Six of the best Titanium Bikes – Is it time for you to get some TI?

The eternal battle between Steel or Titanium framed bikes has raged on in the comments so here are six of the best titanium bikes to rival those made of steel…



Craig Jervis says:

Some people like to pay more.
Steel is better value and exceeds what the majority of riders need.

martbaischful says:

Odd list missing a lot of big Ti names. Festka, moots, if, Baum, Kent eriksen, enigma, I don’t even know where to end

Carbon suicide mtb says:

Titanium is also recyclable too, carbon is not green at all

yvngwvls says:

How could you miss Mosaic Cycles, Baum Cycles, No.22, Firefly, Moots, Curve Cycles, Stinner Frameworks? They make the best Ti frames.

Bruce Tumblin Jr says:

Titanium is really nice but I’d opt for Columbus XCR or Reynolds 953 stainless steel road frame set

Bob Gardner says:

No Steve Potts, no Kent Eriksen, no Baum, and no Moots?? This list is a clown’s list. Those four titanium builders tower over any builder you put on your list. An Alchemy over those four??? Get serious, an Alchemy would not be close to anything made by the 4 I mentioned. Same is true for everything else on your list. Heck a custom Carl Strong Ti frame made out of Bozeman, Montana would put to shame anything or builder on your list.

Coach JG says:

Can you paint over titanium? The finish looks cool but I would much rather have some bright colours on my bike to get me excited about every ride

Nicool333 says:

No lynskey? No moots?

Ateru Arts says:

Whats the point of a seatpost with lots of setback when your saddle is moved as far forward as possible?

Geoff Semon says:

What a joke of a list. Most of these frames are from China. Just a badging job by an importer. The best looking Ti bike is a Passoni, next would be Seven (who are the best welders and make more custom Ti bikes that all the other builders combined), next would be Firefly, then Independent Fabrications, then Moots followed by Lynsky. Video should be called “bargain Ti bikes for cheapskates”

Allan Phillips says:

If titanium is such a great material for bikes, how come all six have a carbon fork?

Bukowski Jr says:

Where’s an Enigma bike? Support British manufacturers. I love my Evade, a dream on tour of flanders.

Lewis Thompson says:

Curve Belgie and the Planet X spitfire and better options I think.

vincem5 says:

please take a look at the Curve range of Ti bikes from downunder.

Thelma Viaduct says:

2019 GT Grade Ti

se bac says:

lynskey helix, you can borrow mine for a review

Brad DeMarco says:

For next batch of reviews consider Moots and No 22

S D says:

I buy a bike to ride… not to look “lovely”. I sold up my titanium bike ages ago and never looked back when light, strong, comfortable high quality carbon came on the scene.

palmer3977 says:

That Van Nicholas Chinook is a bit special a true race bike with superb geometry, it stands out from the rest.

Bill Katz says:

Richie Moore, formerly of Litespeed, late of Lynskey, takes what he learned from them and makes some of the most beautiful ti frames.

Shane n. says:

I agree Moots should have definitely been on the list along with litespeed. They have been in the game for a long time and make great bikes

bionautic says:

Nice video review on Ti bikes. I just need a bike I can trust to handle rough stuff so… I was looking for the best hand made custom titanium bike frame. I went for T-Lab bikes, they are new but Oh my god look at the tubing shaping & perfect welding:

Jerry Dion says:

For those of us a budget but still want the benefits and quality of a Ti framed bike, don’t rule out Motobecane. Yes, its not a super high end brand and components are usually low to mid level, but the quality of their Ti frames is very good. Save thousands and upgrade the bike. Not for everyone but has its place….

Christopher Cornette says:

I built a Kinesis Ti GranFondo Disc this year.  It is extremely similar to the Tripster.  I can tell you that pictures do not do justice to a raw Ti finish.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Plus, it’s a super comfortable distance bike.  The tuned stays and carbon fork are very forgiving and the geometry makes it easy to set up for a fairly upright riding position.  It does feel a tad heavy after I’ve been riding my 7 kg carbon frame around for a week or two, but after a couple rides, the Ti frame feels light enough – it’s still a very light bike after all.  I’m looking forward to putting paniers on and taking it bike camping this season.

Matthew Baker says:

Need the Mason Bokeh Ti in there!

D Barrett-Boatright says:

More! Please.

alexandros kontaras says:

Vaaru , Triton , T Red have some really nice road titanium bikes

Tim Ashlin says:

Enigma Excel Disc review please! Would be interesting because it’s 6AL 4V, which is stronger and stiffer than the 3AL 2.5V used for most other Ti bikes (inc. every bike in this video?) so can be made thinner and therefore lighter.

3Daddicted says:

I’d like a review of the Enigma Escape

paradox963 says:

How do you do a list like this and not include Moots and Litespeed

Simeon Jones says:

Please review the Spa Elan disc. It’s cheaper than a lot of these bikes and ticks many of the same boxes!

Odorous Smegma says:

get yourself a motobecane le champion ti and call it a day breh!

linds says:

Maybe it’s an Australian thing, but you can’t have a titanium review without Curve bikes. They are the gold standard and have a very big cult following.

canitogalicia says:

My teledyne titanium still holding strong,,,after some 25 years,,, my Merlin titanium is also great and yet you didn’t mentioned them…..
The pioneers of titanium….

Mellow Miles says:

please review the Mason Aspect when it comes out!!!

Nad Siroros says:

De Rosa?



Christopher Cornette says:

I’m surprised how many of these have external routing.  It almost seems quaint these days.

pervertt says:

Really? Less vibration from a Ti frame?

Carson Geo says:

Six ways to says the same thing

Jason Forster says:

I’m 18, just built a di2 dura ace ti eddy merckx. Yip, I’m broke. The bike rides so well though.

Craig Jervis says:

Few pounds of weight is irrelevant.

Birnie Williams II says:

Would love to see some reviews from some US companies like Lynskey (the Helix Pro or the Sportive), or No. 22 (the Great Divide), just about anything from Moots or Seven Cycles (sorry, I might have drooled over the Seven Cycles line).

Thomas Urgento says:

the high pitch sound coming from the music in this video is awful!

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