Scott Spark Plus Review – 2017 Bible of Bike Tests

The all-new Scott Spark Plus is a much-welcomed makeover of an iconic XC whip.


Peter deMos says:

The tires are virtually the same weight as a 29×2.3 so not heavy. No mention of the twin-loc at all which makes this bike very versatile.

julius victor Tupas says:

Why they didnt make a review pf intense uzzi last year?

Wild Outdoor Living says:

Built up a couple of these earlier this year. They look pretty sick in person!

Mike Beeman says:

I didnt know Heisenberg rode bikes. Awesome!


I want to like these reviews since I live in NWA but they are all terrible. Stop trying to be old hipsters and show some ripping on these trails with good riders.

wau wau TV says:

How much does it wreight

Lior Dayan says:

To be frank, I actually found this particular review kinda lacking in relevant information. A lot of talking but little solid opinions or even pros/cons in general or in reference to other bikes on the test.

Adam Brown says:

You gentleman are living the dream. Thanks for all the reviews.

Afoot 234 says:

Scott Genius LT Tuned Plus 2017 PLEASEEE!!

bmarr80 says:

Buy a steady cam.

bmarr80 says:

Slap some 2.30 inch tyres on the wide rims and this this would kill.

Tobias Creed says:

Are you guys reviewing the Bronson?

Christopher Childs says:

Awesome gas pump shirt. Lol

carlos aguirre says:

I was gonna give a shot to Scott mountain but I did not know were for old people….

Mark Go says:

Can you review the giant anthem sx 2017?

Mario Rodas says:


will litty says:

Any chance you guys are reviewing a 2017 stump jumper FSR???

Drummerjorge29 says:

Are you going to test the scalpel si?

YaddaYaddaDa says:

Great analysis from these guys

Michael Clark says:

Cool lightning, cool bike. That’s it?! No more bikes? Good reviews regardless

liquidSpin says:

Just throwing in my 2 cents. The guy with the glasses just doesn’t like single pivot bikes. Simple single pivot bikes to be exact. While the other two agreed this bike was fun and capable this guy claims it was a “confused” bike and it felt not-so capable.

How can a bike like this with 2.8 tires and 130mm travel front and rear suspension not feel confident aspiring? I can only make my argument by saying this:

Nino Shurter won a ton of world cup races and the Olympic gold medal running the pure XC race version of this bike. It was way way lighter, THINNER tires and way less travel yet he was whipping it in the air and he was charging in the downhill sections of the course which if you watched the race last year you’ll know there’s a super rocky downhill and his bike handled it like a champ. Of course if Nino rode the plus version of this bike he would’ve had a better time going downhill. (maybe no so much on the climbs)

This bike is fun….keyword “FUN” which all bikes should be. I’ve never heard anyone saying they wanna buy a bike that’s not fun.

This bike isn’t confused. Scott made so many versions to accommodate just about every type of every day rider out there.

TheJamesWB says:

I have to give it up to you guys for listening to people’s feedback about the previous years’ audio. The intro and guys volume are a lot more in sync. I also like how you’ve put some self-imposed rules i.e. ‘banning’ terms forcing the guys to elaborate on the actual experience of the bike as opposed to falling back on buzzwords.

Great job all, keep it up!

Sa Bo says:

This bike fucking rips. Feels like 6″ of travel with the plus tires. Fox has their shit together on this one.

Toby Fountain says:

first comment

Matt Mitchell says:

Anyone wanting to see more of these reviews from the 2017 Bible, the entire long travel category, and mid travel category are posted on bikemag’s site now.

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