The best mountain bike for £1,000? We review the Calibre Bossnut | MBR

We review the Calibre Bossnut from the Go Outdoors superstore chain.



Ally Sharif says:

can it be shipped internationaly ?

Ivan 1000RR says:

very nice bike for weekend and beginner riders,even a bit more technical ones

Arvydas Mazetis says:

Hi this bike is not to slow ,to straight road ?

Matthew Jones says:

I’m selling a XL (21.5″) Calibre Beastnut if anyone is interested –

Madogen says:

This review pretty much sold me the bike, and gave me suggestions on setup.

atomicminimufin says:

Where can I buy one in the us?

Root0x says:

What about the voodoo zobop?

Jason Bear says:

Does it have a 15mm axle in the back also I’m about 5’6″ what size should I get


with some renthal bars and stem and a 2 by system my mates one of this rides amazing and feels 1 million not 1000

Lloyd Hart says:

Look forward to seeing what you think of v2 coming out in june! 🙂 Always been quite interested in the Bossnut it seems a great bike for the money!

Steve Burt says:

if you order online the website assumes you have a discount card. no codes need inputting. I have a bossnut being riding it 3 times a week for a year on the single track and dh routes in longleat woods and have had no issues.

Shredbox YT says:

That was filmed in peaslake

Vince Elliott says:

Great vids guys! Love it and love the bike can’t wait to get mine!

Rob Sunley says:

Anyone know where that trail is? Looks really good!

Simon Evans says:

Anyone know where this was filmed?

Bananaman 527 says:

Where are these trails

ashherbert26 says:

Had one and it was great to ride but the bushings and bolt for the rear shock were not machined in the right size so it would give about a mm or 2 of movement no matter how tight the bolt is, then after taking it too the shop 5 times it still wasnt fixed and then I blew the seals on the shock after 4 months and got a new one for free and then blew out another shock after a month, I know this isn’t the bikes fault but still wouldn’t expect it to happen and I don’t do crazy drops or bottom it out but in all its a great bike for the price but there might be a few niggling problems

Ed Petitt says:

been looking at this bike for ages and i think you have made my decision for me

dartwadermovies says:

Seems nice, would porbably throw in a singe chainring up front, shorter stem and think about upgrading the front suspension, which would come out cheap anyways for the price of the bike.

salisburyplain998 says:

only done 200 miles on mine and the rear linkages are shot ,the real pain in the ass is I have to drive an hour to get to the nearest go out doors!!!!

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