Why Giant Bikes?

In this video I address the question of why I use Giant bicycles so much on my channel.


D. A says:

I just left my local bike shop in Virginia Beach, I checked out a Giant Talon 2 2018, 27.5 2.5 tire, 1 by. $700 Now after watching this video, I’m certain I’m going back to get it for my entry level bike into the MTB game.

Romin van der Meiden says:

It’s not a fluke they are the biggest in thd world.
I have a 2005 expedition (trekkingbike) and been around the world twice (kilometerwise)
It’s build to last and has great components for the price.
By the way, licensed mechanic talking here. ;))

Renz Chua says:

Yes clint is correct i like also giant

Pork Chop says:

Ditto. Best bang for the buck. I got a 2017 TCR Advanced Pro Disc, 2017 TCX SLR1, 2017 Tough Road, 2015 Trance 2. All on sale too!

Роман Мосияченко says:

Clint, hi! I’ve just bought my first full suspension bike and it’s giant anthem sx ’16. As I see, you have a lot of experience about this bikes and they peculiar properties. For now I have a question about giant seatpost, it’s named Giant Contact SL Switch-R, 30.9mm. I did’t find any info about service for it, just one about changing cartridge. Please, tell me about the nuances of work and service, is it possible to raise the bike by the saddle, in what position should keep it while it not in use… Thank you!

THATAMOBEA_KID airsoft says:

I have a giant escape 2 I ride the hell out of it I have clipless pedals putting on gatorskins soon I’ve done 35 miles on it 25 etc etc all road ridding and with groups. I’ve only had one problem with it and the delrailer came lose but fixed it no problems. The best $450 dollars I’ve spent.

shwndh says:

I’m on my 4th Giant. I agree; they’re the best bang for the buck and well spec’d. I’ve been mountain biking since 2000 and Their bikes always fit me well, ride well, they’re fun, and I can always get a great deal on a quality spec. I don’t even bother replacing their in house parts. They just work.

al karg says:

“Word!!!” There are only a *FEW* chief manufacturers in any consumer industry(s). Their “trick is,” they (use) market(ing) under *MANY OTHER* “brand names.” Do yer due diligence and you won’t get “taken.”

Angus1966 says:

I just got a Giant Anyroad gravel bike , i love it already

Dom says:

do you think there is a big difference between giant escape 1,2,or 3 vs fast road slr or comax? i l know in price but other than that? i watched a cheap bike vs a super bike and the time wasnt much different but how smooth it road was the difference.

Alex Nichols says:

i feel like Diamondback offers the most for your money, their 2k bikes compete with giants 3k plus bikes, how do they do it?

Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines says:

Doesn’t Giant use a proprietary steer tube fork and matching stem?

Kyles Wild World says:

i bought my giant anthem x because of you…….

noth606 says:

Custom shocks… *cough* Scott Genius *cough* Lol

Bike Maurice says:

GIANTS are rad bikes !_!

car dealershipmechanic bikeshopbikemechanic says:

In Australia the giant anthem advanced pro 0 2018 is $9000

CAMS Graphics says:

I bought my bike for the reason you mentioned, you test, I love my giant because of reliability and confidence.

cityblews says:

giant rocks…my low end rincon is built with such quality I bought a giant defy and recently a talon 2….they’ve earned brand loyalty from me. In this day and age its hard to find that quality on any level.

jamie edger says:

Bang for the buck Giant is one of the best bikes out there. Are there better bikes? Sure there is but I did ALOT of shopping around before I purchased my 2018 Trance 2 and for the money I wanted to spend(at a local shop, not online) Giant , hands down, was the best bike I was gonna get for the money. Looked at other brands but a comparably spec’d bike was at least a few hundred more.

Louis Freschi says:

I love ur channel hope to see more

Bodhi Fitness says:

I am SUPER disappointed… I bought a new TCX SLR 2 through my local bike shop whom I trusted. Been loving my TCR for 3 years. Frame has inexplicable thumb-sized dent in the downtube after 3 weeks of LIGHT use. No crashes, no impacts. Shop isn’t helping because it’s 5 days past the return period. This is clearly an issue with the quality of the frame so I’m hoping Giant will honor the warranty. I know dents are normal, but this is insane. I’ve only ridden the bike 5 times and this could lead to catastrophic failure. My faith in Giant’s quality is totally shaken. I’m so stressed as the bike was a big purchase for me and idk what the company will say.

Poncho Cruz says:

Any brand in the market will give you a great bike if you have the money, of you have money for a mid budget bike then, any brand will give you good frames with crappy componets.

New Cheese says:

Your hairline is fantastic for your age

Ciclista Bizarro says:

I didn’t check Giant when I buy my gravel. I do watch your videos CX vs Gravel on singletrack. Very useful btw. Now I started liking the giant bikes specially the “gravel” model. But my favorite local shop doesn’t sell that brand and I didn’t want to spend time going to the store. So. I decided for a Kona Rove NRB. Amazing bike. Isn’t the fastest, it’s like a super endurance comfortable bike! No regrets! You can check my review on my channel. https://youtu.be/3aGw1fcGhk4
Great advice here!

mtb_d4n says:

For anyone who’s considering a Giant bike..beware of the XC-1 “tubeless ready” rims with HR2 tires. There’s forums regarding burping issues. I eneded up getting a front flat at high speed going DH on roots and went OTB, sealant everywhere. Turns out the giant tape on the rims is crap, and if replaced with gorilla tape (As one user mentioned on my channel), appears to fix the problem. Check my channel to see a video on XC-1 tubeless issues. I will be contacting Giant directly regarding this, as I find this to be a HUGE safety hazard.

Josue Mondragon says:

Unfortunately for me my local shop carries mostly scott and kona. While I appreciate their service, the bikes with the lower price points fly off the floor faster than my part time job can make me money.

David White says:

It’s interesting you say you don’t like proprietary bike parts and you prefer off the shelf components. Giant uses practically as many proprietary components as they can. You said it yourself, “cockpit, bars, stem, seat post, saddle.” Additionally they use their own headsets and wheels a lot of the time. Hell, they even designed their own cable to hydro brake system and put their own brakes on bikes. The only reason they put sram and Shimano stuff on their bikes is because they don’t make groupsets. Giant makes good stuff so there’s no issue with it, but it seems like you prefer giant more because your LBS is giving you snazzy deals on high end bikes. All the more power to you, man. Wish I had that hookup.

Kyle Duffy says:

I need advice , I’m basically a beginner and I’m looking into buying a mountain bike I’ve a budget of 1000€ , I went to my local bike shop and was recommended a Devron D5.9 over a Giant Talon 1 2018 which would I be better off buying ? I was also shown the Talon 2 and 3 , the guy in the bike shop told me that the Devron is a higher spec bike than the Talon 1 what do you guys think?

Gerald Williams says:

I’m not buying into the hype of big name brands I’m gonna buy a bike from BikeDirect.com I want to support my local bike shop but I’ve got to also get the most bang for my Bucks!!

Redling Jumping Apparatus says:

Thats why am right for choosing my very first road bike GIANT SCR ALUXX i love it more now

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