Trail Bike Of The Year – Contender – Orange Five S

BikeRadar’s search for the best mountain bike is over. With a long-list of 25 120mm-140mm bikes costing £2800-£3300, the Orange Five S finished up as a top contender.

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01phantomx says:

My £600 hardtail has the same brakes. Orange are a complete rip off

orlando greer says:

first like

77MrAH says:

the tyres look really skinny, go plus you heevens!

PHAM says:

The sickest paint job!! Does anybody know what shoes these are? I’m doing mountainbiking videos myself, and am currently looking for new shoes 🙂 Thanks!

Mediarahan says:

Honestly using “it’s hella fun” as an argument is really annoying. You know what other bikes are really fun to ride? Every other bike in this category, and this one is incredibly expensive all things considered. Plus, it uses the most old school shock design I think you can buy on something this price. Is that a bad thing? I’m not really sure because all the presenters could talk about was how much fucking fun it was.

Ben Walker says:


TheAegisClaw says:

It was only ever a copy of the 90’s Marin single pivot bikes. Never understood why people still buy it.

nick williams says:

Will you be reviewing the Whyte T130 C RS?

Alanpods ______ says:

Thomas Marvin – you were doing so well up until 4:19 – when those classic Bike Radar sofa ‘mime hands’ came out again.

Justin Rees says:

i reckon the orange 4 is better

daveandmerlin says:

Orange are Awesome bikes

southpawlibra9 says:

an orange? hahahahaha there goes your credibility. same suspension design as Walmart bikes.

Larry Burke says:

Way expensive old tech? No thanks.

Jaša Zidar says:

What about the YT Jeffsy… was it on the test?

doopy noo says:

Orange, an out dated dinosaur. Evil, is state of the art! Sorry Brits but you’re not gonna sell much on this side of the pond. But it’s so much fun! Yup, if you like being dropped by your boys and riding alone…

Goodman 4525 says:

why doesn’t orange go direct sales? It’s eye-wateringly expensive for a heavy single pivot frame/bike. How much fun it is won’t matter if you can’t buy it 🙁 +bikeradar

SeezMtb says:

Overpriced piece of crap no dropper yari fork for over 3k? what a joke .

orlando greer says:


Vaios M says:

why we don’t see any hardtail conteder??? some are capable enough. what about surly instigator or orange p7 or ragley bluepig or so many more bikes.

Rich m says:

had an orange 5 for 4 years now, awesome bike.

Laurent Parmentier says:

So, how heavy is it?

Dragster 988 says:

what is your definition of heavy because i have a 42 pound steel fatbike

Christopher Smith says:

I have an Orange five rs version and love it! I bought it for simplicity and very easy to service. Yes I agree direct sales would be the way forward. Due to its single pivot it has 2 large bearings which last ages. My old specialized stumpjumper sworks model had loads of little bearings which were far too small to cope and needed to be replaced very frequently. Which you can’t do easily yourself, big nightmare.

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