Top 2017 Mountain Bikes: 2017 Giant Trance 2 bike review & test ride #testride #bikereview #trance2

Top 2017 Mountain BIkes: 2017 Giant Trance 2 bike review and test ride. Today we are test the Giant Trance 2 full suspension mountain bike. This bike is an amazing bike that will not break the bank. You can walk out the door with this bike for 2400, in today’s full suspension mountain bike economy this a steal. The Giant Trance 2 comes with a dropper post made by Giant, Fox front and rear suspension, Shimano SLX 1×11 drivetrain/break system. The 2017 Giant Trance to come equipped with boost axles, and many other great accessories. If you are looking to get into the sport of mountain biking but cannot afford to break the bank, then you should look no further than the Giant Trance 2. I will be testing the Giant Trance 2 at my local trails to get a real feel for how the 2017 Giant Trance 2 stacks up against my higher end 2016 Intense Tracer C mountain bike. LET’S DROP IN!

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Sanctioned Mountain Bike Trail Address: If you want to find more about these trails and potentially get a map of the area visit or call the PATH bike shop located at 30555 Trabuco Canyon Rd #102, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679


Using Garmin Virb Ultra 30, GoPro Chesty
Camera Settings: 2.7k, 30fps, wide
Gimbal: Evo SS 3axis Wearable gimbal

Bike: 2016 Intense Tracer 275c- Rock Shox Pike RCT3, Shimano M8000 Drivetrain
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jared current says:

lol he praises the assending capabilities then next sentence gripes about long stem

BloodevilXx says:

SLX entry level ? Rly ?

m00nchildblues says:

anyone put 2.4 or larger tyres on the Stock XC1 rims? looking to put at least 2.4+ on these rims but can’t confirm if they will fit, like the maxxis HRII 2.8? Do maxxis still measure narrow.sorry bout all the questions..thanks guys

Allan Johansen says:

As a beginner ais there any protection besides a helmet i should use ?

MTB Trail-Weaks says:

my friends is seriously considering buying this bike. u should do a review of my 2017 nomad. I will let u ride it! just don’t wear out my brakes squeezer. dropping out.

rodlaz1984 says:

Bought this bike about 6 months back. Thought it was terrible. Put a shorter stem on and wider bars and it’s a completely different bike! no idea why it comes with the bars and stem that it does. I love it now!

Geordo1960 says:

What is it about the small bars that’s bothering you do you feel as though they’re going to yield or break?

wilcotrails says:

It may be “the trend” but does that equate to better. I ride very technical narrow trails through boulders that do not give and I like narrow bars. The stem length is a matter of comfort and fit. I am tired of “the trend” over ruling practicality.

MrWiggnuts says:

larger frame needed with shorter stem and wider bar?

Keegan Mcmanus says:

I think your review was spot on. I had a friend down from Chicago and I rented a trance 2 for him to ride, I am on a upgraded 17 stance 2. I noticed the suspension difference immediately then the short bars and excessively loud cassette. But it was an awesome bike that I felt can corner great and handle large drops very well. The maestro system works beautifully and it also, as you said climbs great. I think the stem and bar length was intentional to make it a all around great climbing/descending bike.

MTB Trail-Weaks says:

I’m down to ride temecula. what days r u free to ride?. I ride Sundays and Mondays usually.

Not Your Average Joe says:

I’m guessing the suspension is setup for the owner? Judging from the video footage it appears to be a rough ride for a full suspension bike??

MTB Trail-Weaks says:

let me know where and wen I’ll be there man.

Richard Anderson says:

You know, for a few hundred more I can get a YT Jeffsie AL 1. Your thoughts?

GTOAviator says:

Rode one over the weekend, I agree the bars are trash. I also don’t think it climbs very well but that could be a personal preference thing.

Ether Ghost says:

Good review… I’m a little surprised you didn’t mention the Maestro suspension though…

D Allen says:

Thanks for the review and technical opinion. My price range is around $3k so the Trance 2 sounds like a great buy. I’m also looking at Santa Cruz and Specialized.

Richard Anderson says:

What size bar and stem would you recommend?

MTB Trail-Weaks says:

I live in orange County.

Simon Deiner says:

Pretty sure those bars are 760mm

I have the 2017 Trance 1 Advanced and run 50mm Spank stem and 800mm bars.

Loïc Geber says:

Thanks for the video, it brought answers to many of my questions and i’m probably gonna go for this bike 🙂 Just looking for a good entry level and cost effective bike, so that sounds perfect ! Gonna ask my shop if they can set up another cockpit as well !
Keep up the good job !

Jacob Fair says:

I’m pretty sure the trance is considered an xc bike so that’s why the stem and bars are different… idk I might be wrong tho

Lucas Dunbar says:

Hey, enjoyed the review! Looking to buy this bike but am debating between medium and large, as I’m somewhat on the edge. I noticed the ‘large’ sizing sticker on the frame right at the end of the second shot at the beginning, and am just wondering how tall you are?

Chris West says:

$2400.00 is far from a budget bike. 5k doesn’t necessarly mean that your bike is 2.5k better. Just lighter in most cases with more carbon. The Giant Trance 2 is a great bike for the money.

David Orshansky says:

This is a great bike so far. Got it for 2300 out the door with all taxes included from my LBS. The only thing that people do not notice is the frame change when going from Medium to Large. I assume the one you are riding is a large or XL. On medium frames the tubing is combined at the head.. Cant wait to take it to our lift serviced park.

Dave says:

so drop 40 bucks and buy a new set of bars… if the rest of the bike is awesome… who gives a shit

poeskat poeskat says:

Yeah, I just bought the bike. I’m from Holland so that trail you got there is a dream for me. But i’m getting used now to my bike, for it’s my first fully. Great video. I don’t know about the small bars though because i’m used to this size from my hardtail. Nice riding!!! And again great video.

Russian Warrior says:

Great review. Would be awesome to see an update with different stem/bar combo!

tillsy23 says:

Im trying to decide between getting this bike or a turbo levo e-mtb, I sold my 2017 stance because I was killing myself trying to get up the hills in the Australian heat. I love the nice light handling of the stance/trance and Ill be losing that in favour of assistance up the hills!

Not Your Average Joe says:

Not to start a pissing war… but how would this compare to a 2017 Diamondback Release 1 as far as an entry level full suspension bike? They look to be similarly priced.

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