The Most Overlooked Piece of Mountain Bike Equipment // Riding Glasses Review

Riding my mountain bike with riding glasses has always been a battle for me, that is until I got my hands on a pair of Ryders. Finally I have a pair of glasses that don’t fog, look good, and fit my helmet well. Check out my review of the Ryders and why I think they’re some of the best glasses around!

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nathan fagan says:

They look great, then I saw the price of the models you’re wearing here in the UK; nearly £300 is the best I could find :-/

Newbie MTB says:

I’ve been looking for something like these in RX. I’ll definitely give them a shout. Thanks!

qwertykevin1 says:

I rock some sick wire mesh glasses

The Mountain Goat says:

woah, dissin the joey’s today. Good impressions though

Trail Weaks says:

Skate deck in the back.. you skate?

michael duran says:

Please do a video on fall/winter mountain bike clothes for the nw

cord mcmanus says:

The actual video starts at 1:24 fyi

Aiden Meredith says:

this is an advertisement

Miss X says:

I just wanted to know what helmet do you use ?

Ben Featherstone says:

#sponseredvid good vid man but don’t get too much of a slave for money

Sean Molloy says:

rainex makes fogex.

MrMcNickelston says:

for $219 no thanks

last byte says:

Ever heard on anti-fog spray ?

Adrian Bowley says:

I always ride with glasses. They have ranged from cheap to moderately priced, normally sport oriented glasses (wraps around the face), and a few have been safety glasses. Generally speaking (there have been one or two exceptions), the only times I’ve had problems with fogging is in cold weather at a stop or wearing a baclava over my mouth. I have switched to Smith googles for winter rides which has solved that problem. My daughter, on the other hand, has the same problem as you. We have tried moving them further away from her eyes to get more ventilation, but to no avail. We are currently looking for a pair of glasses for her. We’ll have to check these guys out.

Johnsterfer says:

I use a pair of 100% dual lens goggles on the decents. They don’t fog at all even when I do the little breath to clean them on the inside. They don’t fog up at all. They do get really hot and it leaves a little sweat ring around my eyes but the one time I decided not to wear them I got to flies directly shot into both of my eyes going down single track. So they’re a must for me.

Jayden Foćic says:

My eyes tend to water up because of wind getting on them and glasses don’t help so I had to resort to Scott goggles, and I’ve loved it ever since, I look stupid sometimes but it helps me

Daily MTB Rider says:

Ryders are so stoked on the video they wanted to pass along a 20% off code and free shipping! Use the code “DailyMTBRider-20off”

Outback Wack says:

I don’t mind the look. I’ll have to see if they do prescription though… I need that. So right now I’m stuck riding with my Ray Ban prescription aviators. Crashing and scratching them would be very expensive though 🙁 Thanks for the honest review!

Ivo Roilev says:

There are anti-fog sprays, and they work, to a point. Most helmets have holes that can securely hold the glasses while you climb. When done with climbing, you can easily get the glasses off the helmet and put them on with one hand. Once in motion, they need very little airflow to keep the fog off them. Some glasses (Oakley Flight Jacket) have clever nose piece that lets you adjust the glasses so they stay further from your face, improving the breathing. It works to a point, but if you combine all of the steps: the nose piece, the antifog, the ventilation from speed and taking the glasses off when you stop — you won’t get issues with fogging.

Scott Bott says:

My $14 safety glasses have an anti fog coating. Works perfect. And photochromic lenses. They get dark in the sun, light in the shade

StrikeForce MTB says:

I use safety glasses but I put a treatment on the lens to help prevent fogging. it’s not perfect but works well enough for me. I have used goggles a lot through my offroad motorcycling career and used vented double pane lenses and they never fogged up on me ever. I live in north central WV and it gets really humid here and it can be a royal pain in the butt for fogging but the tricks I learned racing and riding dirt bikes still work for me.

tman55575 says:

Oakley trail prizm glasses are a game changer!

DJ MTB says:

Do u ride with ixs pads ?
I do

scrooge1374 says:

I use prescription sport glasses since I’m nearsighted. But no tint, since going from sunnny to dark forest in 2 seconds is kind of problematic. And they fog a lot here in the tropics.

Seth Huntley says:

I love riding with glasses

Casey Bryant says:

Thanks for the heads up on eye protection, been in the market for a new pair and because of this video, Ryders will be my next pair!

Planes and Bikes says:

great topic. But colour me skeptical about how they’ll perform in Nov-March here in the PNW. I kinda don’t trust anything yet for anti fog, having tried lots. I remember when Ryders were the cheap glasses, lol, guess they got some cred now.

Cormac Stapleton says:

you can buy anti-fog stuff for glasses but its basically just soap so use that. Put some on the inside of the lens and rub it in then wipe it off. On the trails though, I find just a bit of spit actually works well.

William Champluvier says:

Mudguards cost 9 quid and I don’t get stuff thrown into my eyes… glasses are pretty overrated

The Muddy Cyclist says:

I scratched an eyeball while riding, it then got infected. It wasn’t pleasant, always wear glasses now.

Just a regular guy on two wheels says:

I have bad eye site I need to we’re glasses and they are called transition lenses and tint and go clear go to your local eye were stor and they could get you a pair they don’t fog

Gonzo Kat says:

Anything with UV protection that is comfy and don’t slide when sweaty. If riding in humidity, apply spit and wipe before each ride.

Ashika Umanga Umagiliya says:

what about Groin Protectirs?

crzyhorse88 says:

Oakley Racing Jacket with anti-mist spray —- never fog up, also have good vents built in & also can buy after market changeable lenses for 10-15 bucks — have tried lots of different designs, trust me, these are awesome, been using them for years and can get renewed lenses whenever I want — they NEVER mist up when using spray, will last an entire day of riding with one application of spray — can’t recommend them enough.

Kurtis says:

I still get mud and bugs in my eyes with my 100% goggles on, dont ask me how, but it happens.

mozzyforest says:

Great work man cool review dude!

niels främling says:

Rode whole summer with my Siroko K2’s, they never fogged up, are super light and they have different options for dimming. Plus they don’t look like something out of ninja-turtles like yours…

Crank Pushers says:

Because i’m a huge bro, Oakley Gascans are go to shades. They dont fit into my FF helmet, so i ride with either clear goggles or no goggles

Dan S says:

what is this like paid advertisement?

Alex McIntire says:

$220?!?! yeah, i’ll pass and spring for the $15 anti fog wipes.

Nefar 32 says:

100% Accuri OTG for us glasses wearers are the best

Robinson Mitchell says:

I got a six pack of safety glasses at Sam’s Club for about $13. For a bit more than $2 a pair I got six pairs of eye protecting glasses that protect my eyes safely and reliably. They provide UV protection as well. I have some expensive sunglasses, but most of the trails here are under forest canopy, so clear eye protection is a plus.

John Riley says:

Whens the new bike coming? Been waiting for too long. Its about time for the new ride, wheres it at?

KOI Pond says:

Cycle only with glasses here in Tacoma. Got some from Nashbar that have worked well for me that arent too dark. Also for the rainy cloud filled days have some yellow lensed glasses.

Daniel de Vynck says:

I’m a xco rider and I have a pair of Oakleys that don’t fog at all on my rides

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