Upgrading The Fork On Your Mountain Bike | What You Need To Know!

Upgrading your fork would seem like it should be a relatively straightforward task. The reality though is there are a number of things to take into consideration. Weeding through the jungle of choices and compatibility issues you can come across can be frustrating, to say the least. Performance of any given fork is a big part of it but the first step is making sure it’s the right “fit” for your existing steed. In this video, we walk through the process of getting a new front end on your rig with all the key things to take into consideration.

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miguel padilla says:

I upgraded my trek Wahoo with a rockshox recon silve i went from 80mm coil to 100mm air fork and i love it

aMTBer says:

What size fork does Fabio use?

Alvin Enobio says:

Thanks for foing this video. =) I have a Stache 7 2018. With a 120mm rockshox yari. If I would upgrade my fork is it doable with a 140mm? What would be better fox or rockshox?

maz ditzo says:

I came here for Pamela Anderson 🙁

Adam Terry says:

Worldwide Cyclery thanks just what I’m after. Any chance of upgrade shock video to follow?? Im planning to do both. Cheers from down under.

Sorin Vasile Bogdan says:

Finally someone does a video on this topic for all the kids who buy an xc hardtail and wanna put a dual crown 200mm on it

Addison Braun says:

What if u wanna downgrade your fork lol

Nick Zarnetske says:

I wish your website could be sorted to view forks that will fit a certain application. Wheel size, travel and axle width are common on other websites…

Jojo Zink says:

Jeff is the sickest. Never EVER get a new presenter.

Forever Computing says:

Don’t repeat 2 seconds worth of video for 10 seconds. Screams amateur.

Jack Pan says:

I have a avanti montari 4 with a rockshox 30 tk sliver 100mm 27.5

Douglas Tudor says:

Fox shox for me but never ran a pike fork I’ve ridden lower end RockShox

On another note what’s the best wheel protector for a 40 mil internal width wheel

Manny Fernandez says:

Are you guys gonna do a review on mrp ribbon coil I’m really interested in that fork and how it compares to the other companies

Will S says:

I just want to upgrade the damper on my 2018 revelation rc and maybe add a mrp ramp control cartridge.

mjs1231 says:

I picked up a 2015 breezer supercell 29er. 120×120 x 70 degree ha.
Slapped on a set of 27.5 which drops the bb to far. Added a lyrik 160 w 51mm offset to it and it made the bike so much more fun to ride. 3 tokens in the fork, 1 large in the shock and this frame is already super burly. Ended up with a super fun bike with a good ha.

David Golightly says:

Ive commented before with the middle travel trail mtb video its a cube stereo pro 120 hpa pro 29er ive a rockshox reckon tk silver in 120 travel would like a bit more travel on the front without lockout about 140 travel which would you recommend thankyou Dave

Michael Bartovsky says:

Currently running a Fox 34 Performance Series on my Transition Smuggler and love it! This video definitely clears some things up when figuring out exactly which fork you will need – great job!

bob cat says:

I thank jeff. He is our metaphorical bus driver

Logan Mulally says:

This video helped me! Thank you. I will watch it again when I need a new fork again.

Miguel Aguilar says:

You forgot 1.5 inch straight steerer

agustin alvarez says:

Can I get a 27.5 fox 40’s on my 26 while I get a 27.5 frame ¿

JPO007 says:

Can you guys do a “how to choose the correct headset” next? Quality video as always!!! Your guys customer service is for real. I just got a answer on correct Rear axle size just yesterday from you guys!! Lol. Keep up the awesome content. I will always keep buying, but do also enjoy the videos!

Kalsonic says:

That screen saver on the left though…

garder211 says:

Here is my plan, my crappy suntour xcm seals are blown so instead of replacing them I found a rockshox sid xx solo air for cheap that i am going to rebuild (from 100mm to 120mm) and replace it with. Sounds great except, the steerer tube is 7″ instead of my current 8″ and it has a 15mm through axle instead of the 9mm quick release on my suntours. So my solution is to remove the 1″ of stem spacers below my current stem, and mount a 35 degree 70mm stem to bring the bars to roughly the same height but towards me by about 15mm. Also change out my current hub for a 15mm through axle style.

Am I missing anything? Do I need to consider the width of the front hub vs width of fork?

Peter McCarty says:

Currently looking to upgrade my fork from the stock SR Suntour that it came with, to a decent air fork. Im thinking something like the Manitou Markhor or Machete, or RockShox 30 Gold or
Reba. The most confusing thing for me to figure out was steerer tube type and axle width.

schlooonginator says:

How about upgrading the current fork you already have with improved dampers, extending air travel and token kits.
I did all of this to my bone stock Reba RL and it made a big improvement plus saved me dough from buying a whole new fork.
There must be some folks who also take this route.

Nishit Nandankar says:

Thanks for this information! I have a 2015 trek X-Cal 8 and I’d love to know if I can change my headset to the Cane Creek EC44/40 to make a modern tapered steerer fit into a 1-1/8″ headtube.

tanakorn111 says:

Nice screen saver

Trail Weaks says:

Comedic introw yes mang!

Mr Avocado Man says:

Do you guys have any videos about rims? Width vs depth, straight vs j spokes? Love the videos

Westess says:

Getting off the subject but I swear that’s Fabio “I can’t believe it’s butter guy” on your monitor screen saver?

Charles Holland says:

I need a new fork for my Timberjack with a Judy on it. Its fine for now. But….

Samuel Strcula says:

Your videos are awesome and everything but please…. please change that intro “song” its like beggining of bad porn

Dave Stout says:

Love your videos! keep it up guys!  Oh BTW Yeti bikes rule!

George Kalis says:

Hi – really enjoy your videos, keep them coming! I have a Trek fuel ex 8 that I bought 6 months ago that has a fox rhythm 34 fork with 130mm travel. I’m thinking of upgrading to fox 34 performance elite or RockShox Pike in a 140/150mm travel. Do you think this would be a worthwhile upgrade and would it be noticeable. If so which what would you recommend for my bike setup?

Spudvader says:

Went from 150mm Fox 32 to 160mm RS Yari on a Scott Genius 740 2016. What a differnce, Yari’s feel solid and confidence inspiring. Also the extra 10mm slackened the geometery a bit

john Cast says:

Do you guys do Fork Rebuilds? ’16 Pike non boost. How much roughly?

Worldwide Cyclery says:

What forks do you run? Let us know!

Ross Allen says:

I have a 2015 gt sensor. Half of them came with 150mm fork, half 130mm. Can I fit a pike dual air 130 160 to replace my current 130. Current rake is 68.5 I think.

Krigloch theFurious says:

How much fork travel will I need if I’m eating a large plate of spaghetti and meatballs?

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