WHICH BIKE IS FASTEST? 5 of the Best 27.5 Downhill Mountain Bikes Raced & Reviewed

Multiple back-to-back tests of the Canyon Sender, Norco Aurum HSP, Pivot Phoenix, Specialized Demo 8, and UNNO Ever revealed their strengths and weaknesses, and then we raced them against the clock!

Join the always quick Brian Buell and Brandon Turman as they test these incredible downhill bikes.

***Vital’s In-Depth 27.5 DH Test Sessions Bike Review Feature***

***Individual Bike Reviews on Vital MTB***
Canyon Sender Review – 4.5 / 5 Stars

Norco Aurum HSP Review – 4.0 / 5 Stars

Pivot Phoenix Review – 4.0 / 5 Stars

Specialized Demo 8 Review – 4.0 / 5 Stars

UNNO Ever Review – 4.5 / 5 Stars

Vital MTB Test Sessions was made possible with the help of Angel Fire Bike Park, Maxxis, and LITPro. Tester gear provided by Troy Lee Designs, Fasthouse, and Five Ten:


Video by Jake VanHeel / Additional camera work by Sean Horton


Calvin Chang says:


johnthewrench says:

Love Angel Fire, and even if my beloved Demo didn’t win, in still pretty stoked on it!

Adam says:

so happy to see downhill reviews! please continue doing them! think you might have sold me on a sender. going to wait for the 2019 models first. great video cheers guys! also please do a commencal supreme 275 review aswell!

King Nishalol says:

You guys crushed it. Very comprehensive reviews and comments on the aspects we care about the most. If you can get the new V10, YT, Commencal and Trek in part 2 that would be insane. Thank you for the content!

Matt fojtik says:

Basically my 5 dreem bikes. I hate my bike because I ride DH and enduro and I have a 2013 giant anthem and it has a 71.° head angle and 100 mm of travel it is horable

M T B life says:

none of them its down to the person ridding it

Mario Gutiérrez García says:

And the mondraker summum?

James McKay says:

that Aurum is just drop dead gorgeous. I’ve got the 2016 Carbon C3 and it’s a fucking machine.. would love to upgrade to the HSP.

JUN SHI says:

2019 275 V10 plz!!!!

EnglertRacing96 says:

30k in bikes and your using a tape measure to measure sag,
Buy a 30$ 12″ caliper for fucks sake.

ZUMMEL says:

one question which frame size was the canyon.I am consider to buy me this one.I am 183.5 i ride often park with some huge jumps and like a bike which performes good in the air ane on fast downhill descents. So do you recommend me to buy me thr canyon in size L or Yt tues size L? Thanks

Jared Gulaga says:

Next we need 29ers. V10, the session, the intense M29, and the Commencal supreme! Great video though! I love my aurum!

chesi says:

It’s a pity you didn’t use Antidote Darkmatter

Andrew Eibling says:

Fantastic video – What is the name of your intro song at 0:18?

K H says:

COMMENCAL SUPREME!!! The Fastest bike of 2018 not included? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

Michael Stewart says:

Can you do a video like this for enduro hardtails? Would be quite interesting to see how different geometries play into the overall speed when rear suspension is out of the picture seeing as the linkage design can make such a difference

Max _ says:

Intense m29 as well if you do a 29 dh vid.

Universal Rider says:

Do the trek session 9.9 27.5

Jzudemustus says:

The canyon looks so beautiful

William's Biking says:

The yt tues and Demo 8 are hands down the best dh bikes.

Mark Davies says:

where the yt tues ??

WhistlerBike says:

Same thing but 29er dh bikes. Session 29, supreme 29, Arum 29, soon to come V10 29, intenence 29er (if you can get a hand on one of them). I have the session 29er, and it is great, but a little too light on the bumps and wish it had a 42mm off set and more bottom out contol

Joah Sprenger says:

Longtravel 27,5.. thats whats next

lukasp_mtb says:

next I’d love to see some of the best 29er dh bikes, and then the winner competing against each other 😀

VenomTV says:

please make 29er downhill bikes next

a vanvoss says:

Thanks for making this video, the production was fantastic. Angel Fire is my home mountain and one of my favorite places on earth.
The Canyon Sender is pretty affordable, the CF 8.0 is on sale right now for $3300, not a bad deal at all.

Grim Reaper says:


Youtube User says:

Good efford, but bad tests. One race run is not even a statistic.

Diogo Carreiro says:

what unno looks like a bmx downing a mountain lol

GrizzlyAaron says:

How is yt not in the line up especially when aaron gwinn smokes everyone on the yt tues?

bryan :D says:

TRAILLL BIKESSS but more towards the enduro side of trail

Robbie White says:

You should do XC bikes

Nick Gerard says:

YT tues???

James Dart says:

Great video, keep them coming! The only criticism I have is with the chainless testing. The kinematics of the bikes were almost definitely designed with chain tension in mind, so I don’t think that part represented the true capability of the bikes through rough terrain. Plus it’s not really relatable as who willingly takes the chain off their bike anyway!? I’d love to see a video comparing the times between conservative geometry and progressive geometry- the stumpjumper and stumpjumer evo would be ideal for this.

Forrest Martinez says:

Such a great video!

Belial says:

Still waiting for the antidote darkmatter review along with those beauties right there. I would offer mine if you would want to 😉

GRAVATY free says:

Hey my dudes whats the Name of the First Song?

Duncan De hulst says:

Ill pick the canyon in any case any day of the week xD it just looks sooo god damn good in blue and white xD

non clemente says:

Great testing, with real production. Keep them features coming guys, great work as always.

Gravity Goat says:

Oof, no YT Tues…

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