The BEST Hardtail You Can Buy For The Price | Voodoo Bizango

Technical Writer Seb Stott thinks the Voodoo Bizango is one of the best, if not the best, mountain bikes you can buy for under £750. Better still, it’s a useful £100 within that milestone and we’ve seen it discounted further on Halfords’ website.

What makes it so good? Watch the video to find out!

Do you have a Voodoo Bizango? Let us know in the comments if you agree with our Seb.

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MaMamsYo says:

Don’t like how high the standover is. Why are most MTB built on stand over instead of top tube length/reach.

Martin Cantwell says:

A cheap brand x dropper post would finish this bike off..all the bike anyone would need.

JLP Design says:

Nobody rides hardtails.

R P says:

REVIEW the Zobop 2018 please.
I own one and would like to see a review.

Deepinder Singh says:

I would also like to recommend Conor Wrc pro nx 2018 it has rock shox reba and it costs 700€

Al Castill says:

Stop buying top brands bikes, it won’t make you any better.

lizzie McDonald says:

you call it entry level lol

dwyertv says:

seb is a god, so good at explaining everything and is a great rider

like if you love him

adaycj says:

I’ve owned both, and the Rockshox Recon is a far better for than that Suntour junk for the price. You picked a really nice enty level bike for someone that really wants to try mountain biking. Despite the unreliable fork that will smoke the internals in less than a year of real riding, it is amazing what you can get for a reasonable price.

alfyboy01 says:

Great to see unbiased reviews for the lower priced bikes. I’m currently looking at the calibre line 10. How do you feel it compairs to the bizango?

MrDementori says:

I thought ISIS bb’s were extinct since, well, terrorism…

Carl Simmonds says:

Can you do a comparison between this bike and the Vitus Nucleus VRS please?

Jason Robert Gibson says:

Are we forgeting the vitus nucleus vr???

ThunderStruckCoach says:

No one do the Voodoo like you do.

Goodman 4525 says:

You guys are never gonna stop bashing about it are you lol

Jason Burke says:

I’m still riding a 2013 Voodoo Bantu, 26 incher that I’ve had from new. Can’t fault the Voodoo’s.

J 7 says:

Vitus nucleus is cheaper and a much better bike for the money

Andy player says:

I have one of these and also the new carbon Saracen Ariel lt boat great bikes the voodoo has never let me down and god u can push it

Spongeblunt says:

Hiding the back tyre under some leaves because you popped it before the talky bit – top notch 😀

Marc28031984 says:

The frame looks really weird.
Why are the seatstays so high? Even the top tube looks higher than usual…almost like a road bike.
This makes the overstand height to high.

N Squareroot says:

Bike radar is just Halfords advertising.

Marin Stipković says:

Love this review, but what’s up with the bell on a mountain bike…?

MTB Stuff says:

Can you upgrade the BB to an external bottom bracket? Would you need new cranks too?

gtflyer says:

What about the Vitus hardtails..?

Blue Horseshoe says:

Background music is just a bit too loud. It makes it difficult to hear the gentleman talking about the bike itself.

Tomi Saaranen says:

I think if it was 100€ more expensive and would have a dropper post, it would be even better

Fl Shohorab says:

Nice reaching

Vaphyr says:

i unfortunately dont like the frame design.

Ashley Lemmer says:

Like it.

Matityah says:

WTF is that background music? lol

ChaosFlower says:

When Voodoo first came out back in 1996 they were expensive frame only options.

Is it still run by or part run by Joe Murray?

Jeremy Lopes says:

Rather get the lighter ROCKRIDER XC 50 for £750 with ROCKSHOX suspension,Tektro brakes with double pistons (instead of single here) and most importantly a better geometry 🙂

Nubs says:

Decent bike, I have the 2017 model. Upgraded last year to the calibre triple B and given this to the wife.

Original Tyler says:

Trek Roscoe 7 or 6 should also be considered

Charly says:

Really like the fact that you also cater the other end of the spectrum!

Braŭljo says:

Eh the open dropouts kinda kills the frame.

The Harrowing Hardtailer says:

I’d take my calibre line 10 over it personally tho I won’t deny this doesn’t have a nicer frame

Jacob T says:

Can you review the Saracen mantra 2019?

John Bicycle says:

How refreshing. Well done.

thelawnet says:

it’s not THE best mountain bike for under £750.
Have you seen the Vitus Nucleus VRX?
It has 1×10 32×11-42 Shimano Deore gearing, which I’d personally prefer to SRAM.
The same Raidon fork.
The Nucleus VRX is boost, this isn’t, though not such a big deal.
It has full fat Schwalbe Evo tyres, so no need to immediately replace them (Magic Mary front, Nobby Nic rear)
It has BETTER brakes than this (Shimano MT400s which are not Deore level, but they have proper MTB levers not the long clunky things on these, and full-sized 22mm pistons, not the 21mm pistons here)

Ok they’re pretty similar, I’d tend to replace the brakes on the Bizango with full-on Deores, whereas the Nucleus VRX has brakes that are good enough (though Deore is better). And you might prefer 1×11 SRAM to 1×10 Shimano. But I don’t.

Also the Vitus will be discounted from time to time, just like the Voodoo…..

Pip Appleyard says:

I ordered mine yesterday. I’ve only been waiting around 30 years to buy a mountain bike…

Could anyone recommend a tyre upgrade to go for with low rolling Resistance?

Grim Reaper says:

it’s comparable to North America’s CANNONDALE CUJO line IMO

Pillokun says:

Sorry but I would rather buy something used for that kind of money.

Greg W says:

Voodoo’s have amazing geometry. I have an older Bakka that is my favorite bike.

Chris McKinney says:

USA availability?

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