Top 5 – XC Mountain Bikes 2017

Cross country is alive and well, with bikes becoming more capable at tackling the increasingly technical courses. Here’s 5 we think are well worth a look for 2017.


KB Kutters Lawn Care & Property Services, LLC says:

What about Funk Cycles and their flex plate suspension

Soufian Ratib says:

Useless if no price tag is mentioned.

Chihiro Gustafson says:

buying an epic ht comp carbon super siked

bitumen83 says:

They should put UNNO XC bike in this category, it looks freaking awesome!

Christofer Albert says:


Finder 22 says:

no BMC no Terk…. how the hell did Specialized make this list. BTW no one will be racing the AX so why even have it on the list!

pmicacchi says:

That German carbon must be disgustingly expensive

Lucky Charm says:


varitoo11 says:

cube ams???

Tom C says:

Which bike wins most races? That’s the clear winner.

MtB ArN says:

6.9 kilos, give me that please. Only £2981.00

Lukas Cotting says:

Yay 4th comment

Wilfredo Bibar says:

Where’s the XTC?

Carlos Almendárez says:

whoa. 15.2 pound hardtail. That is lighter than most road bikes

Root0x says:

I would be scared to ride that 6.8Kg MTB

Nathan Mester says:

What about the trek procaliber it is such an amazing bike

Erico Kompatzki says:

I definitely want to try the epic ht

Law Hon Kin says:

and all features sram xx1 eagle..

Mediarahan says:

15lb mountain bike? I can’t even imagine that.

Tim Schaumburg says:

The frame of the epic is ugly!!!

Sean Bolden says:

Here I am chillin with my $700 aluminum hardtail. 🙁

Mat says:

I have a scott spark 750 2017,

J S says:

6.9 kg hardtail!!!! That’s insane!

santclause1 says:

6.9kg hartail? i call bullshit. even most road bikes that are suppose to be 6-6.9 kg weight well over the 7kg mark. So ok it’s not much more but still marketing bullshit. i love my 8.4kg roadie. And love my 14kg fatty. light weight don’t = fun.

Gerry Rivaldy says:

what? an mtb that is as light as a road bike??

Mate Marijan says:

Can someone explain the difference between XC, Trail, Enduro and DH?

Goodman 4525 says:

Will you guys make a top 10 trail hardtail list ? +BikeRadar

Jake Desmond says:

New channel trail building/biking/outdoors please check me out

Tech man says:


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