Trek Remedy Review – 2019 Bible of Bike Tests

As the Slash’s smaller sibling, the Remedy has the exuberant, almost giddy trail demeanor of a big BMX bike, and that’s how Trek likes it—which is why it didn’t get extra long, crazy slack, or a reduced-offset fork.


Tomé Castro says:

do of the trek slash

Alexandre Asselin says:

It s funny how it always turns around 27.5/29. Some bikes are simply made for 29 and some for 27.5s. Not everyone thinks that 29 is the right wheel size. I ride a 27.5 and love it. wheel size is a personal choice depending on riding style, bike geo, size…

brokenlegz says:

So they just rode it with the shock in pedal mode the whole time? And it’s okay to jump the bike in that mode?

Eric Whiteside says:

Thanks for this review. It helps a lot. I’m currently riding a Nomad V3 which is a great bike, but am having to admit that I’d like something with a little better climbing legs that can still rip downhill. I’m definitely a more “down” oriented rider but I’m far from pro and the Nomad is capable of soooooo much more than what I throw at it. I was looking at the new Bronson and the Remedy and from what I’ve gathered it appears that the Bronson is a point and shoot and hang on to your hat bruiser type of ride that climbs well “for the type of bike that it is” and the Remedy seems to be the bike for someone who actually doesn’t mind picking the fastest line as opposed to power rolling everything…AND every review I’ve seen has used strong positive words to describe it’s climbing abilities. My Nomad also climbs well “for the type of bike that it is” but I’m finding that what that really means is it will get you to the top of the next Enduro stage effectively, but it’s not the bike you want to use to do a long sustained 1-2+ hour climb on. Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE my Santa Cruz, but I think I’m going to make it my dedicated shuttle/park bike and get on a Remedy so I can have a bike that will climb more effectively when I decide to earn my turns and still be ready to party on the way back down.

matt parker says:

so, are 27.5′ bikes done?!

Nathan Le says:

Not to sound like too much of a dinosaur here, but l have two fuels from years 2008 and 2009, it really sounds like they just made a more modern version of a fuel…. which is still in their line up, so like, I really want to know what I’m getting here. Because literally everything described sounds like what I have now on a much newer model.

Carl Howe says:

Why are these guys so obsessed with 29ers.

weridebikes1000 says:

This is like the slow old guy version of Pinkbikes’ test, and you had *years* head start on them. No amount of super slow-mo shots are going to convince anyone that you can actually push the bike respectably hard.


Put a Fox DP Shock on there.

Sam Errthum says:

They have a 29inch remedy. Its called the slash

Phil Mean says:

Nice to hear someone finally admit that longer and longer isn’t automatically better and does in fact come with some downsides. I was beginning to wonder why no one else ever realized or experienced this. It’s probably great if your type of riding “requires” an SB150, but not everyone rides like that and the re is a price to pay for having that geometry.

M l says:

Hi guys,some of the measures are for the high settings (CS in low is 435,reach 455) .

R P says:

150mm dropper in this bike is a proper spec. You are all at the top end of what they recommend the large for so you could fit a larger post but myself at 5’11” and shortish legs barely fit with the 150 dropper. most customers buying a 9.8 level trek mtb would be best served on a project one custom build.

The Bike Room says:

Mino-link TFTT. My son wanted to lower it and we did that. Great. Until the flippin’ Mino-link fell out. Point is, use loctite when flippin’ these links, they’re greasier than a drive-thru burger bar.

Marty See says:

I would rather not relearn how to ride so the Remedy would be a perfect if and when my Heckler bites the dust.

Mike Rotchburns says:

i love running it in the high setting, barely any pedal strikes!

James Sankey says:

If you say a size wasn’t right for you; it’d be a no brainer to share your height so that comment would actually be helpful.

Ryan M. says:

Finally a bible segment of a bike that I actually own. Woohoo! I agree with everything they said about this bike; it’s wonderfully playful, predictable, and just fun to ride. I’m really happy I went with it. The only thing I could complain about on this bike is the stock seat…I’m not getting along with the shape of it and just find it uncomfortable. I’m a shorter dude so the stock dropper length was good for me and any longer I wouldn’t be able to get the seat height correct.

Al says:

Love Trek. But shoulda never got rid of Full Floater. That’s what makes it a Trek.

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