new channel called Regular Bike Review.

Davion Monroe says:

I got this TODAY

Brother Jared says:

i cant ride 26 in anymore i used to but it just was too scrunched for me. i switched to 27.5 i like it alot too because the cranks are bigger so u can pick up speed a little easier. This is a great deal though for 80 bucks i just hope you are happy with it. if u ever change your mind u can get a good 27.5 inch for real cheap.

Clorox Bleach says:

Have the same exact bike, replace the stock junk to shimano equipment

Colman Young says:

ya greezy bastard. thanks for the videos, and thank you for explaining the 2 types of shifters in plain english for everyone. it was an older vid but its still relevant super helpfull now. one less car dude

itsThatTime says:

Great review! So how is this bike holding up so far?

Daniel Ortiz says:

first of all, this was a fun review. I’ve been looking into walmart bikes recently because I am on a budget and trying to keep it under 120. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because, well, its from walmart and I want to make sure I don’t die. Im not an extreme biker but I was looking to take it on some smooth trails and a minor dirt ones for about 16-30 miles on the weekends. Any suggestions on the best walmart bikes?

CSJDrums says:

I’ve had this for almost a year, front breaks are gone, suspension does nothing, the bottom gears are virtually the same, the top gear you have to hold down to work, & broke on my first trail. Getting a nice Diamondback Hardtail ASAP.

Andres Aldana says:

Bought this bike, just needed one for college. Nothing crazy, just kept it simple

john a thurlow says:

It’s fantastic for 80, buy it,  build it, buy it built, replace parts. Or Spend more money elsewhere…simple

Crazy Canadian says:

100th like!

Emmanuel Roa says:

I just bought that bike today

Chris Duke says:

If you ever took this bike on a trail where there was even the hint of granite, let alone the peak of the trail, good luck! I wouldn’t put anything bigger than a 350w motor in this thing. I think even a weak 500w motor would be pushing it.

Jose g Guerrero says:

I have own a few these bikes they been really good to me I ride everywhere I had never had major problems I don’t why people always talk bad about cheep bikes

rob armstrong says:

Electrify it with a taser in the seat…keeps thieves at bay!….Shwing!

Lasko Tii says:

Is this good enough to go around the neighborhood? My old walmart bike’s wheel popped after 2 months. Also what PSI should i use for the wheels

The awesome You tuber says:

Great vid did my bike reserch on this video hope to see more mountain biking vids

radiodude7 says:

this bike is legit i won the tour de france with this

A K says:

Whats worse guys, this bike or this video? Yepp, the video 🙁

Neo Skribe says:

umm..great review why didn’t you ride it for the review.


Thanks for the review

V says:

I’m in the market for an inexpensive budget bike to use for commuting to campus, which is about ~3/4 of a mile down the road. I know that these box store bikes get a bad rep among the biking community for falling apart easily, but I have zero intention of doing tricks or going off-road, just asphalt.

How well has this bike held up for you in these past 6 months? For $80, this bike seems like it would be a strong contender for what I should purchase, but I just want to know if it is reliable at all. If not, do you know of any other decent bikes at a similar price range?

Aayush Parmar says:

That’s sweet

TechPimp says:

Try the Titan Alpha Bike instead or the DiamondBack Recoil 29 Walmart Online only

Mr A says:

i really liked the video, and so a actually went and bought one (1)

Seamus Jexsean says:

Is it a good bike for touring?? Im scared of tires poppin while running at 50 mph.

EliteWolf1972 says:

Nino schurter watches this video every night,he is so jealous that he is stuck with his Scott Spark.

Frozen Roasted Memes says:

Idk if bike hypebeast is a thing cuz i think im one.

NewHampshire Bound says:

I found one of these. Someone taco’d the rear wheel, and threw it away. Tightened cranks, replaced the rear wheel, and greased the bearing and all is good. This is worth $79. Weak point is mostly the fork. Almost to the point of being dangerous. I replaced the levers too, they were way flexy. Brakes are great otherwise. Really a good buy for anyone on a budget. Steel frame, but strong and well built. Well worth the money as long as you don’t plan on doing drops on that fork.

Isaiah Morrison says:

If you’re considering one of these, GET THE WARRANTY!! I went through 3 bottom brackets in less than a year. The wheels bend easy so be prepped to true them back. Killed the pedals in about a month, but I hate plastic pedals. The exposed cables can be a problem so just keep them really clean and lube the openings by the housings or the twist shifters get really stiff. It’s a great intro/throwaway bike. I’d say it’s best asset is the frame. The geometry is comfortable and I regularly rode 15 miles at a time after replacing the saddle. I learned a lot about bike maintenance because of all the problems. All of the issues due to the low quality of this bike helped me to justify spending $300+ for better quality.

Looser Kid says:

I have the same bike!

Mahmut Koçaş says:

Quality is great, funny to watch. Simply Well Done! 🙂

John Klein says:

Did you get a reflector rigged up ?

JMClick. says:

I have this bike but black. Almost 2 years It’s a reliable bike.

Kiran Kumar Patro says:

You call that Weaker?
I have the same brakes
I applied when a kitten came infront of me and WoOSH!!
I M flYIng up in the Air

BTW the Kitten got no harm 😀

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