We Need To Talk About e-MTB…

Love them or hate them, e-mountain bikes are here to stay. Are they a bit of silly fun, cheating, a serious tool for ageing/impaired/injured riders or the end of mountain biking as we know it?


tigerfanman says:

why the hell do they have a speed limiter , anyway to disable it

Suaik Miedique says:

Ebikes are for lazy americans and other fat fuks. Get off my trails and back in front of the telly where you belong!

look alterno says:

If you cant pedal, hike!

JasonS550 _ says:

Very subjective review, lads, great work. I sustained a serious back injury and struggled on my old Mountain bike. Bought an eMTB and I’ve not looked back but the main reason I ride it is because it is really good fun. As you say, it’s different to a regular MTB but fun nonetheless.

patrickvolvos40 says:

This is Evolution . Eventually these bikes are gonna be one more species of bicycle

Paul Fairall says:

I agree to a point with the guys talking e bikes. I just got a ghost kato 6 and rode it for the first time yesterday. I am 63 and did my last downhill in morzine last year. Been riding many years cross country and downhill. I now find the climbs I’ve loved doing for years just that bit more of a chore so the e bike is making the rides more enjoyable. The bike is very stable and grip is excellent. It takes a bit of getting used to, like when the assist drops out its best to drop down two gears and get on with it, this will mostly be on the road or on a level trail. Also at the start of a climb a lower gear works better as you cannot expect the motor to do all the work.
I see a beginner benefiting from an e bike as often people buy a new bike, do one ride and put it in the shed and forget it because it was too hard. With an e bike you can peddle below 26kph and have the assist and over time increase your speed or distance and put more effort in as you get fitter. I reckon it’s great for beginners and old gifts like me and pretty much anyone other than the super fit cross country racer.


a limit unless u tune it

Brian Trend says:

GREAT VIDEO! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ADVISE ME? Ive ridden bicycles my whole life and been half way round the world on them with record times across Europe in my early 60’S . I ended up having a bad heart attack and in a coma. but still riding MTBs now . Now I have Planta Fascia which is very painful on the heels an feet, especially and effects your walking because of the pain and I’m doing exercise for that shown on U-Tube. I want to tour to Spain from UK with my dog in his trailer. in UK many rural roads and lanes especially in Devon don’t have pavements and hedged in on both sides. pulling a doggie trailer and gear can probably surpass 80 kgs weight and IM hoping an e-bike can help a pensioner get up those hills then revert to purist normal in the head rational cycling. the biggest worry besides the responsibility of pulling along your best friend behind you is holding up cars and busses on steep hills when its just too much to physically handle and the traffic losing their patience with you and giving the finger. In UK generally, in the country, the British motorists are very patient and curteous. so an ebike or mtb would probably be a god send. 1. not a godsend if you cant work out how to systematically charge your batteries continuously. 2. the weight of carrying a spare battery? 3. in UK the law is now a max of 250 watts (ridiculous) which is I suspect an opportunity for the law to make money on fines an take away our freedom of choice. I want to say NO to e bikes but without pavements and holding up traffic (is I think selfish and dangerous) but we don’t want to stop touring adventures. any advice guys? I don’t want to by a car or motorbike we have too many vehicles on this little island . thanks loved the video its however made me rethink and lose a little enthusiasm for e-bikes. but dam it the motorists don’t give a toss about us so fuck it if the cops want to fine us for being over 250 watts then maybe I should just push my doggie trailer up the steep hills or maybe a nice good cop will give us a free lift ha! enjoy your riding from UK

Youtube User says:

If you are old, commuting or disabled go for it, if not no. By the way, if you are 50 you arent old yet, you might say its easy for me to say that, because i am not 50 yet, but look at Hans Rey for example, he is over 50 and still shreds. I havent seen any football, rugby or handball fields being scaled down because people are getting lazier, fatter and whinier.

chillout1109 says:

Can’t a person just buy whatever bicycle they like and enjoy it? Why must we all adhere to these stupid man-made rules that we should buy this but not that? Or that this bike is bad, but that one is good? Who gave anyone the authority to set such rules? If I buy an e-MTB to ride on the main roads, who is to criticize me and say I should ride on trails and off-road? Who is to criticize me and tell me that I’m lazy? Who is to criticize me and tell me that I’m old? Who are you to tell me that an e-MTB is only for old people and the physically handicapped? That’s just rude and very offensive. I thought in this civilized, enlightened world, people had the right to buy whatever vehicle/bike they want, and use it for whatever they want! It’s my money. It’s my e-MTB. It’s my choice. End of.

Suaik Miedique says:

Ebikes are for lazy americans and other fat fuks. Get off my trails and back in front of the telly where you belong!

