Walmart $200 Schwinn boundary mountain bike review for the heavier rider

Walmart $200 Schwinn boundary mountain bike review for the heavier rider

I am not a cyclist. My goal is to give you my honest opinion of the Schwinn boundary bicycle as a larger rider. I plan to use this bike to improve my health and physical fitness. NOTE: I have since had the chain replaced and the bike adjusted and tuned. It has been riding better than when I first got it. I hope you enjoy this video and please remember to subscribe, like and comment.

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TrapLife813 says:

U had it in to high of a gear u should’ve had it in big 2 little 7 if that makes sense that’s why your chain broke

Michael Hilton says:

I saw the same bike at Walmart 2 hours ago. Lol. #labeveryday

Killa Gorilla says:

I’m gonna check that out man. Good video! Looking forward to the update.

864mrm says:

@Du’An Lightfoot I’m on this journey with you bruh. Studying, labing, watching videos and cycling. Also married with two young kids. I had a bike very similar but while riding I hit some really rough terrain and destroyed my inexpensive bike. I went and bought a specialized rockhopper comp which is exactly what I needed being a heavy man and all. Trust me bruh invest in a good bike it will be so much easier on your body. However only do so if you are committed to riding. Thanks for you video and the inspiration bruh. Lots of people are selling gently used bikes this time of the year and you can get some great deals. Enjoy yourself out there on the trails and get some mud on that pretty bike. hahaha.

tut45mj says:

Peace King! Keep pushing bro!!!


I know going to your local bike store might be a little more expensive. Generally when buying older year models you can get them for a little bit cheaper. You might have to go to a few places around town to find them, no need to buy 2018-2019 models, not necessary. The reason people always say stay away from walmart bike is because they are poorly made, poorly assembled and just dont last long. If you buy a bike for $400+ from your LBS it will last a life time, it truly will. You spent $200, I will say its worth it if it gets you out there riding, if you see this is something you will keep doing invest in a better bike. Also, your chain probably shouldn’t have broke either. I know there is something called cross chaining but not sure if this bike did that or not, might want to look into it.

LetsGetAesthetic says:

I’ve been looking to get a road bike for over a year now. I’ll probably spend a little bit more to get some more reliable. I want to hit up the trails we have around Dallas and maybe riding with a group of people on the roads, can’t wait to get one!

Logic says:

It’s been a few years since I’ve used my mountain bike alot. I think it’s possible the chain broke because of the way you were shifting the gears. I know there’s a method to it and sometimes to much stress can be applied to the chain. I want to say 3 and 7 is bad and stretches the chain side ways but it’s been to long for me to say that confidently. Anyways fun video!

Du'An Lightfoot says:

Along with improving my skills I have to also improve my health. They say health is wealth, so here we go! If you are with me on this journey let me know. #LabEveryday #HealthEveryday

dave perricone says:

Hey D, schwinn makes good bikes, however you get what you pay for. These kids at Walmart who assemble the bikes, they aren’t assembled that well. The reason for the wobble are your spokes are not to the proper tension. I have been riding bikes a long time. My humble recommendation would be to return that bike. Go to a local bike shop. They are experts, that’s their bread n butter. It may cost a bit more but you will get a better bike for your weight and build. I recently bought a GT hybrid mountain bike, it cost around 700 bucks. I know it’s not cheap but for me, I’d rather pay extra for quality. Also you’re supporting local business.

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