Walmart Mountain Bike VS Amazon Mountain Bike

I wanted to see how a “High End” Walmart bike, purchased online, compared to a bike a purchased off of Iron horse Sinister 6.2 29er vs Diamondback recoil 27.5.
Video was shot on a Sony HDR-AZ1, HDR-AS20, and an Iphone 6.

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christ .R says:

Do a walmart 200 vs sportchek 200$$

Eric Loosemore Fishing says:

terrible content, my retarded cousin could film better with a frickin potatoe

Tk C says:

this cringes me don’t get a full suspension at that price stick to a hard tail

Lamby Corn says:

But how can they suck? They are like super expensive

Ed Percy says:

Great video but if that is all I had to spend I would get a hardtail

MrUssrparadox says:

so you spend over 1000$ on bikes and go on an well traveled path? that any bike could practically go on?

ItsMaddxn King says:

If you bought a full suspension bike for under $1000, it’s most likely not worth your money.

Spitch Grizwald says:

They both suck hard! Buy a real bike!

Phoenix nash says:

That bike was more than my giant my bikes full suspension with fox suspension and shocks and race face bars and I bought it from a real bike shop

Alex Lewis says:

why did you waste money when you could of upgraded the shock and fork or buy a 1 by 11

ıllıllı קåȋη-åкåтsυкι ıllıllı ı says:

*How the fuck did yoh get a full suspension diamondback for 500$ wtf?*

hamster22 says:

Which one is better for wheelies ?

TechPimp says:

Sinister is only $318 now how about trying the Titan Alpha Bike

Master of code 101 says:

I mean they both suck, getting a full suspension bike for under 1200 isn’t a good investment.

Michael Magee says:

So why do so many of you guys who make videos of mountain biking think people want to listen to that crap overdriven music? Why not give us the sounds of the trail instead? I’d give your video a thumbs up, but won’t because of the annoying music.

News that matter says:

Your comparing a diamond back to a Walmart crap.

Johannes Nilsen says:

Shame they use the reputation of Iron horse brand to sell garbage bikes. But both bikes are garbage. Iron horse was a brand that produced some of the strongest looking mountain bikes out there, but it was reborn as junk bike brand. THe iron horse is a death trap. These bikes ARE NOT MOUNTAINBIKES. even more expensive bikes can have many flaws, like my fuel ex 7 29er, wheels had weak alloy spoke nipples, cranks failed on both bikes, yes I have 2 of them.

Click-clack says:

People just need to have their expectations aligned.

For commuting, occasional dirt riding and small jumping, this bike will do just fine (just tuned
regularly). For steep trail riding, rocky terrain, and technical descents, you’ll obviously fall flat. You can still do it, but the bikes parts will deteriorate rather quick.

Think of it this way: you could go off-roading with a jeep Cherokee, but you’ll have a much easier time on a wrangler. Plus that Cherokee will need quite a few repairs after repeated abuse.

William Vangorden says:

I think I know why no one has done a Walmart or a cheap Frankenstein bike build or take a better parts, and put on a cheap bike frame. I know that from experience changing wheels is the first step . but that’s as far as I got with that Bike be for some assholes stole it for me.

Davidfish1 says:

You’ve proved They sell no good bikes

c20 caillou says:

Honestly a hard tail is better than both of those for the same price

Thomas L.S. says:

Walmart bikes are ok if your a little kid. Other then that there all junk.

dorzo slazigol says:

Talking about price and durability Trek 820 is much much better here ✌ peace up

Bobby Hempel says:

Crap video no useful information

Tenzindavaa Negi says:

Actually diamondback bikes are pretty descent.

Ewan Wright says:

U could get the giant talon 3 for that price

gram gliddon says:

No music

Redneck Horde says:

frankly: this was the worst vs. comparison video i EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! you must be gouing after it to be that uninformative!!!!

Caleb Olkiewicz says:

Full disclosure, I got the iron horse on the let go app for 50 bucks.

DarylHarder says:

29″ Iron Horse Men’s Sinister 6.2 Mountain Bike is $320.00 Retail your Diamondback was $900.00 Retail how dare you compare the two as equally priced you moron also the Iron horse sinister is a beginner MTB as your DiamondBack is professional too medium so their miles apart sure you may have gotten a deal on the diamond back as diamond back is trying too promote their brand but too be honest Iron horse has high end and low end but their High end bikes are far superior then most anything diamond back has too offer this is fact…. and now the advanced  Ironhorse heres the link facts

Colin P says:

Both bikes suck.

Darth Flywalker says:

skippin the drops like a boss, and crushin that single track with near breakneck speed and spine spinal fluid leaking G’s in the turns, definitely a review I will take to the bank, no joke, thanks my man!

Nicky p says:

great video but next time dont have that annoying music let us hear the trail with a little bit of music not loud music

Andres Taylor says:

My younger sister…17 could have been more descriptive. could have learned more from her. thanks for the visual. I was looking for a BIT more VERBAL information

Roronoa Zoro says:

pfffg stinks ded bikes

Enskey says:

how about this, go to your local bike shop, give them your price range, go from there, you will get set up with a much better lay out then buying off of amazon or walmart, these cheap full suspension bikes are useless and you are better off spending your money on a decent hard tail

c20 caillou says:


baudellio charles says:

I rather get a bmx bike and Frankenstein that bitch by putting mountain bike tires to it

John Traner says:

use pinkbike, dont buy that crap. i got my 2007 canodale gemini 900 for 400.

Axelle Stamati says:

amazon wins sink so

Charlie Johnson says:

I’m about to get a $850 bike for $500. #amazonprime

Mr Vintage says:

I thought Ironhorse were a high end bike maker, had no idea they made crap as well.

RockyMTN steeze says:

I bought a used Gary Fisher sugar for 150. It has updated components. I live in the mountains and there are a lot of used bikes for sale. I have a Mongoose Nugget and a Gary Fisher Sugar for less than those bikes.

John Harrington says:

Honestly a police mountainbike is way better for the same cash

Ryan Pugh says:

ok cmon if you are buying a full suspension bike for 500 dollars it it not a good bike, and if you are an intermediate rider consider upgrading to a bike with air shocks. I have been riding for most of my lifetime and have a lot of experience with riders who have bikes like these two. Once they get on a bike with air suspension they are able to go faster and have a ton more fun. This isnt a hate comment just some information stop buying crap bikes and invest 2 grand in a bike that you will enjoy way more.

Mr Comment says:

500 dollars for that piece of shit you could get a carera for that price and it would preform much better

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