LeighPing says:

You missed a few points in this assessment. With ebikes, you don’t need to be a ‘biker’. You can deviate from the regular bike routes and choose to go through the boggiest of trails with relative ease. Fitness and strength are irrelevant. Hard trails become doable. However, you can choose to work if you wish to do so. Me? I use mine to walk my high energy dog, and to keep up with my grandson. It gives me the speed and power to keep him safe. We don’t need excuses to enjoy technology. 🙂 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abo2C9I0jAI

E MTB says:

Don’t see anyone else doing 7-8 runs up and down the hope run at Giburn Forrest, with out a ebike. I’m a moderately fit 40 year old and I can smash it around with the fitter younger riders. I do show some etiquette on the climbs as the speed differential is vast.

Ray Bradlau says:

I ike slow tech trails so no advantage with an e bike but I also used to like downhill parks and downhill flowy trails when I lived in the mountains…. Now I am in South NJ and have no hills and can totally see an E bike park being blast! Also seems like a cool way to ride/build dedicated downhill trails without needing a lift… much rather e pedal up nice relaxing trail than pile into a hot van for the next run down. I have no issue with e bikes but have very little faith in my fellow man so I do what worry what people will do with them once they get down to that $900-$1000 price point and they are all over the place.

monstercolorfun co says:

Europe has the most limited ebike industry in the world. with 1.2 billion in lobby money spent on brussels lawmaking, you can expect that EU ebike law was dictated by the petrol industry, to see off any emerging green technologies. the rest of the developed world has at least 1/3rd more power if not 1 horsepower legal, sub 50cc status makes it an ebike in many US states.

GhostFace Chilla says:

because mountains go up aswel as down

Joe N says:

Five Grand for the cheapest one?! f I said it once, I’ll say it again; MONEY GRAB for the bike industry. The same corporations that say, ’26ers are dead”. No they are NOT! Meh 26er FTW!

JP Ballschmider says:

another problem is that these bikes can be hacked and go past there limit making them go dangerous speeds

Rixter says:

It’s also more complicated to maintain

FutureFossil says:

Arguments against:
No motorized vehicles should be allowed on “human powered” trails (biking/hiking). They can use the motorized vehicle trails. They are potentially unsafe since people will mod them to be faster even if speed governed. Also, if an e-biker rides out 30 miles and gets a dead battery or mechanical issues, guess who he is going to ask for help… yeah, other hikers/bikers without the silly motor. Let’s not forget that more and more hikers will start to attribute all mt. bikers with these wank(E)r-Bikes. The claim is that the current array of off-road e-bikes are no different than most mt. bikes but a big concern is that this is just the beginning of innovations and development. It’s only a matter of time before there’s all kinds of crap that will crowd the trails and become a superhighway of those unwilling to endure real pain to be there. This was the main natural filter to keeping trails clear of dooshes and “tourists”. You have to earn it. In time it will ruin the trail access and over-crowd the trails. I am aware of the positive attributes e-bikes and most definitely on the road and realize that they aren’t as bad as most people make them out, but again… think about 10 years from now. Do you want “gentrified” trails which have to get in line for, get permits, pay large amounts of cash (like lift tickets) to access trails due to overcrowding? Think I’m fear-mongering? Think again, I’ve been mountain biking my whole life, over 30 years in Sedona, Oregon and California I have already seen trail access change quite a bit and can’t even get a campsite without a 3-4 month lead time. The industry pushes for $$$ pure and simple, not the 15% of people with knee pain or handicaps. That’s marketing BS justification. Keep trails for human power only.

Arguments for:
perhaps bikes can be developed within strict guidelines and laws which make them silent, dependable, no faster than 20 mph or reasonable trail speed. They could be permitted for certain areas or for people with disabilities perhaps or for seniors (?). Again, I still think this opens a can of worms and people WILL mod these and turn them into MX bikes. I also am concerned that people who are either unfit, out of shape, etc. will go tearing a trail at 18-20mph and not be able to handle the bike or themselves with proper reaction time, skills or awareness of others on the trail. The ruts from the tires have little to do with the problems these bikes face as it impacts the trails in basically the same fashion as a human powered bike. Hopefully if we go this direction, proper implementation will happen.

I am still convinced that the best legislation is to allow only human power on human trails. We are already battling with hikers (understandably so) and this only adds to the problem. I could be convinced otherwise, but I don’t see the answer as of now.

