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Santa Cruz Bronson has borrowed the Nomad’s new suspension layout, grown fatter wheels and longer geometry. Can it retain its Best Ever Trail Bike status? Click here to subscribe:

The new Santa Cruz Bronson need to know
Suspension rebuild now mirrors the Nomad with a lower link driven shock, and a flip chip to drop the BB height
The VPP suspension still dishes out 150mm travel but the suspension fork increases to 160mm
On trend geometry changes: 15mm more reach, longer wheelbase and a slacker head angle
Big 2.5in tyres and the new frame will accommodate Plus sizes up to 2.8in
Three frame materials: C carbon, top end CC carbon; and alloy available in October
This XO1 bike with Reserve wheels costs £7,699
New suspension design is a top performer, both pedalling and damping like a dream. Stunning frame design too
Sky high price, but perhaps slightly lower than previous model years now own brand Reserve wheels replace Enve
Women’s version, the Juliana Roubion, also released


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L says:

The new tunnel in the seat tube… seems like a step back to old outdated designs.

mwinner101 says:

Nice review but the price is silly.

Nat Felton says:

Sale or 2nd hand bikes are the way. My bike cost 2000 new. I got it for 340. Of gumtree in great spec

Bryan M says:

How many of you will actually spend this kind of money for a bike??

Sam D says:

lol the only comparable bike to this is the pivot switchblade C X01 Eagle build if we’re gonna be honest, idk what we’re getting into with half price talk on comparable bikes it’s simply not the case, unless you mean taking carbon “downgrades” or riding aluminum.. that’s just the price of the “good” carbon currently. We see this demonstrated on Pivot, Santa Cruz, and even Giant now so this 5,500-7,500 dollar thing seems pretty normal for super bikes. I’m not a fan of the price either but I’m still definitely buying one in the Carbon S build (not CC) and saving a ton while still getting the same suspension and what, like 4 less teeth in my interchangable cassette? yeah I think I’ll live.

Cal says:

2:28 27.5*

Hot Dog says:

Why would I ride a bike built for California in the U.K. mud?

Nice clearance of the B.B!

Tommy Angeles says:

Started great then the riding video starts…You Need to start using stabiliser mate. Awful to watch. Not all your audience has great eye. Virtigo galore.

L says:

I have to say knowing how mbr worked in the past, how much is a review, and how much of this is due to mbr wanting that Santa Cruz marketing money.

Manny Fonseca says:

Holy crap that footage is unwatchable..why even show it? Get a gimbal for God’s sake.

Mark Davies says:

Fucking rip-off.

Brody Cross says:

Or you could buy an Orbea Rallon…..

ThunderStruckCoach says:

Man, I just can’t imagine that this bike would be twice as fun as a bike that’s half its price. I suppose you could say that about most anything though, and if your bank account says you can afford it, I guess that’s all that matters…… Even if I could afford it, I would still buy 2 awesome bikes for less than this thing – but I’ve always been an SLX type guy myself.

Paul Cartwright says:

Yep totally in watchable get a gimball

Jawa tazi says:

£7000 for a mountain bike I can get a motorbike for that

Benny Cheng says:

“But that’s just the way it is.” Well done, I like this guy. Haha.

Mehdi Rangchi says:

Over priced and over rated. Just like all the other bike shop bikes. Thank you YT

the Lost says:

Looks good but its way overprice

Tello says:

I have around 4500$ to spend on a new bike ! but the only place i can buy this bike is in denmark because in sweden we bont have them and there its 6000$ anyone having any good suggestions of a Good Enduro bike ? I dont know if i want carbon frame thoe

Ronald Tartaglia says:

It’s going full circle trail bikes are starting to look like downhill bikes.

james miller says:

Reviews for a bike I can afford and am considering: 3 or 4. Reviews for bikes that are completely out of my range: Gazillions! 🙁

Callum Watson says:

not as good as the Ibis Ripmo IMHO

Alex Mason MTB says:

29 inch wheels?? LOOK AT THE FOOKEN TYRE MATE 2:26

Drew Mayonnaise says:

First comment yeet

Justin Rees says:

Stupid how expensive bikes are these days

Trogdor The Burninator says:

Most SC dealers in California don’t sell them at full MSRP. It’s no different than buying a car, of course there’s a price tag hanging on it with full MSRP listed but only a fool would pay the sticker price and just like cars when the new models hit the floor last years instantly get marked down. When I bought my Bronson Carbon C S, retail on it was 5 grand US end of the season and the new models had just arrived haggled and paid $2800.00 brand new with a lifetime frame warranty. I’ll wait until the 20’s are out in about a year and pick up a 2019 well below retail. It also helps living in California near Santa Cruz where there a lot of dealers.

Thom Eikelenboom says:

You guys should do a review of the stredd dogg from guerrilla gravity looks like a supper capeble trial bike

dickachu says:

you can bay Lada kalina, its best because even Putin have one.

TheOracleCyclingChannel says:

Fucking rip off…….. take my money I want it

dabas32 says:

“You can buy a similar specced bike for half the price, but thats just how it is”

Just how it is??? That should be a MAJOR point in your analysis, not just worth a “meh” moment in your review, dont forget you are reviewing this bikes for the average consumer, who values the price-to-quality ratio. Dont let these big companies rip us off.

Peter Briganti says:

You know why the Bronson is twice the price of the YT? Because it’s a better frame and better suspension. The spec sheet doesn’t show the YT with its pedal bob, blowing through its mid travel if you’re +220lbs unless you pump the shock up to 280 lbs.

Not one YT has gotten better reviews than a Santa Cruz. Period. That’s where your money goes.

Tomi Saaranen says:

That’s a beautiful bike, but the part: “You can buy a bike for the half a price with similar spec” puts almost everyone off. Not every one is ready to pay 2x the price for the ‘Santa Cruz’ text in the frame.

MK IZ says:

I can buy this bike! if I work 12 hour shifts for 6 months (and not eat or pay my rent).

Phil Jones says:

7k? Absolutely pathetic I’ve got a Scott Genius LT 710 Plus which cost me 2.5k in a sale and is easily just as good as this

fuddle128260394 says:

“plump” hahahahaha

Jason Walsh says:

…but who buys these? Not jealous just genuinely interested what life with a £7k Bronson is like.

tom Taylor says:

OMG,,,!!! Sex on wheels,,!! I’ll swap my B TWIN if anybody’s interested,,, 07890 123456789 ?? Plus hundred dollars,,,!!! & free condoms,,

Tim Jefferson says:


Michael Smith says:

over hyped and priced more of the usual from Santa Cruz mbr drank the koolaid IMO

Quincy Rider says:

For such a well known magazine review such a high end magazine I would expect you to at least use a gimbal or tighten your chest strap for the pov footage, spoilt a otherwise good video

One Two says:

I’m off to buy a Panda for single-track use I think

spider7ven says:

You’re not gonna feel the extra money’s worth when you’re​ on the trails, even though its a great bike. A YT or a Scott would do the same job for the experience for half the price. “But that’s just the way it is”

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