Thok Mig Electric Mountain Bike Review

I’ve been riding this for a couple of months now. Super Italian EMTB with fast, agile handling. 150mm Front, 140mm Rear suspension. Great fun to ride. Disclaimer: I’m by no means a pro bike tester. I just like to ride lots of ebikes and share my honest findings with you all 🙂

Shot at Swinley Forest. Check out the Bike Hub, give them a shout if you want to try an ebike too:

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RocketMagnetUK says:

As for minimal mode display I think you can get a new inline tiny dongle that’s got a single LED and colour coded to battery level (Think its Shimano but cant remember). Still got all the functionality via the mobile app though. Don’t recall where I see it?

Not too keen on an underslung battery, yeah they have done it to fit a bottle mount I get that but i’d rather protect the battery behind the downtube and lose the bottle cage personally.

Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

sexy looking bike and in my fave colours red and black! Cheers

Bisek Brzoskowski says:

Great work Rob, i enjoy the video’s and technical reviews….how do you rate this motor it seems very noisy when loading up during climb. It is also noticeable when you cruising on the flat…..When are you going to test the E-zesty? I’m currently riding a Trek Fuel EX 9.7 but planning upgrading or adding a e-bike for the longer rides.

Cheers From Downunder – Brisbane. Regards Bisek

Russ Mead says:

I can see why this would be on anyone’s shortlist, especially at that price, but my concern is around dealer support and after sales care.
Personally, the Merida eOne Sixty is on my shortlist. Any chance of a review?

Darrin Hill says:

Looks vary China and priced way to high. Keep looking and testing. Try Frey 2500.00 us and it’s better than that bike.

Rob Rides EMTB says:

SELECT 4K for best QUALITY!! What do you think of the Mig? Let me know below, also what other bikes you want me to try and test? Cheers, Rob.

David Smith says:

I really like your down to earth reviews, no bias just telling it how you see it. Keep em coming .

DeadHead says:

I wonder what was going on Rob the quality was poo, then checked and YT stuck me on 480p lol @4k at looked a tad crisper 🙂 .Bike wise nice price for that kit level, my issue would be style I just wouldn’t have what I consider an older style frame where the battery is exposed. I want it streamlined and as sleek as possible. What can I say I’m a bike snob.

JogBird says:

NX is sram certified for ebikes, the others arent, even tho theyre still used

mark smith says:

Nice for the money

I’ve have 11s NX on my push bike
Work well
I run 27.5×2.8 nobby nic on my ebike and run 17psi on the front 21psi on rear wouldn’t get away with as low as that on ie 2.4

Grant Johnson says:

would like to see battery removal. do you need a key etc. but good job Rob, keep it up. Hanging out for the E-zesty review 😉

Jacek W says:

I think the battery is mounted in the wrong place, like the weather conditons standards in the Uk. 😉
Anyway we’ll done, nice video again;)

biketothetop says:

Rob, here’s another business opportunity for you: I think it would be cool if the e-bike industry established a standardized test for range! Tire manufacturers do this for tires that are DOT rated in the USA. There’s no reason this couldn’t be done for ebike. This would end all the discussions about whether the comparisons are proper or not. If a test was created that used a machine/method for this purpose consumers could compare the different bike manufacturers systems together. All they would need to do is put them on a dynamometer and get the results. Nice trails.

Andrew Price says:

Great review vid Rob, having ridden that bike a little bit i’d agree with your thoughts on it – still think its great fro the money and with a few tweaks (like the dropper and tyres) could be a fantastic package.

Pete is never wrong says:

Good review.

Vert N Dirt says:

Good review. It looked a little sharper through the turns berm to berm. I think their website had a 150 or 160 travel bike as well. Looked the same, maybe just a different shock to give it more travel. I wonder if they setting up any North American distribution?

dale m says:

That big weld at the base of the seat is not on the bike on the website pictures. maybe its been added for extra strength….. i love the look of this bike………

Boggy Big pants says:

Do you think with the TQ120 ..motor coming out mid year , the leading brands are gonna have to up there performance ..the power difference is huge …

Bob A says:

I just purchased the 2018 Haibike 10.0 LT here in the US. Do you have any thoughts on this bike or have you done a test ride?
BTW-So the companies send you the bikes, you then have to box ’em up and return all of them after a full review? Great bike though for the Italian design. Steps E-8000 is really getting popular as stated!

Grim Reaper says:

DANG! Now I want that one instead of the LEVO

shadowdance4666 says:

12.6Ah battery is a bit small these days

Topsey Kretts says:

..thanks Rob,great review…to be honest,i personally don’t like that battery ,on the under-side of the down tube,probably great in dryer climates,like Italy,but here would be like a Crud-Catcher,which puts me off it a bit..but thats just me,nice bike otherwize..

James Bashford says:

I agree about the quality of rear mechs these days. I feel like sometimes people need to put ego aside and look at the overall product. The best thing about a drive train is its the most affordable product to upgrade and can do it increments. Get the contact points and suspension dialled and your good to go!

Kaelidoz a says:

You had fun on this one 🙂 Nice review.

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