Top 5 – Downhill Bikes

A closer look at five of the nicest DH bikes on the market at the moment.


GaylordTV says:

i would buy one but there is the one same fukin problem: the price

Sliced Asiago says:

Im guessing there’s another Top 5 Downhill Bikes with the right correct top 5 bikes.

Blackfox20 says:

Aurum yo

Bryan Mo says:

WOW…. not even the specialized demo?

Jax Teller RC says:

Sick bikes!

suryaharris007 says:

Where’s the Yt Tues!?

Spencer Han says:

I have the V10 cc but that Mondraker is just as light and sexy as hell. Might be my next project.

Marco Mariano says:

spez demo carbon
pivot phoenix carbon

Cesar Ivan Suarez says:

Ey guys tks for all your videos, can you tell me if Devinci bikes are most espensive and better than Scott bikes? Tks you ar awesome 🙂

Daniel Heynike says:

I love this channel, if you’re reading this, subscribe to their channel you won’t regret it.

Will Holifield says:

summun is amazing

ThatEmmetGuy says:

The only one that I’d choose over my Nukeproof is the V10.

teknology01 says:

Every body buy yt for 2015 and force the industry to lower their prices.

Kye Nelson says:

any recommended dh bikes under $1000?

Cabot Steward says:

Why you say fox 44 and not fox 40 at about 1:55

Andrew Poulson says:

No specialized or trek?

ktmjack1 says:

What about Giant Glory 0?

Ryan hill says:

Trek session and  devinci wilson is one of the best at world cup circuit 

Kieran Macdonald says:

C’mon. Where is the giant glory

Fabrizio Rossi says:

and the demo 8 ????????

Evan Keddy says:

Can you do a video on “how to tell what kind of shocks you have” like coil, air, and oil.

Joshua Foster says:

I want any of those bikes but here I am with my old trusted Giant STP :p

William B MTB says:

OMG! Devinci Wilson, Specialized Demo 8 and Trek Session 9.9 should be in this top 5 instead of those Saracen, GT or Intense.. And the Gambler as well!

Eddy Mago Mago says:

and foes friend?

Evan Keddy says:

Can you do a video on “how to tell what shocks you have” like coil, air, and oil. Thanks

chisparo says:

No Giant Glory??

Entertainment Only says:

I like intense m16c.

Walter Walsh says:

wheres the Specialized demo

orangepatriot85 says:

Orange 224evo all day long!

Ioannis Cherouvim says:

Very nice video. It’d be great to see the other Top 5 DH bikes though.

Chet Shultz says:

what about the trek session or specialized demo?

NP Shred says:

To everyone saying “Where’s the YT Tues,” that is a freeride bike. The bikes included in this video are all Downhill RACE bikes. As i do personally believe that the Tues is a better bike than most all of the bikes in this video, I must say that the Tues is rightfully, not included in the video.

Karl Mikovits says:

Where is the Scott Gambler???

klepetar says:

yeti?? someone???

Mark mctigue says:


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