Top 5 – Cross Country Mountain Bikes 2016

Every race-whippet needs a bike to match, here are the five new bikes we’re most excited to ride in 2016.


fatchance says:

jesus who wrote this shit

frank doster says:

so, are these reviews or adverts. I hardly think everyone who rides is a racer.

Cole Trickel says:

No Trek or Specialized who write this list up?

Julien Jones says:

Nino S ride 29 during race …

Chris Moore says:

Do a top 5 downhill bikes! Please

James Ambrocio says:

Ugh, spinergy wheels. Yuck.

D.j.Y GAMING5 says:

Jeez that Scott looks crisp!

Jonas Østergaard says:

The focus raven shouldn’t be in the top 5. Specialized should be there instead of the focus

Slapster says:

the Canyon is upgrade=proof,7,9kg 29er

Anonymous says:

is rockrider 520 cross country?

otepa benghazi says:

rocky mountain sherpa?

Alex Burd says:

lol elastomer 1990’s fail- nothing new and goes mega soft in summer rock hard in winter

dont ask says:

lol no o e can afford these bikes and with all the over the top marketing. they are puahing to much.

get a breezer supercell pro for 1200.00 delivered.

29er 120/mm sus

burly frame and midlink
20 speed

Thai Pham says:

hi guy , there is anyway can you guy do the test and review the 2015 trek marlin6 650b size small and the 2014 ORBEA MX 26 10 26′ wheel in MED size plz !

Vasile Capusceac says:

Focus? WTF?

Tim Wagner says:

Where ist the Cannondale F-Si ?

schlooonginator says:

This list looks to be that from a very much “across the pond” perspective as many of these brands are barely on the radar here in North America. Brands like Canyon, Merida, and that 3 letter Swiss company are rare here but in their defence, xc is dominated by Euro racers.
I have heard of Scott though!

Durrant Miller says:

“The magic happens at the rear.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

alex mercer says:

If i have one of this i will buy ten lock to keep it safe xD

Crash & Burn says:

No Giant XTC? bullocks!

marlon sy says:

i’m very happy and contented with no.5.

LeveLOCITY Gaming says:

Where’s GT??

Nate Meyer says:

To everyone complaining about this list. Have you ever actually ridden any of these bikes?

velo1337 says:

can someone also get a good XC hardtail for around 1500 euro`?

Owen Puckey says:

The canyon is a good bike for Amateur riders but anyone who wants to race won’t be aloud to use those wheels

Sebastian Dietrich says:

Not Trek Procaliber or Top Fuel????

Arduous Ant says:

This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

Joe Mama says:

You will ride exactly the same before and after you own one of these beauties…..

Luke Mathewson says:

Are you a fucking idiot? where are the niner bikes you bitch?

Yugo MTB says:

Cube Elite is the best HT for XC

Bob Wagner says:

c’mon0 amazing effort# threatening mammoth what’s your opinion about xhat !

Louis-Maxime P says:

N°1 is Specialized S-WORKS

SigOakley says:

It is not a impartial ranking for me, otherwise there would be Cannondale , Specy and Trek

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