Top 5 – Trail & Enduro Bikes 2018

Designed to get you to the top of the hills without too much effort, but then be fully opened up when the trail points back down a hill, trail and enduro bikes are a surefire way to have maximum smiles for your miles.


Jason Hercules says:

Ride a Hightower myself but that Orbea…very nice

aamgdp says:

Whyte s-150?

DirkaDirka07 says:

Just update the geometry for year 2100 and we’ll all be set for a while

Chico Bicalho says:

Is this “paid content”? Rings like it.

Ash Paglaro says:

just wondering why a lot of em r alloy??

southpawlibra9 says:

Oh look orange. Bike radar is on their pay roll. In no universe the orange is even in the top twenty.

Jacob Rushforth says:

Giant Reign is missing here…

Alessandro R. says:

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah hard tail always

Jake allen says:

Canyon spectral?


Top bikes according to who?
No Yeti, Santa Cruz, Evil or Pivot?

Total waste of time.

Nick P. says:

Pivots Firebird or their newest enduro model , yt capra , commencal v4.2 and etc , stop getting stuck on 29ers , they are great bikes but that isnt proved because you are promoting them

RedWings-44 says:

No love for the new Diamondback Release 5C that everyone has raved about so far.

Cole Inman says:

Bet they put the Specialized Enduro 27.5 in there just for the stubborn wankers. THE AGE OF THE 29ER IS NIGH. Were back boys.

Night Style says:

Where is the Canyon Strive?

besttrails says:

Ktm, Orange? are you serious?

Topsey kretts says:

..That KTM,…Beautiful.!

Justin Rees says:

what happened to the whyte g160s such a great enduro rig it deserved a spot in the list

Tom Sharpe says:

3:46 “150mm to 150mm” huh?

Jar May says:

Top 5 nothing bikes wow what a pile of junk!!

Sliced Asiago says:

Mid 2018 we’ll see if these bikes are still a contender for the Top spot.

Grant Wallace says:

That KTM has gone straight to the top of my fantasy bike wishlist, and I have never before even considered riding a 29er. JUST STUNNING!!!

Nick Rogers says:

I’d buy the Transition but that Orbea is the best looking.

They Live We See says:

what is the difference between enduro and trail bike??

NotANoob says:

I hate 29ers booorrriing

IN Plaskett says:

go bellingham!!

Simon Barret says:

And the Mondraker foxy carbon…?

visedbarbecue says:

To all the “150 to 150” people in here, she is saying “115 to 150”

Xagros Faraji says:

From 150 mm to 150mm dropper. I deserve an explanation

Richard van Tricht says:

The specialized, ktm and orange are hell of ugly looking bikes…

Fishiextreme says:

oh my god I can’t stand British accents freaking how they say “enjuro” instead of enduro

ThunderStruckCoach says:

Great bikes and I could listen to her all day!

chad formentera says:

(My top 5) 1. Niner RIP 9 RDO full carbon under $3,000 2. Vitus Sommet CF under $3,000. 3. DB release carbon $3,200. 4. DB release 1 $1,690. 5. Commencal v3 $2,000

Brian Burdett says:

You lost me as soon as you got to that cheap looking single pivot.

Braden Haslam says:

Ktm is gay af

Ayal Hagay says:

Orange full sus looks sus

Oscar O'Mahoney says:

All fucking 29 except for the fucking enduro, sooo annoying

R Jazz says:

I find it hard to believe a single pivot bike with welds that would probably fail a certification test as the Orange is one of the top 5 bikes of 2018. Must be a sponsor.

EatSleepMoguls says:

0:45 and 1:28 Saying Monocoque doesn’t add anything to the video because all bikes (except some e- bikes) are monocoque. Its a fancy word that just means the outer frame of the bike is structural. For whatever reason, this bothered me.

Mikey thinks he's real says:

I wondered how you could do a meaningful review of Trail and Enduro Bikes in five minutes. You can’t. Fail!

southpawlibra9 says:

Orange, commencal,yt on the bike radar pay list.

Katielyn and Randy Ross,-Adams says:

What people call “enduro” we have always just called it mountain biking.

Bam Lopez says:

Great review, however, You probably need to update the Specialized Enduro section to the actual 2018 model instead of the older Alloy version.

Am Strad says:

why is a pre school teacher voicing this video

Jerome Nichols says:

Missing the Bird Aeris One45…

JBLAZE999 says:

Anyone know the music names?

Oscar Bustamante says:

No commencal meta?

BS Vijay Anand says:

Which is The Best of all and Best for all or most purposes?
1. The most/extremely rugged/toughest (must withstand fall/landing from at least 10-25 feet cliff or from a ramp with rider like BMX/XTB’s?/dirt bikes?) – for stunts
2. Most safest/secure (unbreakable, reliable immediate breaking system even at high speeds, full suspension), maintenance-free (or least).
3. Fastest (fastest gears and aerodynamically designed), and ergonomically designed (should be comfortable and most reliable enough for extremely long trips).
4. Most stylish All-Terrain-Bike (or for all purposes) cycle (for the great Indian roads) available from your company previously or right now? Any model that comes close to all the features or specs I am looking for?

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