Santa Cruz Bronson C: 2014 Bible of Bike – Mountain Bike Tests

Believe the hype—this 650B reboot of the Blur LT is an impressive all-around bike.

See more mountain bike reviews and the best mountain bikes of 2014 on the Bike Magazine’s fifth annual Bike Bible.


a person says:

So less yapping more action

Hunter Lane says:

9k!!!!!! it better be te best thing on two wheels with no motor, just saying!

Eugene Gutierrez says:

Theses 3 stooges who cares about your opinion. Get a real job then maybe you can buy one for yourself.

gnarmad says:

Death to press fit bbs

zokinjo1 says:

guys never rode Liteville 601… 🙂 

Senketsu87 says:

I wish I was sponsored by MOM & DAD org.

44 says:

OH look some Santa Cruz fan boys giving a totally biased bullshit review. Most any bike with all that top of the range shit on it would be just as good. Fucking douche bags.

Chris Stenger says:

It seems like the third guy is complaining because the VPP has a mechanical platform to it. The whole point of dual link bikes is to have a pedaling platform to put power down. Compared to other bikes than need much more platform dampening built into the shock. Then at first the two guys were totally stoked on the bike. Then the third guy starts being neg on it. Then the first guy falls to pressure and he starts neg on it. then the third guy pretty much doesn’t say anything good about the bike again and just talks about the parts. I think they need to ride the bikes and then give their opinion’s on camera without bias or pure pressure so we can really see what each person thinks. Then compare notes later. Get honest opinions that way instead of everyone being afraid they won’t look cool if they say the wrong thing…

stevo spicolli says:

Gay pant club

Tom Butler says:

I’m so happy they stuck with the threaded bb.  I work at a shop that carries Trek and Specialized, and the press-fit bb’s have been nothing but trouble.

John Egbert says:

Oh yean and than they go on and on about some minutia of threaded BB versus press fit and giving props to SC for not making a change based solely on market demand. Why don’t you go on and on about something really important like the geometry, the VPP suspension etc. I bought a subscription to bike mag cause I do think they share some useful and entertaining observations but this review could and should have been a lot better.

John Egbert says:

I agree that it would be nice for these bike reviews to focus more on the average builds that are affordable to the masses rather than a primo $10K bike. Also, it was a wishy washy review with little specifics about what was liked/disliked, Also, I would like to hear more about what type of terrain and style of riding does this bike excel? could it be used in ski resort style down hill? how is it in ascending versus descending? Is it playful and easy to pop off jumps and roots? Fire the guy in the straw hat, he said nothing useful at all: “I wasn’t blown away by it, I mean I would buy it…if I had a better job that is”.  

Jeenius IAMa says:

10k for a mountainbike? seriously, who can afford those bikes? i am sure that people who can afford a bike for 10k are not the kind of people going cycling… they let theirself driven around by a chauffeur in a S500…. thats just stupidly ridiculus…

Flatzout says:

where can i get a gay ass cowboy hat like that ?

Samuel Clewans says:

can you guys compare the solo to the Bronson i am struggling to decide between them

elroc10 says:

“I have an issue with the VPP linkage, I like that it made an S-curve witj the leverage ratio”. Uuuh, did you ride the bike or read analytics on a computer? The Fuh does that even mean!? I have a Bronson c and have never felt the BS that they are complaining about. Had I based my decision on this review I would of passed on this badass bike. I absolutely love this bike. It does all things well and is the most playful bike I’ve ever owned. And mine is an XT build with aluminum wheels. Currently 26.05lbs with room to shed weight. These guys really tried hard to criticize this bike but don’t buy into the idiot with pajamas review, he’s negative on most but I don’t think he truly rides. Vernon’s comment about the frame was spot on. It really is incredibly stiff…which feels awesome!

Grady Egeland says:

Hey I love biking a lot and I’m looking for a bike full supension if u have one for sale plz kik me at fredrocks1746

Tyler Paszty says:

Test a Knolly Chilcotin!!

