Top 5 – 2019 Trail & Enduro Bikes

In the UK and many other places it’s trail and enduro bikes that make up the bread and butter of the mountain bike market.

These machines can get to the top of the hill without too much effort, and can absolutely shred on the way back down. Here are five of the latest trail and enduro bikes you need to be aware of for 2019.


EvanTTX says:


fencep says:

I am through with Mondraker since Glemmride. They have played themself.

L says:

With no limit on the budget, I’d probably still stump up for the Commencal Meta.

유재욱 says:


Ted Ferenczy says:

You don’t have accurate pics of your Santa Cruz bike. Really? Did you actually demo the bikes or just compile this video using pics from various websites?

bandinda 720 says:

2019 reigns are absolute shredders how did it not make the list

klme mamp says:

Where is Tracer OMG and the Evil! BTW Pole, Commencal etc. – shit…

southpawlibra nine says:

These are all sponsored bikes. Everyone knows bike radar is garbage.

djsongist says:

Bronson or nomad?

Billy Birdy says:

I can descend faster on an enduro bike and climb quicker on an xc bike.

alteragnostik says:

All of five are extremely ugly. So waiting for Canyon to make a proper 2019 trail bike

Valentin Maissen says:

Thank god the new bronson didn’t come with big wheels. I’d have to sell a few organs…

Gillenz Fluff says:

How can they be fast with only 1 granny ring?

Rune Sørensen says:

links to the bikes… c’mon man

BankruptViking says:

Do you guys have any top lists of budget trail/enduro bikes?

Steven Songer says:

Trek Fuel EX 27.5 All Day

Luke says:

You are mixing photos of the Bronson and 5010. And I have a sneaky suspicion Peaty in that pic is on a Hightower LT.. 😉

Doctor Cheng says:

another fake review….no.Giant.bikes..
Giant world…some of.these.frames.and.components from.these.manufactures are all made in Taiwan by Giant…..(I said Taiwan, not China- for those who don’t know open book or travel more)

they trying to protect it’s own market by not mentioning Giant bikes in all the British and Americans review…..

everytime British review stuff always says their stuff are the best …. if u see motorcycle review by British they always let triumph win in.the comparison…..had a triumph and suck so.bad…

stop making.fake review…….giant have the best bike.. should be up there….all this manufactures get some part or other from giant here in Taiwan…

British are born lyers, just like the Americans….but British people get the award for most.stupid on earth…..they still worship the queen in plain 2018 , still believe in Cinderella, unicorn, queen. fairy tale…..and in return the queen tax its population heavily to maintain her palace and goodies…

British are dump asses….even thr African Maui tribe know better….lol

their media lie to them day in day out…
-always say their soccer team is amazing.and during world cup they get disappointed….and more excuses from media..
they election and vote is a joke….is all fake…..its all being manipulated.. manipulated
__ Scotland and all the near by countries will never get independence in a milion year, the queen need collect her taxes from.these countries…

prayers go the British men…hope one days they can overtrown the queen. and have true freedom, get out of this slavery system

I said good day sir says:

I know it’s prob very good and such.. but that Pole really does look like it’s been involved in a crash. 🙂

carverboy carverboy says:

So does trail mean All Mtn in the UK? Not a single tight single track trail bike in this video.

The Xardas says:

Pole aluminum frame price 3800 eu. Seriously? Did someone fall of the bike and hit his head one time too many? Specialized always screws on components. Santa Cruz born beautiful and very overpriced. Other 2 I have never seen and know nothing but Mondraker looks nice.

Xander17 says:

“These machines can get to the top of a hill without too much effort.”
Do you even MTB?

Sam D says:

Pivot Mach 6 > Dumb Bronson

Juan Herrero says:

Why no GT bike?

Bradley Hite says:

The pole looks like a photoshop fail.

Darren Graham says:

No Bird AM9 Or Aeris 145?

hideto says:

no polygon xquare one ?

Dan K says:

I like that aluminum not only exists but wins races. Beginning to really question the real validity of carbon.

ghezal talel says:

is it the same trail and enduro ?

John Slack says:

This is fucking bullshit.
No merida, no trek, no kona,
At least there was a Santa Cruz.

Oxi Ros says:

No yeti or yt?

Nicolai Lund-Jensen says:

2:36 – I’m sorry, but that’s not a bronson. Hint: Fox 34 + upper-link shock

mOejOe33 says:

Awesome. Super affordable too. Starting price for the cheapest one is $16,000.00. What a bargain!!!

Roby Goncalves says:

Santa Cruz you had pictures of the 5010 and Bronson

Never Go OTB! says:

Why is the nukeproof Mega never on those lists?

jaakko200987654321 says:

pole bikes should be called perkele bikes

thomas holloway says:

no mention of the new Whyte G-170 29ers??

Gravity Goat says:

Waiting for the 2019 range of YT…

Juan C Melendez says:

Why were these the top 5 2019 bikes? Price point? tech?

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