What is a Plus Bike and Who Should Ride One?

This video describes a Plus mountain bike, goes over the disadvantages and advantages, and finally discusses who would benefit from riding a Plus bike.


Eder Giovani Savio says:

My 26 2.2 Specialized tires are 27.4 high, but almost all 27.5 are just 27.3. It is so easy to get money from young guys. These plus tires are like old school giant Michelin 26 2.8 tires. They were heavy and slow untill in DH.

Evan Brown says:

Contact patch is independent of friction force. For cars, this means that a softer compound pared with a wider tire will maintain strength and wear speed. For bikes such plus and fat bikes, this means you can run lower pressure along with softer tread compounds, maintaining a reasonable sidewall density, all allowing for what feels like more traction.

IM The Whole Man says:

They are perfect for someone who is heavier like 180+ lbs


I run 27.5 x 2.25 on my Segway emtb almost a plusbike, love them but I think I might get some 2.75s soon

Keefe Borden says:

Great video. THanks for your insight.

Vanhtha Souvannasing says:

What phone holder are you using? Great video by the way.

randolph patterson says:

Great explanation!

Axel Andres Amor Chin says:

Wider tyres wear slower

MaCris Ostu says:

Great video thanks for sharing.

Michael Pfleider Amigo says:

Still happy on my 26

Squanch Wanch says:

I ride a 26×1.95, just got a new bike with 27.5+, cant fucking wait

Richard Davidon says:

Is a 26×2.40 a plus tire??

Patrick Reilly says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Still riding my 1984 Lee World mountain sport. All steel, no suspension. That’s what knees are for. Want to race? I have too much fun to care about winning…!!!

vara fouroneone says:

I own this bike (2017 XTC Advanced+ 2) and absolutely love it. There’s a lot of loose rocky climbs where I live… this bike powers up them like nobody’s business. Once you go tubeless, the rolling resistance from the wider tires is mitigated quite a bit (I switched to the same tires in the 2018 model: 2.8″ MAXXIS Rekons front and rear). Also, once tubeless, you can dial down the pressure to get great grip without having your tires bounce around. I personally run pressures of 16-18psi. The only downside is you have to watch your pressures semi-regularly.

If anyone is considering plus bikes, or this bike in particular, I say go for it! They’re a blast.

Alex Paulsen says:

Everyone should ride one.

Je P says:

What are the bikes that are plus compatible?

easthantsXC says:

Great on sand/snow. Useless in wet mud.

AG Coarseman says:

These are the Kardashians of the bicycles, fat ass bitches,LOL

Shane Grant says:

Would a plus size tyre be good for road use for a ebike

ryan owen says:

I ride 26″ 2.50 Maxxis Rear on front and back… upgrading to Maxxis Minions Front 2.70 on both front and back! I ride downhill Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro.

Clint the Audio Guy says:

Hey my name’s Clint too! haha.

KEELDoesIt says:

29er for life

Budget MTB says:

8:10 is really good information. I love my hard tail Marlin 7 but the tyre width you can fit is REALLY limiting due to the frame design. Didn’t even consider that at time of purchase, and yes it’s a cheap entry level bike. My next bike will be a mid priced duel sus Plus sized 29er.

Bruce Jackson says:

Thanks for the info, looking to buy a bike and was looking at the plus but now I think I would rather go for the 2.60 tire

Sam Mills says:

I need help finding a bike or tires 4 City living curbs sidewalks grass dirt sand All Around bike or tires.

Arahorn says:

This is great stuff. Would you suggest plus-sized tires for off-road bikepacking purposes on a rigid set-up, or just normal-sized mountain bike tires? You’re going at slow, non-performance speeds, and also would need to deal with muddy conditions when it rains on your trips. You mentioned that plus-sized tires float more on mud thus lessening traction. Would that be an advantage or disadvantage for the slow speed bikepacking commute with the extra weight of gear?

roilev says:

Good job reviewing the plus-sized tires! I totally agree with the extra confidence they provide for the intermediate riders. And no, they don’t work better in the snow, that was the biggest disappointment I had. Mud-specific tires work much better!
Just a minor correction, the plus tires roll FASTER on the trails. There are many tests that show that – just one example https://youtu.be/w6TMA2vI8bA

OugaBoogaShockwave says:

ALL these rim & tire sizes is INSANITY !
I still love my 26er & the largest tire it has on a set of rims is 2.35, I don’t think i can fit a 2.4.
Now i have a new 29er carbon 7 months old & already it feels dated cause it can’t fit more then 2.3 MAX & also doesn’t have boost front or back.
This stuff is getting insanely expensive & i didn’t hold back too much either, F the idea of 5K+ for a bike when there was nothing wrong with 26er.
I can understand going either 27.5 or 29 but NOT Both……………..shesh.
Lastly, i find going from a 26 to 29 is like going from a regular car to adding some small set of monster tires.

The Guitar Club says:

I run 2.6 tires on my ebike… I have no complaints BUT in the UK nowhere stocks them but shipping from Germany is super quick! : )

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