No.1 Bike says:


Gsweeny says:

The guy in the gay cowboy hat ruined the review.

Brian O'Connor says:

9k$  really?  Knock yourself out 🙂
my KTM cost less… crazy

Peter Stahl says:

It was hard for me to say which was better, I had a SB66 carbon, yes 26″ and I love it to death.  Later purchase a Bronson and I have a hard time telling which was overall a better all mountain.  I think the Bronson rolls better, but that about it.  Now I can tell you that Yeti’s 650B (tried a 575 and sb75) are both crap.  I am yet to tried the SB5C and SB6C, but I think their price is ridiculous. Also my experiences with Yeti carbon rear triangle, have been horrible and dealing with warranty the same

mjs1231 says:

Pointless, cost prohibative.

Tumnus Mr says:

these nice mountain bikes are so pretty…and then you see the price tag and walk away 🙁

Tony Tiger says:

If I save my money I’ll be able to buy a Bronson by 2031.

ham paice says:

Need to test a nomad

brianlitch15 says:

I got confused about the vpp and rocky rooty climbs.  Is it good or does it suck at this?

Bill Mack says:

Whats with these guys only drinking Mexican beers? its like a commercial. And those beers suck.

sito says:

what do you mean by “running the bike wide open” ?

sultanabran1 says:

despite so many people saying ‘i can’t afford this bike’ you do see quite a few of these around. you do where i am anyway. people get themselves into debt for these bikes and manufacturers know that, so they keep bringing them out at such ridiculous prices. nothing people don’t already know…

miklar1971 says:

The only people who buy this bike are spoiled kids!! It’s a bit weak for the North Shore in Vancouver and why do you guys review only the most ridiculously expensive model instead of  the meat and potatoes model of which the people who watch your VLOGS can afford… Getting sick f only topline reviews and not reality! The guy who tested it drives a truck worth 1/3 the cost for fuck sakes!

Keale Comstock says:

just got this bike 🙂

haden mills says:

and now the nomad goes 650b im interested to see how it does. i know my friend is buying the new nomad. 

sito says:

bronson price is outrageous. 

Levi Taylor Magyar says:

“Press fit = POFS” right on! So glad to be going back to a threaded BB. Damn near every bike that comes in with a press fit BB has creaking issues at one time or another. Press fits are making locktite a ton of money!

MancaveMTB says:

A little pricey, but I do love the Santa Cruz bikes!!

josorzo11 says:

Should review bikes that people can actually afford, I think most people would spend 3 to 5 on a bike .

seeairland says:

I hope you will review bikes with average spec that most people can afford and may even purchase ones if they find them worth their money.

carpenter751 says:

Enve wheels are amazing. They alone have an extreme influence in the way any bike would feel

JLP Design says:

Pressed in bb are superior.

mjs1231 says:

there is a serious problem with the supply chain management. 1 bike for the cost of 3 used vehicles.

no just no.

jg_kman says:

Hi Bike Mag, which would you recommend. 2015 Trek Remedy 650b or 2015 Santa Cruz Bronson. Same comparable builds. I can’t seem to decide which bike to get. Please help, thank you

BMJ2008 says:

VPP? BLAH! FSR FTW 🙂 3:36 wider tire might help. 5:50 like i said…FSR for the win.

Justin Harnden says:

Bronson vs mojo hdr

Cashious R/C Powerhouse says:

Not sure how a bicycle cost 9 grand. A bran new kxf 2015 dirt bike cost less. What the fuck?

Eugene Gutierrez says:

Bluhhh…. Just keep on dreaming. Get a real paying job then you won’t have anything negative to say.

A OoO says:

“ive been a mechanic for all my entire life, for about half of my life now”
lol -Awesome

mjs1231 says:

massive backlash at bike costs over on reddit and growing by the day

Dylan Vik says:

hey, i was wondering what size the tested bronson was, and what was the height of all of the reviewers, along with the stem lengths used. Thanks

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