Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Review – 2019 Bible of Bike Tests

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt keeps it classic. Familiar geometry, manageable travel and small wheels made this the most nimble bike in this year’s garage.


freddie sanke says:

I didn’t know that Hulk is into mountain biking and an expert at that….

Paulo Santos says:

Mountain biking it´s not only racing,some people like to just have some fun without putting a knife between teeth,and i think RM nailed it with that “conservative” geo as they now called it .

The Bike Room says:

Let the lemming effect of the ‘slack it ’till they stack it’ crowd stand apart from Rocky Mountain, the bike I proudly ride. With regards to Ride-9, it’s not about trying all the sweets in the shop. Chose your setting based on body weight and whether you are looking for lower, higher bottom bracket and slacker, steeper head angle. Follow the tutorial on their website. Easy.

Justin Kamerman says:

Still the worst reviews hands down.

Phil Mean says:

I think you nearly had it halfway through the review, but then didn’t pick up on the theme when asking why would someone buy this over another option? You would buy this if you are not caught up in the “longer is more better” trend that is currently getting out of hand to some people. You correctly pointed out that the race among manufacturers to be the most extreme with their geometry does have downsides (and thank you for that). This bike, and Rocky in general, represents a great option for people who want something more reasonable/conservative, whatever you want to call it, and don’t think that these mega-long bikes are bringing traits that they really want in a bike. Some people still want a nimble bike and it seems everything is going in the opposite direction. Good review.

tehllama42 says:

So, Ride 4? The biggest thing the full 9 settings unlock is for riders at the lighter or heavier end of the spectrum to make a kinematic adjustment which allows for stock shock tunes to work well, instead of forcing somebody 1-2 standard deviations from normal to have to send off a brand new shock to get revalved in order to experience what the bike was intended to behave like… unlike every other option. As a 235+ Clyde rider, this one feature has kept me buying Rocky bikes with Ride9 for the last 5 years.

Brian Peterson says:

Glad you addressed the downside of the new geometry we see going on… The intense Sniper Trail is a great example.. A lot of fun at speed, but it pushes the front a lot in slow speed seated climbs.. Maybe a reduced offset fork would help.. But, I feel I can go faster overall on a Fuel or Primer with the more conservative geometry.. And my Stava tends to back that up…

Mark Kligerman says:

Why complain about ride nine? Don’t want to fuss around then leave it alone. Some of us like to have the option.

rgoring81 says:

Any reason you didn’t review the instinct?

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