Top 5 – 2019 Cross Country Bikes

It’s that time of year again, where we look toward the 2019 season and the bikes set to make an impact in the world of cross country racing.

We’ve got some all new models, a real classic and an uber high-end bike you might not have heard of before. So, sit down, relax and feast your eyes upon some XC goodness.


Bobby says:

Please help me, I’m looking for a 29er Trail bike that has at least 120-130mm of travel front and rear. The main thing I want as well is a sub 13kg bike. Thanks.

Rhett Dopwell says:

Did I hear an F word?

5.000 subscriptions with no videos says:

I am in love with the epic epic

Darren Arni says:

Orbea Oiz looks sexzziaa!!

Rafael Takazono says:

And the scott spark rc?

-Btw-my-name -is-carl- says:

Scott spark????

ambrogiofogar says:

Orbea? Canyon? mmmm

Chris Anderson says:

Yeti SB100?

Davorin Duranovic says:

Where is SCOTT Spark, I think Bike Radar you didn’t include one of best XC bikes.

Sorin Vasile Bogdan says:

That FRM bike is ugly as hell.

Hendra App says:

Polygon is the best

chengs group25 says:

giant makes the best bicycles….they will not be on top 5 on this USA and British reviews…cause they are bias and need protect their own brand…..

if u see motorcycle reviews by british journalists, triumph motorcycle will always win comparisons agaisnt its rivals , i own a triumph before and it sucks so bad..

so people, don’t believe these fake reviews.. .

braking falied says:

Poor Scott
Disappear in video

Owen Preece says:

2019 all ready!! Love these bikes

Gabriel says:

Whats with that gripshift on the canyon ?

Shubhamay Barman says:

Nice collection

Pan Kulfon says:

Fist your eyes

Flyingby says:

What do you think about the new f-podium?

arncht says:

Canyon with a still good spec (x01) muchmuch cheaper, than any another model from this list.

JRice 1012 says:

Mountain bikes have become skeletons of a dirt bike with pedals I love mountain biking but the technology has gone so far that it’s ridiculous

UpE Koulis says:

nice vid

toymachine76au says:

Canyon bikes? Do they sponsor you or something?
As for apologising for having the Epic, yeah, why would you have that bike in the top 5? Come on, it’s like one of the best duel XC bikes in history.

Mathew Rj nzy says:

FRM lol seems like snakes scales

Dylan Roberts says:

You missed the spark, trek top fuel, giant anthem, santa cruz blur!,,

skyhigheagleer6 says:

I much prefer XC bikes to the new slacker geometry hardtails which are now everywhere.

Lee Bridgwater says:

Hey, I’m not fussy. anyone of those will do

Pillokun says:

The thing that grinds my gears about the mtb industry is that the manufactures demand hefty prices for their bikes yet the bikes are still not innovative enough for the prices they want to charge. External dérailleurs, not enough size customization when it comes to both wheels and frames, and even if the reach have increased on many bikes for a slacker head angle they still make a bike for a stem. All they do is just milk the customers instead of really trying to offer innovation for the price they demand.

WaterPoop says:

Orbea is the best looking one among them all~

Rhzali nour eddine says:

1: trek top fuel 9.9 2:S works epic 3: Scott spark 900 4: Cannondale scalpel.

Worldwide Cyclery says:

That FRM though wow

AdmiralPicard2010 says:

I still find those single front forks odd. All the weight on one point too.

Davis Clark says:

Does anybody know how much the Canyon Lux Bike weighs overall? 0:28.


Marc Alvin Garcia says:

You forgot the Torpado ribot or the Matador.

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