What Is A Dirt Jump Mountain Bike?

Do you know what a Dirt Jump Bike actually is? No? Well Blake Samson is here to explain the different types of Jump Bike out there and how they differ.

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Dirt Jumping has been around for years and is one of the most popular disciplines of Mountain Biking, due to it’s cheap and simple bikes delivering big bang for buck!

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ExtremeSportsCentral Gaming says:

What frame???/?/

hacking world says:

Pless help. Where do I buy dirt from

Oliver Tuft says:

What about fork travel

Mr Fluffy says:

best dj for $500?

Byron Pratt says:

Well I just found out I have a dirt jump bike

Justin Langdon says:

How much is one

20JVH05 says:

It’s just a MTB and BMX put together

George H says:

What seat is that ?

v10moped says:

Was going to ask about tapered steer tubes, but I see you didn’t answer any of these other questions below for the past year. Even though at 3:00 you said “let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you…” You flaky, useless turd.

Nick Arthfael says:

As a tall guy (1.93), although I love dj bikes, I can’t seem to find one that fits me :/

Jorge Pozo says:

scott cool

Discipline says:

Non-bike rider Alert… Can you put 20″ from a bmx on if could


24 better 26 is dead

KRNG Oceane says:

I got 29 tires on My MTB bike

DeV Warjacik says:

Can i have a page to buy the bike from the video

Alex Tatiano says:

How much is this bike ?

Audi Malvin says:

My dad buy my a bike look like this, i am little bit confused to see a big bmx but after i watched this now i know my bike is a dirt jump, thank you for the video

Tim Strohm says:

What can you jump with a bike like this and what about the slope then wats the Differenz

J B says:

good video pal,nice Scott aswell,iv got an 09 giant STP with a 3 piece crank 25 t sprocket and rear cog is 16t which Ino isn’t the right ratio the local bike shops arnt the best they keep saying I can’t run this model bike with 3 piece cranks as it is vertical dropouts just wondering if u had any advice I can’t seem to find a 9t rear cog that will fit with a dmr single speed?

Dionjie manrique says:



Which brand is the rear tire at 0:19?

Donik Wolf says:

its basically a Freestyle Mountain Bike or just a street mtb

lokgamers says:

Is suspension necessary for street riding?

cristobal montesino says:

What is the diference between a trial bike with saddle and a dirt jump bike??? Please answer☺

Edward Reyes says:

I’ve decided to build a DJ rig but I’m curious as to what’s the differences in fork types? I understand most DJ’s are generally set up with either an 80mm, 100mm or a 120mm fork but what’s the between a DJ specific fork vs a regular MTB fork with the same amount of travel???. Are the stations wider like a longer travel fork but with much less stroke length? are the air chamber internals set up for a stiff setup only? Basically, what makes a DJ specific fork different -if at all- from all other forks?

J M says:

Could you do a video on which leaves to wipe my brown eye on when I drop a quick turd by the side of the trail?

damntall2000 says:

Awesome video! I’m a beginner in dirt jumping, and I’m improving fast! But there are always other things I want to try along with the dirt jump practice, and some of those things include practicing street trials.

So I’ve been thinking… It SEEMS to me like a dirt jumper’s geometry is similar to a proper trials bike (not the seatless competition ones… I mean like Insipired Bikes, for example). I know the handlebars on a trials bike like that are somewhere between dirt jump and BMX for extra reach when doing tricks like up to rear… etc. BUT apart from that…

Q: Apart from suspension forks and handlebars, how different are dirt jumpers and street trials bikes in areas of the geometry like BB height or wheelbase/reach (or other areas) that might matter to a beginner?

I feel like I can do both jumping and trials practice on a single bike like a dirt jumper with the fork locked out… until I get good enough at trials to invest in an actual trials bike with a fully rigid fork. Can you shed some light on this for me??

Jason wong says:

Basically a trials bike with front suspension

Z H says:

do you think this bike would make a good all rounder? commuting/trails/dirt jumps? nothing hardcore just want to get into it to keep fit and a bit of fun but normal cyclings boring and i dont like normal mountain bikes or full suspension.

Oskar Szymanski King says:

I have a orange one

Liam Bristow says:

Hi gmbn im buying my first dirt jump bike and I wanna shred but how do I do jumps because when I try hit l large tabletops on my cheep mtb I can’t role up huge jumps I can’t lean back enough any tips?

DAZZA Eustace says:

i can not find a good Dirt jumper for under $800 its total bullshit

MrBatman17 says:

can you go with a dirt bike in forest like a mtb or dh??

supreeti priyadarshini says:

tell us the price

RK Tv says:

Can you gift me this bike please

Cole Pederson says:

A: are there geared dirt jumpers
B: are there any dirt jumpers that can be used for trail street and dirt jumping

THE BOOM says:

Nice video

Jay B says:

Really don’t get the brake line wrapped round the head tube

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