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What is a decent inexpensive Mountain bike for beginner riders? Today we’ll be looking at the 2017 Raleigh Tokul 3. It’s a affordable budget friendly mountain bike that packs a punch. Will it survive my torture test? ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE ▶︎ http://PhilKmetz.com/subscribe

▶︎ How to Jump https://youtu.be/OzsoQTSFfIk?list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7
▶︎Huffy Carnage https://youtu.be/wkMnk_eCDQU?list=PLKhb73W7eMREOqKUAP4u-qXKzvgUy0zGW
▶︎ How to Bunny Hop https://youtu.be/hdUGWeRQ2IU?list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7
▶︎ How to Drop https://youtu.be/fp7AyHTAfmQ?list=PLKhb73W7eMRF1KO3T5Iz2pks-8SrLybw7
▶︎ 8.5 Ways to get over logs https://youtu.be/ZllYR3ovegs?list=PLKhb73W7eMREOqKUAP4u-qXKzvgUy0zGW

Ride Gear
▶︎ Helmet http://amzn.to/2dNfYtl
▶︎ Knee Pads http://amzn.to/2dvc3Ul
▶︎ Shoes http://amzn.to/2dx9xML
▶︎ Fun Socks http://amzn.to/2dURuPB

Camera Gear
▶︎ GoPro http://amzn.to/2dhcZZJ
▶︎ GoPro Batteries http://amzn.to/2dvddzf

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Peter Aguilar says:

I have a specialized

NAME says:

full suspension under 1k not worth it? i have a kona stinky dowhill i got second hand for 400. fuck this guy

One_Clean _s13 says:

Anyone interested in this bike should also look into the Jamis dragon and Jamis Komodo.

OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

I don’t even have 1k in my bank. No way I can get into this sport

David Ha says:

how much did Raleigh pay you to market there bike?

fran ŽUTI says:

1000$ isn’t cheap

Elite Studios says:


GamingWith Ian says:

Hey how about a cheap capable full sus enduro frame can you recomend me some?

Paris Jr Johnson says:

What about the tokul 1 and 2?

Cody Nichiporik says:

too all of you who say $1000 isn’t cheap your right 1k is a lot of money but at the same time it isn’t, go used for your first bike, or save up I bought my first bike a 2010 Norco rampage for $1200 retail 2k I saved up for whole year working my ass off at 16, just sold it after 6 years of hard riding and never had to do anything but the regular fork rebuild and tires/pads my second bike is a 2006 Norco aline (3500 retail) that I got used for $400 on kijiij which is also a great bike and its a fully (my knees love me now 😉

amcordeiro97 says:

i still love my demo 7 II and only costed me 700 euros used

FoxMaidMercy says:

It’s called MTB not MTN

Hadrian Park Bike Life/ Taylor Thoburn says:

If you are English get a carrera

Nestor Cabrera says:

$1000 is cheap??? are you crazyyyy???

Beau D says:

This guy totally sounds like the cartoon character Clarence from Clarence on Cartoon Network!!

Dan katesfield says:

WTF? I wouldn’t spend more than 375$ on a bicycle!

ADSlammer says:

1000 isn’t a budget bike if you get to 1000 you might as well save a bit more a get a full suspension

Strelok 762 says:

Thanks a ton for the review Phil! I plan to save up and buy this bike to get into the hobby,Appreciate the video!

Whimsie says:

it would be wiser to buy a rigid bike and fix it up/overhaul it if you actually don’t have much money. I did it for under 200$.

robion91 says:

Phil, what is your opinion on the 2016 Tokul 4130?

jtothada06 says:

Hey Phil, Thanks for reviewing this bike! Currently, I have a used big box mongoose I bought off CL for $50, I’ve been riding beginner to intimidate trails in Houston, Tx for a couple months and I need a better bike. My Budget is $500 max and I’m looking at 2017 Tokul 2 is on sale for $450 would this be a better deal than getting a GT Aggressor Pro from Dicks and upgrading to a Rock Shox Sektor Silver fork? The Gt would be $240 + $180 for the fork totaling $420. Thanks for any advice

Scot Hammond says:

i would highly recommend the whyte bikes range, they are outstanding bikes and are reasonably priced for the quality u will receive

Asad Siraj says:

1000 is too much for me and I’m not ready to die on that Huffy Carnage. I’m going for a Diamondback 29er for 500.

luther the lightning bolt says:

if you havent noticed were not all rich $1000 is quite alot

kicker Jr. says:

Decathlon also has also cheap and pretty good quality

Savage Stangs says:

I have $3.00. . . (Patrick meme)

track35 says:

giant fathom 1??

Stag says:

This isn’t affordable for some people . If you say under £1000 is a lot and then you reduce it by £1 . What difference is that going to make

Matt Jones says:

Dude for you 1000 dollars might be inexpensive but you must consider people without that money

Ballistic Off Road Racing says:

what about the Diamondback Atroz? https://www.diamondback.com/mountain-bikes/atroz

Sam Coyle says:

does this bike have internal dropper post routing? Could you use a stealth post like the crank brothers highline or would you have to use one with the cable coming from the top like the dnm.

All aboard the Banter Bus says:

Only £1000 / $1000 guys, its ‘cheap’

John Johnson says:

Thats how much my car costs…. guess I need to look for another hobby

julzhickman says:

Mongoose Fireball Pro is pretty cool as well 😀

Wile Rockell says:

Now 1.200 not 999.

purplekillerpenguin says:

Big mistake is buying new. Get a used hard tail from a bike shop that serviced it before you buy. got mine for 250€ listed at 800€ new and couldnt be happier with it.


i have a b’twin rockrider 560 and it handles extremly well on all terrain

Myon-Je says:

@skills with phill I currently ride a 2013 GT Avalanche 2.0 and unfortunately it uses a V brake. I didn’t pay much for it from performance bikes shop. Would you say it’s decent beginners bike? I’ve ridden a few times in the past years but only on basic trails. Do you think it fair on more difficult trail?

Skyler Blank says:

Why am i watching this i ride bmx

Skills With Phil says:

In case you missed it, here’s the real torture test!


Zadius895 says:

Used is by far the best value. I just got a carbon hardtail for $500 last week, set up as single speed with wolftooth rings, came with stans crest wheels built up with cx ray spokes and the owner even gave me a 10 speed xt groupset and extra brakes. hunting for used bikes is the best value for sure

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