Trail Bike Vs XC Bike With Annie Last

What’s the difference between our all round Trail bikes and an Olympic XC Race set up?

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Annie Last GB Olympian and Pro XC Racer dropped in and we did a comparison…

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Head Chef says:

I hate racing ralphs. Much prefer my high rollers

slimjimihendrix says:

The difference? One’s super fun, one’s super fast.

Fluterra says:

Make no mistake: a lightweight XC bike is WAY more fun, even for non-racers. Easier to pedal, more nimble… they cost more, but oh so worth it!

Doctor Cheng says:

she is.not.pretty…..she may have a.nice.body.from.cicling..without make up.she is a 5…….british guys.are.ugly on.average….and.ugly teeth….that why they.have low.standards

MPK Edits says:

Carbon cranks are one of the stupidest thing u could put on your bike

sjlee04 says:

why is there a reverb switch on the xc bike

Joseph Laguna says:

Very helpful.

Ryan Carreon says:

There all the same guys.

Razor TinBone says:

what does XC mean?

Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber says:

“Smaller tubes so it’s lighter”
Um. wider tubes allow for both increased strength AND reduced weight.

Michigan Outdoors says:

I have a flat bar dual sport and I am wondering what i can do with it whether it road or it be low intensity mtb. I have front forks that i can adjust or lock out, about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches of stem and some what thick tires you could probably still consider them road tires though.

Ishu Bajaj says:


MrPll577 says:

How hard can you ride a xc bike downhill in rocky areas?

wala akong brief says:

Is she tom last’s sis?

Chris A says:

Dude you missed all the talk about drive trains

kingerz says:

Hardtail much more likely on XC like a Giant XTC 27.5+

dramtic end says:

since when did wahmen get to act all masculine

Ethan ridesbikes says:

XC bikes just seem so boring. What is the draw to pedaling up terrain when you can be sending down it at triple the speed?

Chance1957 says:

Pretty funny the chick has the more manly bike. All she needs is a hardtail.

Casual MTB Rider says:

cross country is like the road biking of mtb. They might as well het a gravel bike

karl says:

0:32 ouch.

sergeant singletrack says:

Idk about you but I wouldn’t have confidence in a carbon crown

HighsNBurgers says:


Ramirez Ramirez says:

i bet the person who designed the red trail bike saw a water filled condom hanging on a rope and thought lets make the ugliest bike ever to get a low center of gravity…

DayLightSensor says:

2:10 lmao how can she stand like that

Drew Cama says:

Bar ends!? U mean I can put my old bar ends on my new bike with out looking like a total looser? Totally good, well explained the differences. Neil your at your best with a bike in hand not behind a desk. A+ in presentation.

413X says:

This whole carbon on xc and alloy on trail is bs, I run carbon on cranks on my dh bike, no issues, good carbon wheels can be stronger than alloy (ie: envy m70, Santa Cruz reserve)

Sondra Powers says:

Sample fair turn studio me center initially hook buck

Ignacio Monterrubio says:

She is more concern on weight, which it makes sense for parts of the trail but she is sacrificing quality and add no’s that could potentially help her in more technical trails…beautiful girl otherwise!

Flying Tiger says:

all these fktard comments about hardtails, i’ve had and still have multiple suss bikes.When you gain more experience, ergo you’ve had more than your first suss bike, you begin to understand all the extra maintenance and hassle involved with suss.When you asshats get your first suss bike and have yet to even wear out your first set of bearings, but suddenly think you are better than anyone on a hardtail?
Suspension does not make up for lack of skills so go fk yourselves, i can out ride half of you suspension guys on my hard tail, any trail any time.When you have a choice in your garage, and you still choose the hardtail you’ll know you’ve taken your first step toward being a mountain biker and not just another fucktard

Heinrich Broodryk says:

Oh God no, not hb ends

YaboiLegend27 says:

Can I still race a trail bike

R S says:

I had those same tires on my last bike. great tires. but it was stolen

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