Walmart Huffy Nighthawk 26 ATB – $99 Hardtail Trail Bike

The Huffy Nighthawk 26 is a hardtail bicycle available at Walmart for $99. This bike is branded ATB (All Terrain Bike) instead of the usual MTB (Mountain Bike) branding. While the hang tag does say Mountain bike in a few places, the info card is void of the usual “Rough Terrain” claims frequently found on other Walmart bikes. Interestingly enough, the info mentions this is for “light trail” use, yet the bike doesn’t have the normal sticker warning to not use on mountain bike trails.

The build of the bike is nothing spectacular. It shares many components with bikes in the same price range, and a few with bikes that cost $40-50 less. There are components that concern me, like the ultra thin metal crank arms and the super flimsy and small pedals. That said, the frame appears to be of decent strength and there are a few nice components (for the price) such as: Comfortable sport saddle and the JAK front disc brake. I think this bike may work well as an interim bike while someone saved for something better, or it may be a great bike for a taller kid where a light weight rider wouldn’t put too much stress on the bike.

All-in-all…It is the best bike i’ve seen at $99 and survived some mountain bike trail riding. I was on this bike for over 15 miles on the street and it worked great except for the twist shifters. They shifted fine unless my hands got sweaty. If I had remembered my gloves I may be a little more forgiving, but I loathe twist shifters in general.


Jon Neet says:

Same problem I had on a bike with twist grip shifters. As soon as my hands got sweaty they would slip on the shifters.

JuggaloSupreme says:

They should just STOP making “mountain” bikes at big box stores!!! Just make commuter and road bikes, since the fake mtbs can’t do mtb & would kill someone who tried real mountain biking.

Colby Love says:

Mine handles great and bumps were smooth mine had suspension

A 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco says:

I spent $99 on a pair of handlebars and grips back in my bmx days, but of course these Wal-Mart bikes are most likely meant for kids starting their first paper route or to ride to school every morning.

samuel stigler says:

You are a very bad product revewer

mexicool187 says:

Is it me or do I see this bike everywhere i go?. My uncle has this bike . But he ran into a few problems, good thing I was able to help him out.
Seen this bike out on the road a lot probably because of the cheap price. Not a bad bike but I’ll stick with my
Xspec 26″ 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike. Could you do review folding mountain bikes someday if not it cool. Seen a lot of them on amazon/EBay. Great job

Cardboardguy 14 says:

Iv had it for almost a year now iv took it on some pretty rough trails handles great! Haven’t had one problem with lol just had to tighten the breaks but nothing has broke or anything best WalMart bike iv ever had! Top speed is around 23mph

Game Thogic says:

I will sum up this vdeo in three words…”Very poorly applied” hahaha

Mega Benny says:

They make them look super nice but they don’t last very long. I had the same bike it lasted about 5 months. Things aren’t what they appear to be. But what can you expect when you pay $99 for it lol

JuggaloSupreme says:

Also – I’d rather have a stiff front fork than garbage “suspension” that’s just gonna crap out anyway. Kids bikes for sure…

Clearanceman2 says:

I could see why you would expect good components on a $99 bike.

misterdemagogue says:

I would also love to see these bikes without those horribly applied graphics. I think it would make any worthy big box bike have as much class as possible. I’m usually a fixed gear rider-but I am currently gathering second-hand parts for my first downhill/XC/stump jumper…just depends on the frame I end up finding for free. In any event, I love the general concept of your channel. Thanks much!

Skeptic007 says:

I ended up getting this one for 70 at Wal-Mart and converted it into an ebike for fun (i also own a hybrid trek). It is holding up pretty well except for the brakes.

Tristan Morton says:

You can’t complain about something unless it breaks so I would say that bike is good for you

warren mosconi says:

Do not buy the huffy nighthawk

Maria Dsouza says:

I have the same huffy Mounties cycle it cost 10,000

PotatoCat! says:


Ed says:

If you had a short commute it would pay for itself in no time but it’s a funny thing about bikes at this price point. Pay a little bit more and you save a whole lot with repairs and replacements.

jt fisher says:

if you would stop spending all this money one cheap bikes you would actually be able to afford a nice bike

Scarlett King says:

Yours says nighthawk and mine says trail runner

MC surge says:

Do trials with it

GeekyNerd54 says:

finally a guy who is honest about the bikes rather than saying “their trash” and ending the video.

Golam Hoque says:

I bought this bike this week and I live in Buffalo, NY. Around where I live, there aren’t a lot of cars and the roads are kind of easy to ride on. I dont race with people a lot either. Do you think I should keep the bike and how long do you think it will last me. Thanks Kev!

Shishter Shishtar says:

Can this bike go on dirt,dumpy ground and kinda big rocks? I need to explore what’s Beyond my backyard

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