The Best Budget Aggressive Hardtail for 2018? – New Bike Day Part 2

A owe a big thanks to Diamondback for hooking me up with a discount on the Sync’r and to PNW Components and Fanatik for helping make this completed build come together!

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There is nothing better than new bike day and this is one bike I’m super excited to have for the next year! I’d argue that Diamondback has made one of the best budget aggressive hardtails for 2018. Watch and find out all the upgrades I’ve made and why I think you should pick one up yourself!

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Martin K says:

hey…wait a sec you grabbed an inexpensive bike and put some sweet parts on it to make it a much nicer rig but that raised the overall cost to pass $2k Is that still budget bike??
Anyway, I like what you have done and as much as I hate to say it there aint no cheap way to get into decent mtb. Sure you can buy on for around $1k but guess what…as soon as you start beating on it stuff will fall apart. How do I know that? Because I was there, ended up spending more on second bike to get better, more durable components on it and it lasted just fine.
I gotta get another hardtail to add to my stable 😉

Marcos Huerta says:

Budget* bs

frank desmond says:

how much

BFHC says:

Show us some skateboarding tricks! Thanks for the vid.

good shit says:

I’m sorry to tell u but diamond back is shit it will last u like a month or so then start giving u shit n slowy die on u

Phoenix One says:

Giant Fathom is good value.

Liamclark01 says:

is this bike available to get in the uk? anyone?

Aymane Sabir says:

Hey man, I want to get a MTB at the end of this year (black friday/cyber monday); however my budget is really low (400$ at most) I mainly want it for urban riding and wheelies. What do you recommend? Also, is it a good idea to buy one used? Thanks 😀

Clearanceman2 says:

Yeah a used mountain bike.

Morgan.freerunning says:

Anyone know the weight of this bike?

Pyramid Self Defence Solutions Mike Reynolds says:

I have a scott scale 60 2012 model i love it it does everything i ask im just wondering is there another model now that is better i ride trails pump tracks but wanna get more out of a bike should i upgrade or go for something more aggressive ?

Rainier Rivera says:

2019 Santa Cruz Chameleon or 2019 Trek Stache 7? What are your thoughts!

legniak1 says:

Doesn’t matter the cost,it seems like everyone changes most things on their bikes. It’s not the same bike

wspdude77 says:

What size sync’r did you go with

David Gamero says:

“Let’s talk about that”

Mtb Boi says:


Daily MTB Rider says:

So I have to know…. do you currently ride a hardtail or full suspension bike? Let me know if the comments below!

Michael Frost says:

I know this is an older posts but I get tired of wanting one of these bikes and every time I see one everybody has upgraded every part on the sync’r can somebody please just give a good review on how this bike will actually run with stock parts and not upgrade thousand dollars worth of upgrades that would be amazing just my two cents

Bobby Hempel says:

Check out the specialized pitch sport at just $700 its amazing

Shredbox YT says:

Yessss bro

scott Koblitz says:

I’m wanting to upgrade to a new slack geometry hardtail. Considering this, salsa timberjack, or the nukeproof 275 scout race. Would you still say this is the best in the price range? Wish this came chin the cool green like the hook. Hot a fan of

Mxrider2stroke Braaap says:

Great video:)

Alex Heiken says:

Calls it a budget bike but upgrades to probably a 700$ fork, dropped post, Maxxis tires, GX cassette, and new rotors. Just be honest and admit your upgrades plus the bike probably cost over 2500. This is not a budget bike, although it’s not 5000$, 2500$ is still a lot for most people.

J Brennan says:

2,000 dollars are not an affordable hardtail

Brandon Girard says:

I am comparing the 2018 Sync’r and the Mason 2. The only thing steering me away from the Sync’r is that it doesn’t have 27.5+ tires. I would most likely make the tire upgrade similar to what you did with 2.6’s. If this is the case, do you think it may just be worth it to get the Mason 2 instead? Thanks!

edgar zavala says:

i ride more my kona honzo 29er than my trance 2

Gordon Turnbull says:

Just joined your channel.. over here in NZ my first real bike is the Avanti Competitor..

Cody Gydesen says:

What dropper do you use on the Sync’r?

frunkiss says:

Diamondback Mason 2. it’s an amazing value for the price

suchasreallife says:

Can you run 160mm on this ?

Derwin Grullon says:

Hey i dont know nothing about bikes, i want something cheap to stay active. what do you guys recommend ?

Dirt Nassty says:

Sick bike but I wish it wasnt purple!

Bryan Orient says:

How much tire clearance do you have in the back? Could you go larger than 2.4”?

iqmal rockers says:

How about jamis komodo?

Joe F says:

Always great videos. Thanks

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