Top 5 – Bike Computers 2018

Here are – in no particular order – the five best bike computers in the world right now. None of them is perfect, but here are the ones that we think are in with a shout of being the right solution for you.


Ana Clara Maria Arantes says:

How about polar ?

Tenzin Wangjor says:

Wahoo Element bolt have serious durability issue. Went through 5 Bolts in less than year!

Erfano Bhakti says:

Smartphone it is

Francis Raveneau says:

Nothing on Polar ?

Neil Atkinson says:

I’m not sure I could swallow my pride enough to continue to buy into the Garmin ecosystem. My 810 is dreadful with freezing being its main problem. What’s more every other person I know who’s got one has the same problem. Can’t wait for other challenger brands to come to the fore

Hajime Kuma says:

“won’t snap your neck back with newfound speed, but hey it can’t hurt” lol

A. Garcia says:

“Never mind the dork factor.” LOL Spot on!

mbn says:

it’s sad that garmin is still leading the market with their edge series and no one else wants to kick their lazy butts! their screens are unreadable in bright conditions, their touchscreen is a pita, software usability in the field is a joke especially with the crap touchscreens, battery life LMAO. bought the edge 1000, sold it, bought the 1030, sold it. i have a 520 now. no touchscreen, still unreadable under sunlight, crappy software… just like my edge 810 i “upgraded” from. every time i pick up my phone i just feel scammed by garmin and want to burn that 520!

Marcello Lupinacci says:

meglio il polarv650

thelbp says:

Holy lag Batman! that gamin reminds me of my “smartphone” i had a decade ago!

Thor Wolf says:

now all of us backers for the hammerhead karoo will get to see how good that is when we get them 🙁 at least mine arrives next week!

larry david says:

Phones are innacurate AF

kierenkd says:

What about “bike computer” android app, or “Today’s Plan” app, using a phone and quad-lock.

howard LaLaLa says:


Tamni4ar says:

Where is Mio Cyclo 605 HC ?!!!
You are lunatic with these proposals .

T Jack says:

Lezyne Macro over here…does the job at a great value.

Steven Anderson says:

Edge 520???

Waseem Zia says:

There is no bryton in this list…find it hard to believe bike radar doesn’t know about it

Regular Guy Mountain Biking says:

I’ve just started testing out the Wahoo Elemnt along with the Snap and Wahoo data sensors. Pretty impressive stuff and nice to see it make your top 5!

AftershockPS3 says:

Still use a edge810

StealthElectronVIP says:

None of these devices are any good at route mapping.

BryantKHill says:

I do like my Lezyne. However, the major downside is the lack of better mounting options from 3rd parties.

Kev Halpin says:

Winds me up so much how we cyclists get milked for cash at every opportunity. Want GPS for your car? Peanuts. The extras they need to add do no way justify the several hundred pounds they add to the price. A decent cheap cycling computer can be had for 50 quid. Add a full gamin GPS system they should be under 200 for the top models. But when they see there are people out there prepared to pay hundreds for a set of cleats, or a new helmet which supposedly makes you faster, then we get what we deserve. The attitude of cyclists needs to change, they cash in on our one upmanship of other riders. The snobbery in lots of cycling clubs has put me off for life, I’ve seen people laughing behind other people’s backs because they are riding cheap cycles, we can’t all afford to go spend thousands on a new bike, which, if we’re honest, makes very little difference to your Sunday rider. You could buy a second hand car and motorbike and still have change for the prices we are being asked to pay. It’s ridiculous.

Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines says:

Why no mention of the Polar cycle computers?

Phil S-S says:

Don’t know many people who have owned a Garmin who would buy another second time round. Look lovely and perform poorly.

Jacob Rushforth says:

Giant Neos track GPS… Incredible battery life!

A. Garcia says:

I think the Elemnt Bolt belongs right there at number two, and I know you guys are trying to be nice to Lezyne but the larger Elemnt belongs right at number three if not tied with the Bolt for number two. I thought of replacing my aging Garmin 810 with a 1030, but after handling a few at the shop I became unimpressed by the capacitive touchscreen. The old resistive touchscreen on my five year old 810 is more responsive! Also, I just don’t see the 1030 as providing enough positive user experience over the Wahoo Elemnt for the price difference.

Johnny Young says:


natural 9 says:

The money you save using your phones great until you get booked

Justin says:

Just tested out an iPhone X. GPS works rather well, and the computer is feature rich beyond belief. Highly recommended.

Cheeked UP says:

My edge 25 can take up to 10 minutes to get gps signal which is certainly not instant

JHeino10 says:

just buy a cheap andriod phone and mount it on your bars. My 80$ android is good as, and robust

Cheeked UP says:

My edge 25 can take up to 10 minutes to get gps signal which is certainly not instant

Theoretical Cyclist says:

You should try Bryton Rider units too, before make another list like this.

Omard Gardiner says:

Nice, Wonder where the “HAMMERHEAD KAROO” will fit in this line up later on in the year.

Conor Verbruggen says:


kurt hectic says:

Locus pro on android is 10x more advanced than any gamin, and doesn’t cost arm and leg. For a garmin price you can get a decent bike, lol.

Monster Vlogster says:


Thim says:

1 should be phone

Matthew Warhurst says:

Edge 500 is still the best cycling computer hands down

James The Giant Killer says:

Prefer the Edge 25 as I like to explore instead of being told what to do. Still get my gpx data and my iPhone X for Google Maps if lost.

For touring – sure a dedicated computer with long battery life.

Laszlo Zoltan says:

Ive been with polar for 25 years- but, as polar is going in a different direction with their product, I am looking at other brands.

Anton Peterson says:

Glad you had the Lezyne GPS on this list. Once you get past the bulky design of it, the bang for buck is incredible.

xgalvan1 says:

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is absolutely flawless. Syncing power, hrm and cadence is simple and you can customize your unit with your phone. I’m a huge fan and first time owner.

Felix Baquedano says:

I find it ironic the stages dash is front and center in the b-role but doesn’t even an honorable mention.

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