Top 5 – 2016 Mountain Bikes

If you’re looking for a new off road ride, you’ll be glad to know there’s no shortage of exciting technology coming to the market. Here’s a look at five of the most interesting mountain bikes for 2016.


Axe Legend says:

I cant afford this fucking mountain bike hahahah so work work work work work

Bryce Rogers says:

wait a second the Patrol Carbon was not Transitions first carbon mountain bike the 2014 Covert Carbon was the first

Andre Magano says:

I just realized that my bike price doesn’t belong here

Corey Gilchrist says:

I like my Old Klein Mantra Comp, it has a unique design style the new Mtn. Bikes don’t have. Why do you still need that bottom A frame piece for strength? It’s just one more thing to get hung up over things like logs. I think Trek made a mistake phasing out the Mantra Comp style body shape from Klein …. They should of looked for ways to improve it!

Murry Yakub says:

Some people have suck some dick to be able to efforts this shot. I will pay money for bj.

Petr Pajmík Pajma says:

Man I dont know if u retarted but not all got 1000000000000k money …

Vinz From Philippines says:

lahat yan gusto ko.,

N'golo Kante says:

great vid mates.. i wish there are prices for all of them. Otherwise, thumbs up.

Vaxet says:

That dune carbon is the sexiest bike i have ever seen

Bum says:

Mondraker Dune is one of the best looking bikes I’ve seen. Goes for about 7k though.

misamisatv says:

I’m wary about the longevity of that rubberized part on the BMC. Where I live rubber tends to harden, crack, crumble, and rot when exposed to the elements.

erkan yılmaz says:

Hi.@BikeRadar which is the most cheap enduro bike?$

Alvaro Soler says:

Pick cap better vote.

mini dwarfdude says:

I have a Carrera Vengence and I love it so much

Anthony S says:

How much ?

Fadlo Hayek says:

how much the evel

shanarah76 says:

S-Works Carbon Demo eats all these bikes
Theres no need to look for anything else next year either

Bob Outélama says:

Flops 2016 :
#1 : Price/performance ratio
#2 : Mountainbike press neutrality
#3 : Frame design originality
#4 : Your mom
#5 : New standards

Cristiano Gerke says:


Kai Herbert says:

I was here for the Mondraker

Hrity Gurung says:

If you want a nice bike under 500$ is GIANT TALON 3!

Iron Platypus says:

That dune bike looks like a pure beast.

Future says:

Ima stick with my Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2. Biking is such a good hobby to get into!

Chicago Riderz says:

whats a good bike i can get for 600? or less. No back shocks

J. B. says:

EVIL is my next bike…sraight outta seattle !

mir ullah says:

What about TIMAON

Muddymarry says:

The Yeti is yamyam. But Santa Cruz is missing, the Hightower is a hell of a bike.

Sachin Thananthan says:

not in india

ghoul liked says:

theres no scott genius plus


I ride the yeti sb5

Amir Ali says:

Who the hell names themselves ”Evil”?

Jørn Mulder says:

wooow $7599 USD

Soccer4UV says:

Sub to me to see MTB videos

seejaysmith says:

Transition produced the Covert 26 and Covert 29 in carbon. They may have also offered the Bandit in carbon but I could be mistaken on that.

Blue says:

how much does all of these MTB cost?

silver wolf says:

A mi me gustan las Muzettas…

glen smith says:

what about YT Jeffsy 27.5. its a trail weapon

Marko Mirkovic says:

Evil price?

tomas hiscock says:

i have a full sus trail bike that i need to ride in a duatholon would any one know what mods can i do to make its faster?

Muddymarry says:

The Yeti and the Evil is yamyam. But Santa Cruz is missing, the Hightower is a hell of a bike.

J. Paul Rogers says:

Your mom is the best ride of 2016.

Cheruvathala Nivasi says:


Alexander Olazabal says:

where’s Specialized? its a good brand too

Slim Shady says:

Missed the prices on these bikes you fucktard!!!

Edward Oliver says:

“yetaaaaaaaaaaaay! “

username33432 says:

It would have been helpful to give prices!!! Guess they’re so expensive that you felt bad!

Jason NOT Bourne says:

I need to go to one of these bicycle shows.

marshmello even more marshmellos says:


Muddymarry says:

The Yeti is yamyam. But Santa Cruz is missing, the Hightower is a hell of a bike.

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