What’s a good beginner bike? – Budget mountain bike

Today, we’ll talk about how to find an inexpensive, but trailworthy beginner mountain bike. In this video I use a $329 XC Hard tail mountain bike as an example, and even do a little bit of shredding on it.

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Carl Reyes says:

1x or 2x?

fordracerforever says:

Do you recommend the GT Agressor from Dick’s? Seems to have the components you talked about, but haven’t hear much on that brand

Howard Choi says:

Since you ride for db, between Raleigh tokul 3 and db mason trail, which do you think is a better hardtail for the money? What is the best deal on a mtb with air fork?

Daniel Coffin says:

Is gt good

Dzik Bagienny says:

I have an old MTB and it fails pretty much all of these tests, so I turned it into a coaster brake single speed, which is really fun to ride

Bryan Sai says:

O I’ve been looking at bikes and I really like the trek 820. Is there anything else for the same price that meets the video specs or is overall better? Thanks for the help!

Enoc Ornelasijk says:

What do you think about the Trek marlin 7???

Leo can't Kickflip says:

woots a gud begginnerr biek

Eldon Tan says:

My. Bike. Is a niner

Vix Max says:

I bought Nakamura catch 50.

Ruben Kielkopf says:

I got a rockrider 900 for my bday . Its really fun to ride and im trying increasingly big drops. is my bike any good?

Bae Siq says:

i want a bike,but i dont have enough money..

immenseRANDOMEZ says:

i got one of these bikes second hand for £150, but im not sure if its the same.

dydy bams says:

hey my chainring/ crank set is the one you dont recommend, can i change/replace it to the one you recommended?

Shawn Sapp says:

Hello Seth I’m to upgrading my 95 GT (forgot the model) looking to spend $5 or $600. I’ve been looking at the Haro line but can’t seem to find many reviewson em, my lbs carries Haro and Cannondale. Can you suggest a Diamondback in that price range?

Controller- Man- Dan says:

Hi could you tell me please if a GT aggressor XC 3 is a decent beginners bike as i can buy one in new condition for 150 pound.

Peter Knight says:

Great guide. I would always recommend a hardtail for a beginner regardless of budget or intended use.

Arapahoe says:

Is this better than the diamondback hook that was in Mountain Biking Explained series?

George Eaton says:

It appears specialized no longer sell the hardrock. That was a real winner on a budget like this and has been around for ages!

Ewan Jackson says:

you see you get a bike for Christmas and then watch this vid and realise the person who brought it had no clue what to look for

S Z says:

I wish this bike came in a smaller size


thanks for lot of suggestions. i have one Merida matts 6.10 HT
should i try downhill on that

Ricky Bird says:

What is the best mtb to by from dicks sporting goods for going on tails

matthew womack says:

2018 Marin Hawk Hill For $1500
It’s a great budget Full suspension, I’m loving it

Ben Cranston says:

Should I get this bike or the trek marlin 5?

Melikgames says:

What is the black bike in the video

Eugene The Gamer says:

What’s a good dirt jump bike

Lp3iii7 says:

I have a problem, my hedset is always loose. What should i do?

BURN IT says:

Should I get a used Raleigh tokul 1

Derek Joon says:

Love my Giant Boulder SE got it for $399 and I’ve been beating on it for a few years now and never let me down.

Leroy Ski says:

what do u think about the cube aim race 2018 ?

Bob Guru says:

Do not buy a cheap fully, get a hard tail. Rim brakes are not bad. SR Suntour XTR is what you should start with. Shimano Acera is not bad. 26″ rims are perfect. Schwalbe in park version are cheap and last much longer. Go for 11-32 Shimano casette. Shimano everything don’t trust other brands if you don’t have the money, tectro, sram, race face and similar companies can’t compare in cheap products.

itachi uchiha says:

Bought the same as yours

Greengamer 11 says:

Should i upgrade anything on my ghost kato?

Bradley MacNeil says:

What is
A good budget bike that is full suspension

Matt Gates says:

Just picked up the trek xcaliber 8 I’m loving it so far

rizqi r says:

make me motivated with my recent bike. with 380AUD, similar with the bike on video, it turns out capable enough.

CrushaDactyle Rex says:

I picked up a Specialized Rockhopper for $490 brand new. I highly reccomend it.

Aidan Nina says:


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