WHICH BIKE IS FASTEST? 5 of the Best 29er Enduro Mountain Bikes Raced & Reviewed

Multiple back-to-back tests of the Evil Wreckoning, Orbea Rallon, Specialized Enduro, Transition Sentinel, and Trek Slash revealed their strengths and weaknesses, and then we raced them against the clock!

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Evil The Wreckoning Review – 3.5 / 5 Stars

Orbea Rallon M10 Review – 4.5 / 5 Stars

Specialized Enduro Coil 29 Review – 4 / 5 Stars

Transition Sentinel Review – 4 / 5 Stars

Trek Slash 9.8 Review – 4 / 5 Stars

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Jude Baldaro says:

How does the nukeproof mega 290 compare to these?

Nuno Sousa says:

Orbea rallon

George Liston says:

Steve! I have the same jersey as you! Aha

HRdesignz says:

Just curious but what trail are you guys at in Trinidad, CO. ?

Luke Birmingham says:

What app was it they were using at the start?

Nathan Boyle says:

Long travel 27.5 bro! And throw the Capra in there!

Yákov Sverdlov says:

26 tires

Lau Hea says:

Sb5.5 c

Jeff Tormey says:

Trek Slash is awesome. Love mine.

veesong says:

This was great! More of this!

Maximilian Lanik says:

I think the HT LT wouldn´t fit in to that group. its more of an allrounder whereas the bikes tested are more downhill oriented

Julien Jones says:

Have a Spesh 29er for one year now but my point is that every bike is a good bike just need to adapt ur style of riding for the bike you are riding…

daveandmerlin says:

Finally a good 29er group test review ….good work . You boys should try an Orange stage 6 …..simple single pivot but way quicker than the E 29 it has replaced

Carter Hamlet says:

Really curious about the Transition Scout, no reviews anywhere pretty much. I’d say test it in some more gravity oriented trails that have some tough climbs.

Zain Mirza says:

Test short travel 29ers for both xc prowess and trail capability.

Unprofessional Kyle says:

I think the moral of the story is, unless you’re sponsored, ride which bike feels the best to you! Demos, demos, and more demos

Tamas Varga says:

Great job guys! It just proved that you can pick whichever color you like the best they are all great bikes. 🙂 Tires and suspension setup makes bigger difference than the frames.

Andrew Drennan says:

best bike review ever.

simonExplorer says:

Who cares about the hightower. Where’s the nukeproof mega 290?

Luc Albert says:

damn what a fun video to watch during my lunch break. We need more of these! I think Steve was fastest because of the skintight jersey he was wearing ;o)

brian L says:

Well done boys! Quality review right here.

NBG MTB says:

Nice vid. Id be interested to see what your times look like when you ride the same bike multiple times instead of doing just one run for each. My guess is the times may vary by 1-3 seconds per run anyway.

George Liston says:

I just bought a 29er as my first enduro…. good thing ? I’m 16 and 5ft11

James Williams says:

great video. much better than non comparison reviews.

As for another idea what about peddling efficiency between the bikes with a watt meeter and timer uphill.

hobmarg says:

LOL it says Crestline on the tablet near the start of video. Comedy.

David Kalcic says:

Trinidad, CO? lol

Eduardo Couto says:

agressive 27.5 trail bikes!

Monster Vlogster says:

Fun videos guys thanks for sharing!

DamnTrue says:

Very interesting and well done video. Clearly there are variables that cannot be eliminated but you guys did a great job. To the point on the tires made by others…..the problem with that is that often the bikes are tuned as a system (shock, fork, geo & tire). Putting all the bikes on the same tire changes a significant element of that system. So yeah, If you have bike “a” on Maxxis and bike “b” on SBC tires there is a difference. But if you throw the SBC tires on bike “a” you’re changing an integral part of the system. Whether the change is beneficial or detrimental is probably subjective, but you are changing the playing field for bike “a” without doing so for bike “b” which is a touch unfair to “a”.

So while the tires as delivered present a difference. Equalizing that difference doesn’t equalize the playing field for all the bikes. Rather it saddles all who’ve received said change with an additional variable that you aren’t applying to those who don’t receive said change.

I’d love to see this repeated with more “trail” type bikes like the SC Bronson, Spec Stumpy, Pivot etc…..

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