Which E MTB Is Best For You | E Mountain Bike Guide

Choosing any bike is a minefield, with E mountain bikes there’s even more variables to take into consideration. Our guide walks you through this important choice and the varying factors that will make the most difference to your riding.

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The specifics of EMTBs, mainly the E bit add a whole new level of complexity to choosing a bike. This choice is an important one to get right, as if the bike just isn’t right it can really suck the joy out of what for us, is often the highlight of the week, riding your bike!

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Knut 7 says:

Enjoyed your show. Don’t wanna be negative, but this geometry-thing is just a little hobby-horse of mine. In my experience, it’s difficult to say that a specific reach measurement is good for riders of a givens size. The problem is, Reach is linked to Stack. A bike with 450mm reach and 630mm stack will have an “effective reach” close to a cm shorter than a bike with Reach:450 and Stack:650. Some years ago I read the Scott geometry tables, the Scale 29 L had a shorter reach than the Scale 27.5 M. There was a huge difference in Stack between the bikes.

“Nut from Norway”

Julian Bradley says:

Building up to buy a Specialized turbo Levo. Looks a good deal at 3.5k. Plus I think the Brose motor is the one, quiet running and the Levo looks sweet too.

E MTB says:

“That’s Cheating”…………..I’m on my 4th lap 5 hours into hard riding 4000+ calories burnt, guys on vintage bikes are pushing their bike up the first hill they come to? Ebikes are a total weapon, I’ve got fitter and a much better rider, every time I’m on the Ebikes drags you in to go faster and harder.

Andrew Melling says:

Shimano Steps Trail mode is an intelligent power output too!

Will Perry says:

Top vid

John Rushworth says:

Good round up. Re the money (unless you want to buy my boat!) I went for secondhand with a new motor so I could get a quality full suspension bike, Fox, 4 pots etc. Sure it means an older bike and no plus tyres but a 29 front and 27.5 rear works for me, both 2.35s. I would have liked a Large at 6ft but the medium that was on offer with 416mm reach has worked out with bar, stem, seat changes. Sometimes we have to compromise but when money’s tight (buy my electric yacht pls!) the above long before aesthetics were my priorities.

Allgoy Aremine says:

29” is hard too turn on tight single track and the wheel will deflect some more in rocky Rooty terrain installing less confidence than other smaller wheels especially if youre a heavier rider. IMO

elyhim says:

In choosing Emtb it’s all about support. Example – I like the Specialized product but I won’t buy it because they do not care about past customers. They will discontinue a motor/support after only a couple years of sales. See what happened last year?

Jason Colusso says:

Hey Steve tell me why companies like Shimano have not put a gear box in with the motor yet to get rid of that rear derailleur then we will really be moving forward.

Michael Towler says:

I have a Rocky mountain Altitude C50 and I am waiting for my Powerplay 70 to arrive any week now . i went for the Powerplay because its virtually the same Bike which I already like, but with a pedal assist motor ,

Iain Mcfly says:

how about ebaY 1000W wheel kit haha

russk54 says:


Kit says:

very informative!

lazer tag says:

are there e-mountain bikes that dont need to peddle at all? pretty much is like a dirt bike?

Seasea110 says:

Hey guys love the video I’m looking for an ebike hope fully soon I’m still saving I would love too see a video on how to wash an ebike, do you have to be careful around the motor and battery or the display?

Koen Grefte says:

You are absolutely right about the importance of the bike size. If you want to be sure, just look for a shop that completely measures your body with a bodyscanning system.

Ricky Marek says:

Excellent video.

EMTB Forums says:

Nice video! Ps – give us a shout out at http://www.emtbforums.com – the Worlds best EMTb community!

Angus Macdonald says:

Hardtail vs fulls sus is bullshit. You can ride a hardtail on anything if you have the skills and it can be just as fun, if not more.

Bob Fredericks says:

Great VLOG Steve. Very informative. Thanks.

Quetzalcoatl Legacy says:

No info on bafang?

Philip C says:

Is the S Works Levo 2018 the best ebike money can buy?

Kevin Lafon says:

I used to ride a Scott E-aspect 720 Hardtail 120mm in 2015 (XC), i upgraded for a Lapierre Overvolt FS600 140mm/150mm 2016 (All Mountain), and i just bought a Focus Sam 2 170mm/170mm 2018 (Enduro). In Burgundy, just like the one in the video. I tend to ride more technical terrain as i am acquirîng new skills and progressing into the sport. Thanks to GMBN to have accompagnied me the whole time, i am so glad EMBN is now fulfilling my specific needs regarding E-biking.

Steve Petttyjohn says:

Range is pretty important. My Bosch CX doesn’t have nearly the range as my Brose.

Alex Paulsen says:

Buy the bike with the best local support. If something goes wrong on an electric bike, it’s not as simple or cost effective as just replacing parts, there’s so many oddball standards coming in because of it.

cssaawdwawd says:

Most annoying shill commentator of the MBN/GCN bunch.

David Logan says:

Hey Steve, I’m 6.0ft also. Would you suggest an XL on a Kenevo?

Mark Collingwood says:

Awesome insight as always Mr Jones. Great stuff.

Yu Ying Ang says:

information provided is fantastic.

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