Casey Neistat says:

“Old people”

chicovonchico says:

Great review I like the honesty.Just got my Turbo Levo Comp Fattie,with Mission Control ,Strava built right into it!!! hahaha YES!ON YOUR LEFT !Great fun after averaging 250km per week on the Carbon Crux CX bike.All bikes are great.Motorcycles mtn bike cyclocross,trials BmX MUNI cycles.Ride them all.

s trav says:

I don’t look at my ebike as a mountain bike or a workout. I put it in the same category as my dirtbike. But with the E bike. I can legally ride it on trails anywhere and it’s great fun. They are also a great form of transportation. But they are severely limited when it comes to jumping and riding rough because they’re very heavy. But the two shouldn’t even be in the same category apples and oranges

Vaidotas Ratkus says:

I think e-mtb is perfect all rounder. And I am considering buying it to my wife.
1) you can and you will get workout with it just use eco mode or so, it is very heavy bike and it requare effort to cycle
2) if you need you can go to work without swet
3) Since is heavy bike full suspention makes it easier to handle and pleasant to drive even on asphalt
4) if you need to bring kids to kindergarden you can do that
5) if you need to climb a mountains – you can do that
6) if you need to cycle fast with roadies – you can do that

For all people who think that motorbike is better than ebike it is simply not truth. You can not go via bycicle path with it and it is not that versitile. It is best to have specialized bike of course: road bike for asphalt, mtb for off road, cargo bike to brink kids to kindergarden and car for going to work, but for all rounder – full suspention ebike.

A H says:

I purchased an Haibike Hardnine 2017 just to wide up those cocky mountain bikers who think they are cool in village I live, now I just overtake them with ease and flick mud in their faces ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Casey Neistat says:

Overtaking riders on my e bike is so much fun.

Ride Electric says:

‘They’re great fun, you can climb really easily, the weight helps the suspension work, you can do more downhills, its still a good workout, you can get up hills you couldn’t normally do,  old people or less fit people can ride with fitter guys, etc etc’  down side: ‘but what if you’re riding with mates on normal bikes? – get them to buy one too.  So in all, they’re great.  If you want to try, give us a shout…

Bob Stevens says:

Get off your fat ass and ride a real bike. This is not cycling. Once again the path of least resistance beckons and people who will do anything…anything, rather than what they need to do to get fit will buy them. They’ll sell millions of ’em.

sbcfilm says:

forget the limiter you can delimit the speed easy it will then go over 30mph

Tango Sierra says:

I happen to like it Mr.! Slap a rocket on it too!

Mavors44 says:

E bikes are for bad bikers as auto tuning is for bad singers

Tansengco Carmelo says:

I think e-bikes are good for people with heart problems but who want to go on a fairly technical trail ride. The electric assist would be great. You will still be able to exercise. What you lose in pedal power you make up for by dragging the extra weight around. I’ve got cardiomegaly. If I use a regular mountain bike, it would be difficult. An e-bike, I’m guessing, would allow me to go and ride with people who are fitter than I am.

Nicholas Isaacs says:

I commute 45km each day too a physical job. I love my ebike!!! Very little cost. Better for the environment. I’m not completely stuffed be days end. Ebike,s are a great form of transport!!!

Richard Deleo says:

I will never own one but I really hope the technology gets better and maybe those hand cyclists can benefit. Some would love to hit some more intense trails but climbing with a heavy hand bike using just your arms is killer. Would be great so they could enjoy more trails.

George Solomon says:

My take is while i’m healthy enough to ride without a motor, I will. If I have some sort of health issue that prevents me from riding as I do today and am in need of assistance, then I may consider. My opinion is if you are healthy enough to ride you don’t need an electric bike. But to each their own. I guess anything that will get you outside is good (better than nothing).

Surfdocsteve says:

I’ve been mountain biking for over 25 years. I just got a Haibike with 6″ of travel last year. I ride the same trails I’ve ridden for years except now the up hill is fun and I can ride twice as far in the same amount of time. I still get a great work out but get to enjoy more trail in the same amount of time. I haven’t ridden my 9G Bronson in over six months. Since weight is not a factor the bikes are actually cheaper then a good spec mountain bike. In California the bikes are class 1 so limited to 20 mph. Tearing up a trail is impossible going up hill, so that argument is silly. Downhill it’s all equal. If you ride one you’ll understand, then you’ll be hooked. If graphene batteries come to be the weight will drop dramatically. It is the future just like suspension was 25 years ago. Similar stupid arguments then.

Jim H says:

I came here looking for a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.

andy765gtr says:

anything that gets idiots out of cars onto sustainable transport is a good thing for everone

Suaik Miedique says:

They should be called “Trump bikes” because they cheat and lie.

Spencer Murray says:

I think the only people that should use this are people with Martyn Ashton’s condition.

Philip Howson says:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a downhill e-bike for downhills without any lift / uplift service? Ride down, get to the bottom, then turn on the pedal assist and cruise back to the top up the push path.

John says:

Age and health issues informed my decision to convert my mtb into an e-mtb. Still riding nearly every day and having fun. What’s not to like?

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