Types of Mountain Bicycles

Center Cycle of Renton WA looks at some of the many different types of mountain bikes that are available on the market.


WHATSKraKin says:

I got a green ozone 500 ultra shock mountain bike from Academy and the only problem is that the front and back tires wiggle sooooo much and they are rubbing against the brake so it could wear out quickly so can someone plz tell me how to make the tire not wiggle at all

Edison Albano says:

Wer is the place center cycle?

عبدالرحمن البارقي says:


jitendra sawant says:

what a cycle store!!!!

20alphabet says:

He looks like a CUCK!

Ahmed Ramy says:

Please another vedios hyper bike

ivya75 says:

He does not even ride lolz

Mountain Bicycle World says:

Awesome this man actually knows

SpitnGames says:

And it’s only 5,000$

dmcdevitt8 says:

It’s Stevie janowski

Armand Arion says:

I cringed throughout the entire video. This guy is cringeworthy.

Sufiyan Lodi says:

First not but fun to some good action right person

Jason Sonic V says:

How about 24 inch wheel jump bike?

calleagtarap raffy says:

woww i really love bikes, but i don’t have much money to buy for it.. because it was expensive here in the Philippines.

Theeasyway says:

i need in pakistan . is it possible ?

jack says:

Wtf that carbon fiber hardtail it has like 40mm of travel

Richie says:

26er is great for having fun, they are quicker at accelerating and more nimble better for sharper turns, 29er are good for speed and help smooth out bumps, 27.5er are not that much diferant to 26er and purpose was to save industry face, they should of just admitted they made a error 29er are too big, 26er still the best size

Tommy Cuthbert says:

27.5 is the best 29 is never going to take over

NorceCodine says:

Yes we all know that Specialized bikes are the money makers. Any bike shop I go to I’m tired of seeing Specialized bikes only.

Aditi Sachdeva says:

its rate


This man is a jockey !

Tommy Cuthbert says:

full us bikes climbs the slowest but he chose a full sus for xc lol

Anil Patil says:

what shops

Jerome Segard says:

I’m sorry to tell you but the 29ers don’t make you feel less the bump or rack on the trail. that’s a big fat load of bullshit, why do downhill bikes all have 27.5 tires when they are the ones going over the roughst terrain? (I know Trek makes a 29 DH bike)

Gina Munsayac says:

May bmx po kaung bike


What a cock !

anoop anoopa says:

Which is last bike can I know the name

Saleem sha says:

last bike name pls ….

robi's bike says:

Muistule da si mie o bicicleta

2jz p says:

The cringe

Martin Klinda says:

Man those 29ers, let me tell ya, you’ll be lightning fast

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