Scott Genius 720 650b/27.5 Mountain Bike Review

Scott Genius 720 650b/27.5 Mountain Bike Review.
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Nate Meyer says:

Its not plastic. I’m guessing you’re new to mountain biking? but anyways the frame is carbon fiber which does sound like plastic when tapped but is actually very strong and extremely light. It is arguably the best material to use on an xc mtb frame

Kerswan says:

Stop tapping you annoying fool

Edward Ah Kee says:

If that is really the case then why are the enduro racers using xtr

diegao83 says:

I tested twin loc last week and did not like it. Great for pedaling, but not so for small bump compliance. Maybe playing with the set up would have helped, still would go for a bronson or solo.


After one minute of watching, I said to me that if he hits the frame one more time, I’ll smash my phone to the ground. I ended up on the street laying on nerby bench under a piece of wood watching my house burning.

Casper Iversen says:

what is the weight sir 🙂

Star Light says:

No HD   WTF !!!!!

Random Person says:


Andrew Holland says:

brilliant review,,, thanks..

Lesia44 says:

Advanced you say? Oh yes!

Iam Torres says:

buena bici, chino

Jarrod Osborn says:

great overview

luke s says:

You need to ride harder then. There is no comparison between a $500 bike and a bike that has $5,000 worth of tech and R&D. I think if you actually rode one for a while you would understand.

David Eibling says:

The man in the video is correct. Between SLX XT & XTR for certain bike parts there is not much or no difference of a notice in performance. For Example: In the h-tec II cranks with a SM-BB80 all three models work the same. Maybe a few grams less in weight because of an alloy outer chain ring, but other than that just a higher model # and higher price to make you think it is better. Its called Marketing. Have tested bikes with all of the above models and just want to say stop at Deore XT.

FoolHunter8462 says:

wat u mean by 6 brakes and shifters?

Buttery colored Man says:

Why would anyone want a plastic bike?

diegao83 says:

No need to be insulting and worse if you are wrong.
There is a XTR for all mountain, and its very sturdy.
Just look up XTR trail

o c says:

i recently got a a scott scale 770 2014 model brand new, these are the worst bikes that i ever tried, very exhausting even in for short range, you just cant maintain speed above 25- 30 kph or even lower
iam riding for more than 10 years and i have experience with different types of bikes, the last model i used was the specialized hardrock xc sport which are know to be more difficult to ride on at and i could get anywhere with maintaining energy
i got the model that i was assigned to (height which is extra large and iam really disapointed, i heard of scott years ago and i didnt imagine that ill get these bikes
its a turture to go on a trip with these, sometimes i just go on foot. its terrible, the worst part is that i got it as a gift from my parents and that its “scott” which is one level above in terms of feel quality and design
i dont know if i can return it since i already been in some places that had mud.

i already went to the store once, i thought of changing to a smaller model but they convinced me that what i have is the ultimate after adjusting everything

i already had bikes which were at my size or bigger and they never were done this way

sorry for bad english 🙂

Ailar Väärtmaa says:

It’s carbon you know..

Alex England says:

dude you’re just so wrong haha. $500 bikes are rubbish and cost that little for a reason

Timothy Wheelock says:

wow wtf he sounds like he has no idea what hes talking about. mtbr boo


which one is better to handle anthem  27.5 or this ?

sultanabran1 says:

what is his fascination with tapping the bike with his fingernails?

crux321 says:

SLX brakes are quite amazing actually. The shifting I would agree about tho. XT shifters/rear der. would cost them like $100 more tops

E Joy says:

SLX. ik it looks like six but he meant slx. Its the level of components

tigerbalm says:

I has 1 questions:  Any companies that allow you to totally customize a bike’s components and order?   I hate replacing a part that is perfectly new and spending more money for upgraded parts!   I like to di di mau!

Piotr Dzwiniel says:

Great bike, shait review.

WellerMax says:

I want this bike!

Al Heeley says:

please stop tapping everything with your sharp nails!

Jeenius IAMa says:

this would be a great video for a great bike if:
– it wasnt recorded on a highway
– the freakin cameraguy would stop shakin that heavy

liquidSpin says:

If you want to get one with a dropper post you have to go up a model. I have the 2012 Scott Genius and absolutely love it so I’m pretty sure the new genius is just as fun if not more enjoyable!!

Araw Haboc says:

Ninos bike 🙂

Josip Blažević says:

Cause they want perfection 🙂

David williams says:

If I spend 5 grand on a bike I want more then slx brakes and shifters..

Sergio Garcia says:

Slx shifthers wtf this a 5k bike

Day z boy says:

He loves to tap the frame

Bohn101 says:

Nice review. That’s a pretty sexy bike. I like the looks of the Ibis Mojo and the Ellsworth Epiphany. I’d like a little more all mountain than my current Klein Palomino. Is this Scott the best?

Carlos Ortiz says:

Tap tap tap lol

Josip Blažević says:

You idiot, SLX is the All-mountain group and because of that SLX is on this bike! SLX come on some XC bikes, but XT/XTR are most for XC!

futurealasd says:

Classic scott. Reminds of cannondale. Good frames and u give 5000$ or more and they offer u slx brakes, fox 32 fork, etc. If ones wants to go for upgrades then he needs to put some 2000$ more. Fuck that. Trek for life

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